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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Getting Witchy Again......

"My Love of Witches"
As an artist we often find that one particular look or design that becomes our signature look...my long faced witches have done that for me.  Over the years I have created many of these funny and whimsical characters and each time I fall in love all over again.  It never ceases to amaze me how many comical expressions I can get
with just a simple tug of a thread or a dot of paint.  These funny little ladies have been one of my best sellers at shows and online, so many possibilities!

Over the years they have changed, not much but just a bit different.  They became a vignette in groups of 3 or being posed with their favorite feline.  They seem to get skinnier over the years with less clothing but still had that long
whimsical face that still, after many years, makes me chuckle every time one is completed.  

My newest long faced with is one that I actually thought of at 3am when I was having trouble sleeping. She's an impatient little witch that gets bored easy and just wants to get on her broom and start flying but alas she is made to wait till the "midnight hour" so she pulls her hat over her eyes and gets a few winks before it is "go time".
 After all being good at your job depends on "attitude" and this little lady definitely has that!   Coming up with new ideas using the same body can be daunting at times but very rewarding when one of the ideas you have works and works well. 

This year I plan on using this same look and apply it to some cats, bats and skelly's...My mind is a whirl of ideas and I can't wait to dive into Halloween full time and see what emerges from my workroom....Ya just never know around here!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Art Journey.....

"Registration is Now Open"

As of May1st the doors were opened for registration.  This is a great time to fill your summer up with exciting avenues of new techniques and lots of art!  Nothing makes a persons spirit soar like "art".  I'm in awe with the talent that is available here on "Artful Gathering".  I, myself, will be taking a class or two because I find it
exciting to be taught by some of these incredible talents and it will help broaden my horizons in the ever changing world of art!

As many of you know I am teaching my first class with "Artful Gathering".  This is a new adventure for me and one that was difficult at first.  Sometimes we just don't think about what we do as artists because it comes so natural....but when we have to
describe it to someone else we realize how complicated it can be and tough to explain.  I can't tell you how many times Dan yelled "CUT" as he was filming because I forgot to explain what I was doing LOL....

My class, "Miss Mousie Pin Keep", will be in 'session two" which starts in July.  I can't believe the response I have already received and how many have signed up.  This is one of the most exciting adventures I have had in this world of art and one I hope to continue.   If anyone has questions you can always email me at: softinthehead@gmail.com and I will be happy to help you.  I've already had some excited individuals share their pieces they will be using as the container for the class.  
I love the diversity that is happening!  If anyone would like to purchase a kit which includes everything you will need for the class except for needles, glue, container and odds and ends of paint and polish.  The kit can be purchased from my Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/softinthehead?ref=hdr

Here's to new adventures and great friends we find along our journey!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May "PFATT Marketplace"

May Is Here and So Is "The Marketplace"

"Halloween" is on the brain!  It seems every May my mind starts to think in orange and black and every character starts wearing a witches hat!  It seems I begin to smile more and I start spending more time in the workroom laughing out loud as I work!  It is no surprise that I LOVE Halloween!

This month on "The PFATT Marketplace" I have two witch mice....I love making witch mice and by the time Halloween gets here the world has acquire a rather large population of these funny little characters.  Doesn't matter how many I make no two ever look alike and they all take on their own special personality.

One of my favorite things is naming them.  It seems my family
history is quite colorful and loaded with funny eccentric names that go back hundreds of years.  So I have a plethora of choices.  This month on PFATT there is a rather matronly looking mouse, Eugenia, and a funny little gardening mouse, Ettie.  They are both loaded with personality and will fill their new homes with many smiles.

Since we are getting into the months that are filled with red, white and blue and also campaigning I thought I should add a bit of "Americana" to my
offerings this month on the "PFATT Marketplace.  Haven't made a PODD for awhile so why not a "Humpty Dumpty Humphrey PODD".  This guy is just the funniest little fella.  He looks like an egg with pudgy cheeks and a patriotic attitude! Humphrey is my first PODD with legs.  He would look great sitting on the edge of a shelf and since he is weighted he won't be falling anytime soon.  He truly is adorable and sits approximately 12" tall.

Many times I have wanted to create something that is just different and a bit outside the "Soft in the Head" box.
I love going back to my primitive roots once in awhile and create something a bit more on the extreme side....I did it this month on PFATT.  Here is "Miss Liberty".  She is very prim with a stitched face, nails for her crown and a rusty key for her nose.  Of course I had to add my "Soft in the Head" trademark, a mouse!   I love how this little lady turned out. 
Click here to: PFATT Marketplace

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Big Changes and New Adventures

New Shows and Adventures.....
Halloween and Vine
Change is tough, change is difficult but with change comes adventure and all kinds of new experiences.  To give up doing "Ghoultide Gatherings" after 7 years was one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make in a very long time.  I wasn't just giving up a show I was giving up a huge part on my yearly income, amazing friends and collectors that traveled every year to see me and add a new "softee" to their collection.  I had every intention continuing with
"Ghoultide" this year but after Dan's knee surgery and my on going battles with walking realty slapped me along side the head and said "NO MORE"!  I had no idea how I was going to make up the huge hole in my income and continue to get my Halloween fix....then I got a message.  "Halloween and Vine" invited me to be a part of their incredibly
established Halloween show.  Not only will I be able to drive there but Dan's family is 45 minutes away from the show.  I will finally get to meet artists that I have only known online...this is EXCITNG!  I have always believed that when a door closes a window opens and mine surely has! 

Not only will I be doing "Halloween and Vine" but there is a wonderful Halloween show 20 minutes from me in Bothell, Wa.
that I will also be a part of this year and that is "Hallowbaloo".  I went to "Hallowbaloo" last year as a customer and was impressed and amazed at the talent I saw there...not only that but the friendliness and warmth displayed by all involved was contagious.  Very excited to be a part of this group as well  and the fact that it is so close is a real perk.

Life is a myriad of paths leading us on such an adventure if we let it.   I never dreamed 20+ years ago that I would be creating funny

little characters that would bring so many smiles and happiness to others or much less make a living at it.  I never considered myself much of an artist, just someone with a vivid imagination, and now anything goes!  Never count yourself out of anything, always believe in the magic of possibilities.  "Ghoultide Gatherings" was an amazing experience and I take away so many life lessons and fond memories from there but now it is time, even at 65 years of age, to grab on with both hands and enjoy the ride into many new adventures and make more memories!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Spreading My Wings and Teaching"

 "Artful Gatherings" has been gracious enough to give me this amazing opportunity to actually teach an online class.  I have been asked by many followers of "Soft in the Head" to teach a mouse class and have been to insecure to give it much thought but I want to give a HUGE shout out to Zinnia Galliher for believing in me
and helping me to make this happen.  

It's quite daunting to be among these incredibly talented artists who are sharing their gifts with everyone.  I find myself wanting to take a few of the classes being offered.  Many different mediums and techniques, something for everyone and taught by the best.  

I will have kits available for my class which will make it even easier for the beginners.  Can't wait to meet and make new friends.  Thank you "Artful Gatherings"!   To find out more about this class and others just click here:  "Artful Gatherings"

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Greetings and More....

"It's Easter!"

Hard to believe that spring is already here and the bunnies are sitting on the sidelines just waiting to deliver all those yummy chocolate eggs to empty Easter baskets everywhere!  It was so much fun being a kid in the 50's because where I grew up it was a mom's job to make sure their kids were dressed neat and tidy and in their Sunday best then they were set loose with that empty Easter basket with hopes of finding the hidden eggs under every leaf, bush and thicket there was....not good for anyone's Sunday best, we survived but the clothes not so much!  We all looked like soldiers after the battle but our smiles were big and our eyes sparkled with success.

My favorite part was getting a rather large Chocolate Egg in my basket every year.  It was decorated with hard frosting flowers and rick rack and left me in awe over the beauty of it and not wanting to disturb or eat any of it.....of course this insanity only lasted a matter of minutes before I found myself devouring the frosting decorations first and then biting into the rich gooey goodness of chocolate. I LOVED EASTER!

Easter is a time for family and friends....and a time for reflection.  This springtime celebration carries with it a message of "re-birth" and "new beginnings"....It is time to forgive, feel blessed and to forge ahead with an open heart and hand.  None of us are perfect but it's those imperfections that we all have that can either make us stronger because we learn from them or we can use them to find the imperfections in others to enable ourselves from ever growing to become better people.  It took many years for me to learn that I will always be a "work in progress" but everyday is better than the one before.....

Enjoy your Easter with a heart filled with hope.....take a minute to send some of that hope to someone that is struggling whether it be from a devastating loss or just because they are having a tough time.  Hope can be the best gift you can give to someone that feels lost....  Hug your family and friends, they are the best gifts you have ever received.   Happy Easter Everyone and may there be a chocolate egg in everyone's basket!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

PFATT and So Much More....

"Spring is in the Air"
It has been an extremely busy couple of months around here....okay I lied!  It has been an amazing couple of months around here just being lazy and enjoying my family and friends.  After loosing a dear friend, Tammy Strum, I decided to take some much needed time to just breathe and live.  Instead of waking up and going straight to work, I woke up and read a book, fiddled around re-organizing my house and just holding dear Seamus (our cat).  Caught up on some old movies and recorded shows and went for a walk,...YEP you heard that right I went for a walk.  It wasn't a long one but I did it!  I managed a whole quarter mile before I couldn't go any further....now I am trying to do that at least 3 times a week.  

Since re-charging my batteries my creative mojo is slowly
returning.  I didn't even want to pick up a needle after Tammy passed away....the trauma of that left me crippled with grief and many other things.  The "PFATT Marketplace" has been really good for Dan and I, it not only pushes me to create but it has become
something the two of us share.  We are trying to take this wonderful site into a whole other direction with diversity and easy online shopping.  It has been baby steps and nothing comes easy but Dan is into it and I see this site becoming fun and full of incredible folk art from all different mediums soon.  We received a rather amazing gift from an anonymous benefactor that will enable us to advertise outside Facebook without any of the artists having to foot the bill...who knew such people cared enough about your success to be so generous.  Our numbers are up on the site and keep growing and this is good for everyone involved.  Dan makes sure all the artists
are kept in the loop with this....my husband rocks! 

The new "Marketplace" goes up today and we are so lucky to have fantastic "Guest Artists" that want to participate and help our site to grow...not to mention the art work that becomes available from the resident artists.  I love being an artist but I also love watching others grow and shape their creative side and imagination.  
I've been toying with the idea of retiring from creating but something inside me says "not yet".  I just finished my first instructional video and I have to say it was fun and interesting.  Of course it's true what they say the camera does add pounds, in my case quite a bit LOL but nonetheless it was an awesome experience.  "Artful Gatherings" has been wonderful and I can't wait to see where this new venture takes me.  It's truly interesting how our lives take us on these amazing adventures filled with interesting people and experiences.  Some work and some don't but if we can learn anything for all of it, nothing is in vain.   I'm a seriously enriched and blessed person, faults and all....I wouldn't change one part of my life....well maybe one thing I would have loved to have gone into space LOL....  

Check out the PFATT Marketplace for this month:  PFATT Marketplace.com

Monday, February 15, 2016

My 1st Online Class

"This Is Exciting"

Hey Everyone! Here it is my new adventure, an online class thru "Artful Gatherings"! I will be teaching at Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats 2016!
To get the excitement started there is a preseason kick-off that includes the AG annual Hop Contest with great prizes. Each week they will have 3 of the 2016 artists featured. Hope you'll hop along with us and maybe win an amazing prize! Check it out!

Back before Christmas I was contacted by Christina "Zinnia" Galliher about maybe teaching a class for "Artful Gatherings".   Though I felt quite flattered I never really thought I had much to offer anyone as far as teaching because what I do is so basic and like most artists we never see our work the same way others do and we are our own worst critics.  I thought long and hard about it and finally said yes.  During the time of getting my class together Zinnia has received many hysterical emails and phone calls from me about "OMG" I can't do this but between Zinnia and my husband Dan I am slowly finishing up my project and it will be available for the Online Classes for the 2016 season. 

This actually might be a new direction for "Soft in the Head" and a good one since I have many designs that I do not offer as patterns and I could offer them as a class.  I've always been a bit camera shy because, lets face it, a wide angle lens is a must LOL and I never really thought to many people would want to see my old mug in the first place!  I'm finding, with Dan as the cameraman we are having quite a bit of fun and its great to be working on a project together. 

The artists that are in the line-up for 2016 are beyond amazing and their bios are filled with years of hard work and education perfecting their craft, unlike mine which reads like someone who found creating as a kind of therapy from being an "empty nest" mom.  Yep, I'm definitely in a group of the best of the best and have bruises from pinching myself to keep believing that this isn't a dream but reality!  Thank you Zinnia for believing in me and giving me this wonderful and amazing opportunity!  So excited!

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Important Lessons In My Life
Reflection: Do you remember these bracelets? A POW bracelet (or POW/MIA bracelet) is a nickel-plated or copper commemorative bracelet engraved with the name, rank, and loss date of an American serviceman captured or missing during the Vietnam War. I found one of the many that I had, when I was working at Norton Air Force Base back in the early 70's, when we were moving. This particular young man was never found or I was never notified so I held on to the bracelet usually you return them to the family once their journey came to an end.

I was young back then and trying to work my way through college....I counted and tagged body bags as they came back from the war and made sure that all the correct paperwork went with each warrior as they began their journey home. At night I managed the NCO and Officer Clubs on the base. The point I 'm getting to is, these bracelets taught me a VERY valuable lesson about myself, my life and the people I choose to have in it. We all want to be accepted, we need to be accepted and sometimes how we go about this acceptance can be shallow, selfish and extremely hurtful to others. I felt back then that status was the most important tool to finding or getting acceptance among my peers and one way to have that was being in the circle of only Officers and their friends. When it came time to purchase the MIA/POW bracelets I was adamant I only wanted to wear the bracelet of an officer, to me it was a status symbol and something that made me feel I was one of the elite, the pretty people.

I remember the day, like it was yesterday, when I realized that this simple metal band with a soldiers name on it didn't make me cool or one of the elite because I had chose only officers names to wear....it showed me how incredibly shallow and insensitive I was to my fellow human being.

I was at work organizing my paperwork when a couple came into my office....It was the base Commander and his wife. He was a two star General and she was a Colonel. Each one of them removed a bracelet from their arms and handed it to me. Tears were in their eyes as they told me their warriors had come home and were in the hanger and would I put these bracelets with their paperwork. When they left I looked at the names, they weren't officers they were young privates, each only 19 years of age. Realty hit me right between the eyes then and there. I was all worried about being one of the cool people instead of being just human and caring about humanity as a whole. My life changed dramatically from that point on. I became the richest person I knew, rich from my experiences with my friends and my family. I began to accept people into my life not because of what they could do for me but for what I could do for them.

I'm writing all this because some things never change in our lives but it's how we see it or embrace it is what makes the difference for all involved. Some of the people in my life will never be monetarily rich or live in a immaculate homes or surround themselves with material things....but yet to be with them you see that they are Royalty in their world and embrace life with both hands and enjoy sharing the ride with me....My life has been a full one with peaks and valley's, whose isn't but it is how we look at it is what gives us the wisdom and ability to accept all and look beyond the surface of many. Remember too...bad things happen to good people everyday, don't judge be brave enough to ask questions . Whether you are an officer of life or a soldier, you are a person and we all belong to each other....the value of a person is not established by their accomplishments..... Blessed Be

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I'm Still Here....

I'm Still  Here....
Life has been so crazy around here recently that I haven't been on my blog in weeks, shame on me....As far as creating, oh piffle what's that!  I did, however, manage to create a few new characters for the PFATT Marketplace that went up today.  I know it's a bit late for Valentine characters but I like spreading love all year long!  I have a couple of sweet little mice available, Peggy and Jack....both of them are quite
lovesick and very excited about Valentines Day.  Each one measures 8" tall and are mounted to wood bases.

As spring begins to approach, well we hope it is, I have a sweet little duck who enjoys playing outside and flying his kite.   His name is Simon and he is fun.  I remember being so excited when the wind would kick up so I could take my kite
outside and fly it.  It would go so high it would look like a little speck from where I was standing.

This is first month for the "PFATT Marketplace" under its new name...instead of always being known as "Primitive Folk Art Trinkets and Treasures" it is now "Prominent Folk Artists' Trinkets and Treasures"....this way we have more flexibility with the type of art we show.  We are proud to announce we have 9 new artists this month and an incredible Guest Artist, Jo James!  There is also a
special tribute to my dear friend Tammy Strum who left us quite unexpectedly  last week.  My heart is just shattered by her passing, I miss her terribly!  We also have a new page we call the "Artist Spotlight" and this month it is Raney White!  I hope you will take some time to visit us at the Marketplace....it's growing and becoming so much fun!  www.pfattmarketplace.com

Saturday, January 16, 2016


"Looking For My Mojo"
I received an email the other day from a dear artist friend and one of the things he mentioned was being in a creative "dead zone"....It made me realize this is exactly where I've been lately.  This can be an extremely uncomfortable and annoying place for the creative mind to spend any time and a difficult place to escape.  Long walks, good books and unusual movies haven't been much help with finding my path out of this slump.   Chalking this up to normal isn't good enough for me time to find a solution...so I clean!  

Nothing like purging ones workroom to get a new perspective re:
your imagination LOL   Not only do you do a lot of head scratching on why in the world you have this or what were you thinking to have that but the wheels begin to turn about possibilities.... Now, I have never been one that had a pristine and pretty workroom cause frankly I collect "junk" to work with and at times there is nothing pretty about rust and peeling paint.   I LOVE to re-purpose stuff, all kinds of stuff!   You might find old vintage torn and tattered books in one corner and a box of odds and ends of rusty
tubing stashed in another corner.  One thing about my workroom is that it is an adventure and can be, at times, like going through a mini junk store LOL  Dan and Rennie just shake their heads and smile.  Granted it's all contained in a rather small area but still, it's not pretty.... Today will be day three and I'm still rummaging and sorting through my little space in the laundry room where I spend 75% of my days and I couldn't ask for a better job.  I may be in that "creative dead zone" right now but maybe after I get this place purged and organized who knows what will happen....My notebook is sitting here next to me as ideas are jotted down as I sort.  It's good to be an artist....a never ending adventure of the mind!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

PFATT for January!

Spring is in the Air with Blue Bird Love!
 The PFATT Marketplace has opened its doors to new year...one that I hope will be exciting for everyone!

This month I have some quaint and whimsical Blue Birds who are all about spreading their love.  Blue Birds are one of my favorite feathered friends so it was fun to create a few of these.  These little characters are made using

wool felt, one of my favorite fabrics to work with.  They have wired armatures for their wings and legs and can be posed.  

Their whimsical expressions melt my heart and put a smile on my face and I hope they do the same for you.  I will continue to expand my whimsical collection of the "feathered folk" having already tapped into my love of crows.  

Love "Marion Blue" and her little basket of love letters, such a kind little face.  Her counterpart is more serious about his love and is often referred to as the "Love Doctor".
He carries a garland of fabric hearts with lots of "love and kisses" for everyone.   He looks so dapper in his top hat and high collar.  Everyone needs a some "Mr. Blue" the Love Bird" in their lives.   Be sure to go over and check out all the great talent and the beginnings of a new face lift at the PFATT Marketplace.....and while you're there I'm sure Ol' Mr. Blue will give you a quick peck on the cheek!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Adventure & Exciting News

The beginning of any "New Year" is usually a time for new adventures and possibilities and this year is no exception to that.  Dan and I were presented with an amazing opportunity, I should probably say Dan was since my plate is already so full I couldn't possibly take on anything else.  We were given the reins to the PFATT Marketplace.  A selling site for artists that uploads on the 10th of every month and one of the longest running selling sites for artists that I know.  Sandy Wood started this site 14 years ago to give artists another venue besides Ebay to sell their work and she has done an amazing job and now she has passed it on to us.  We can only hope that we'll continue to give "The Marketplace" the same kind attention to detail and love that Sandy has given it these past years.

Dan is already busy giving the site a face lift and implementing new and exciting details to make it more customer friendly.  With his many years of experience at building and developing a very successful website for Orvis this is something he knows quite a bit about.  I have enjoyed many successful years selling on PFATT and have always admired the open communication that Sandy had with her artists and we hope we can continue that as well.  Dan would love to get input about how to make this an even more successful selling venue for all involved.  So far the input has been very positive and constructive.  We were fortunate, with the changing of the guard, that we only lost one artist....change always brings on more change and we need to never take it personal.  The upside is we have acquired 6 new artists with very different talents so to give the Marketplace a broader appeal to our customer base.  There is still a jury process to becoming a member, we have a panel of five different artists to help with that so it isn't just left up to Dan and I, whew! 

We want this to be a selling venue for all kinds of Artists, not just those with higher end pieces but one for everyone.  Art is a craft, a craft that we as artists pour our spirit, and at times, a piece of our soul into.  Whether it be a folk art painting, a sculpted funny character, a raggedy, or an early style vintage doll,  I guarantee that their is some of that artists spirit inside.  With every stroke of a brush, or stitch of a thread someone is creating "ART" and "The Marketplace" hopes to bring all of this to everyone!  Please join us in February for our "New Beginnings" but we will still be business as usual for the month of January....  www.pfattmarketplace.com

Friday, December 18, 2015

Tree Hunting Memories...

"The Memories of An Event"
As we travel through this maze of experiences called life certain parts stay with us and often bring a smile and a hint of a twinkle to our eyes.  I think Christmastime  probably holds the most stories for many of us!

When our kids were young is was customary to go out into the country and cut our own Christmas tree.  This was not just a cutting of a tree but the beginning to a season filled with magic, wonder and dreams....and family!  Like all children ours were wind up with giggles and excitement and absolutely no attention span
whatsoever, not to mention the copious amounts of hot chocolate they had  consumed!  Taking them into the forest or tree farm was often like "herding cats".  Each one picking a direction and taking off into a run to find that perfect tree.  Before this happened it was time to explain the magical tricks into finding the perfect tree, something my own father taught me at a very young age.  It is NEVER us that picks the tree but the tree that picks us!  It's VERY important to be quiet and to listen because
the trees whisper....they will whisper your name and call to you if they want to come home with you!  Only special children have this ability to hear their names being whispered....and so, silence and concentration began the hunt!  Dan and I followed with smiles and maybe a few tears of happiness as our three "tree hunters" went on their quest! Soon we would hear "WE FOUND IT" and see three small bodies with their heads buried into the green branches of our new Christmas tree!

Memories like this will always stay with me no matter how old I get or how far away our children move....this is what sustains us and makes us feel how great our accomplishments in life truly are.  My father was a smart and creative soul and I think even part of
him truly believed in the magic of the whispering Christmas tree.  His tradition not only gave us peace during this tree cutting time but gave us an adventure we will always carry with us.  Even with more of us using artificial trees now I can still look out into the forest and hear the trees whispering and so do my kids and our grandkids...somethings just stay with us....Merry Christmas one and all!  May we all be blessed with a little more magic this year! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Snowmen and Characters for the Holidays

"PFATT Marketplace and Other Stuff".....
Available on PFATT Marketplace
Today is the last PFATT Marketplace of 2015.  Hard to believe another year has flown by.  Christmas is right around the corner and time to enjoy family, friends and awesome baked goods!  If anyone knows me then they know I LOVE COOKIES, I wear them well, right around my waist LOL!  I'm winding down with my Christmas characters since my online show is over, and a huge success, thank you everyone! Now... I'm focused on my last commissioned pieces for the year and adding things to my selling shoppe: www.softeessellingshop.blogspot.com.   

There is going to be lots of changes around here after the first of the
Available in my Selling Shoppe
year....some new and exciting and some REALLY scary but exciting as well.  One of the changes will be turning all my patterns into e-patterns....a long and tedious process but a necessary one.  I'm hoping to also get back into pattern designing as well (no promises but hoping).    E-patterns have become the new norm and does have risks with copying and trading but they also reach a bigger audience.  When you think about how big the world really is the rest just seems trivial in comparison.  Of course not everything I design will be available in pattern form...I like being a "one trick pony"... it's the nature of this beast LOL!  My PODDS and some of my mice will always be only available as finished
E-Pattern on Etsy
pieces, but that's not to say I won't come up with new and different patterns to enjoy.   

The pattern business, though not my main source of income, has been really good to me and continues to thrive.  No matter how old a pattern gets it still continues to sell well.  All my patterns are listed on my website: www.softinthehead.com but whatever e-patterns I have will be found in my Etsy Shoppe: https://www.etsy.com/shop/softinthehead?ref=hdr 

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday season whether it is shopping, creating or baking enjoy the moment.  Be with friends and family and share the joy of the season...it truly is a great feeling!  Merry Christmas All!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Annual Christmas Sale.....

"Mark Your Calendars"
Time to mark your calendar for the "Soft in the Head" annual Christmas Sale.  We are busy here creating some new and interesting characters to add to your collection......Remember December 6th at 7pm EST...4pm PST
           click here to visit "The Shoppe"

Monday, November 2, 2015

We're Home and Smiling.....

Another Great Year.....
Another successful year has come and gone at "Ghoultide Gathering".  I know I'm a bit late to the party with my update but Dan and I took some extra weeks to spend with our daughter and her family in Ohio after the show and then just took time off to catch our breath, which was sorely needed!  This was our 7th year attending this amazing Halloween event as an artist and it just keeps getting better and better.  This year was a series of trial and error since I had to ship everything and fly
there....and it turned out awesome!  I know now that my globe witches/fortune tellers can be shipped, I like 1st class and I can merchandise with little or no props!  These were all concerns except maybe the 1st class thing....I mean after all 1st class is 1st class, right?
This year had an extra bonus waiting for Dan and I when we got to Ghoultide...our dear friends Tammy Speicher and Debbie Maas Miller would be there.  I just adore these sisters and haven't seen
Tammy Speicher
them in such a long time.  This would be Tammy's first year at Ghoultide as an artist and I was very excited for her!  I love Tammy's style and work and couldn't wait to see it on display and I wasn't disappointed!  Her sweet characters were full of charm and "primitive" whimsy!  LOVED THEM! 

The entire show generated some of the best Halloween art I have ever seen and I'm always in awe that my humble pieces are even a
My Booth
part of this incredible event.  "Soft in the Head" held its own and did well.  We were able to have 97 pieces this year which was 20 more than last year....I guess retiring to the Northwest helped LOL...and we packed up 14 pieces at the end of the day.  The great and funniest thing about this show, and it happens every year, are the emails and phone messages I get right after the show from Halloween lovers that couldn't make it but
Soft in the Head
wanted something from the show.  I was able to sell and ship most of the leftovers from my daughters before I left to head back home.  Thank you never seems like enough to all those that make the trip to this show from all over the U.S. just to own a piece of your work.  I have the most amazing followers and collectors and I thank my lucky stars everyday.  One never tires of the smiles your imagination and work create!  Being a part of "Ghoultide" has truly enhanced that feeling on so many levels.  Not

only is it great to see those familiar collectors but it's also great and heart warming to see your fellow artist friends, that also live all
Ghoultide Gang
over the U.S.,  under one roof.... it's like having a "party", it's never dull catching up and chattering like a bunch of magpies! It is definitely a hodge-podge of imagination, diversity and just plain fun!  The show has been such a wonderful experience and hope it will

continue to be for many years for both artist and collector....for all that love Halloween.

One of my favorite times at Ghoultide was the time I got to spend with, as I like to call them, my girls Tammy Speicher and Debbie Maas Miller.  Dan and I had the privilege of getting to know these two amazing women 8 years ago at a show we did in Columbus,
Sylvia Smiser's Booth
OH.  Tears and hugs were in abundance at the hotel as they greeted us when we arrived!  I love these girls! They make my life richer and more meaningful...they are truly two of the kindest and most unselfish people I know. I fell in love with this adorable bunny that Tammy had created, it spoke to me....but being on such a fixed income right now I could only love it from a distance.
Nancy Malay's Booth
Guess what was waiting for me at our hotel Sunday morning...this incredible bunny! Tammy gave her to me....not only did I receive this exquisite piece of art but I got a jar of "pumpkin butter" from Debbie. The meaning and emotion connected with the pumpkin butter touched my heart in such a way that I tear up writing about it. Debbie would buy a jar of pumpkin butter every year for their mom, it was tradition. Debbie and Tammy lost their mom almost 2 years
David Bruce's Booth
ago....need I say more How did I ever get so lucky to have women like this in my life? I'm truly blessed....they are indeed exceptional people. Thank you Tammy and Debbie for making me smile everyday and feel loved....

Ghoultide is a lot of things to me, the art, the collectors, the love of Halloween but the most memorable and best part is the meeting of "forever" friends!  Friends/artists that you have know for a decade
Audrey Swarz's Booth
or more that have that mutual interest/love of all things Halloween.  Even though we only see each other for a brief moment, just enough time for a hug or two, you carry that special bond with you forever.  I'm so thankful to have this opportunity in my life....I just wish I would have had the time to snap pics of my favorite collectors/friends but we were sooooo busy, busy is good...maybe next year!   

 I want to thank Nancy Malay, Lori Ann Corelis and many others for the use of their pictures since our camera was MIA at the time.  It truly is mind boggling the talent that is at this Halloween event....also the warmth and kindred spirit that lives here...Until Next Year!   Blessed Be.... Now for more images......
Sheila Bentley's Booth
Allen Cunningham's Booth
David Schilling's Booth
Paul Gordon
Cassandra Graham's Booth
Jennie Hepler-Takens Booth
Nicole Sayre's Booth