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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feeling the Warmth of Spring.....

Green is My Favorite Color......
The one advantage of living where I do is the HUGE corn field right behind me and the constant parade of nature's finest....I have been and always will be a lover of "Nature" and to be able to have it served up daily in all its glory is more than I could've ever hoped for.   The turkeys are one of my favorite performers in nature's theater.  They always get a chuckle from me as I watch them dance, flutter and gobble at one another.  Mating season is here and the Toms are proudly displaying their finery to win over a harem of hens with hopes of a plethora of future off spring!

A few days ago Dan and I welcomed a herd of 27 deer into our backyard as they felt comfortable enough to drink freely from my birdbath and nibble on the beginnings of spring flowers!  Good thing I wasn't to fond of those spring flowers because I think they'll be missing this year.

Since my life has changed so much in the last couple of years and I
no longer leave my house to often,  I find that the entertainment I get from Mother Nature and her flock... inspirational.  In our busy day to day lives many of us forget to stop and look around at the most basic things of life.... 
I'm not making that mistake any longer!  I want to grab a hold with both hands and go for the ride of a lifetime.  It truly is amazing what one can find in their own backyard if they take the time to look!  I guess Dan and I and our two cats aren't the only residents at this old country store here in Virginia after all!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

       "Popular Older Patterns Now E-Patterns"

You can find these now in my Etsy shop.......Click here:  Etsy

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Pattern and More....

"Getting Back Into the Pattern Game"
Meet the "newest" member of the "Soft in the Head" pattern family.  This little lady was inspired by all the blasted snow we have had this "spring?"  The temperatures have been anything but spring like so I thought a nice bunny with a bright flower would be just what we all "Spring Blessings".  She can also be made as a wall hanging and would look great on a door welcoming friends in your house or sitting on a table as a nice springy centerpiece.  She is available in my Etsy shop right now and soon on my here: Etsy Shop

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Looking forward.....

The Road Ahead
There are times a person feels like they just need to plop themselves down and take stock in where their life is headed.  This has been my dilemma as of late.  When someone close to you moves on (dies) it's truly is a wake-up call in so many ways.  I think the biggest question we often ask ourselves is...
"am I happy?"  

 In most ways I think I am....incredibly so!  Fortune has smiled down on me quite a bit over the years....I have an incredible man in my life, 41 years now, three amazing, entertaining and intelligent kids, six of the most adorable and bright grandchildren, plus my art....Oh, and I get to work from home!   

If someone had said to me 10 years ago that I would be creating art instead of crafts I would have laughed out loud....but here I am.  I've been a successful pattern designer, doll maker, Halloween designer and now author (well almost an author) I don't think two articles in magazines warrants a successful author but it's a beginning...and I'm writing a book!  The difficult part will be finding the publisher for said book.  These are things in my life that I never imagined when I was young,  

My life has taken so many twists and turns but I never quit dreaming.  This is such an important part to our existence, dreaming and feeling like anything is possible!  I envy the innocent minds of children as they go through life trying to figure it all out and haven't yet been polluted with the ugliness that seems to be lurking under every rock on our path of life.  Some of my best ideas for my characters come from the minds of children like this one, yes Maddie a pickle PODD sounds like a winner!.....and also from my own  childhood where I saw things much clearer and with an exuberance that often gets lost when we grown up.    

As my life begins down its final road I'm spending more time pondering what it is I want to do and how to go about doing it.  First....all my decisions or plans will always have to have seats for two.  Dan is my co-pilot in all my endeavors and without his seal of approval and laughter to encourage me the road will have less meaning and absolutely no excitement for me.   He is, without a doubt, the best part of who I am and it just makes me smile! 

I do know that I want to keep creating and my PODD line has grown so much and become more popular than I could have ever hoped for.... so I would like to expand on that.  The mice are near and dear to me and also to many others.  Many of you have contacted me expressing your love for a book involving these whimsical little characters especially after reading my brief story about my Christmas Mice in "Prims" magazine.  To all of you... it is in the works!   

Where ever Me and the Mister end up I know it will be an adventure and full of magic and all kinds of weirdness!  It's just who we are and we're to bloody old now to change...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What's New on Simply Primitives

 "Simply Primitives for March"

This was a fun month for designing characters.  This month on "Simply Primitives" we have a Spring sweetness and some Halloween.  
"Sweet Pea" is a little mouse who love sugar and is often found perched ontop of a vintage silver-plated sugar bowl.  I love making pin keeps and this one is one of my favorites!

Next is a sweet little mohair mouse who enjoys collecting buttons and has found her perfect hiding place inside an "egg shell".  Meet Ellie and her button box!
Easter is rapidly approaching and my love for bunnies is in high gear.  This newest bunny will also become my first pattern that I have designed in four
years.  "Spring Blessings" has turned out to be a favorite of mine.  She is simple, yet charming.  The pattern will be available soon but for right now this little lady is looking for a forever home!

Even though spring is here I'm still scratching that Halloween itch so of course I had to make a Halloween Em and her box of sweets!   Her favorite snack is candy corn and she is always seen with her own supply!

Pop over and visit my new characters this month on "Simply Primitives".

Monday, March 10, 2014

PFATT for March....

 This Month on PFATT Marketplace......

It's that time of the month again, PFATT Marketplace.  This month I decided to go with an Easter theme and of course a wee bit of the blarney with a leprechaun PODD.  I do love making rabbits and this little lady is so sweet.  Meet "Philomena Tuft".  She is so elegant dressed in her black "civil war" print and black shawl.  Her character is in her fuzzy little face with those buck teeth!   !

There will also be a busy little chick PODD named "Clara" who is into painting Easter eggs for the Easter bunny.  Clara does fancy herself to be quite the artist.  Chicken PODDs are a the cutest and so much fun to create.  Chickens have a never ending supply of character to work with.

PFATT wouldn't be  
the same without a mouse.  This month I tried something a wee bit different and made a small mouse using clay and cloth.  Mrs. O'Malley" just stole my heart.  I love how she turned out in her colonial green print dress and holding that egg.  She is just so precious!

To give ST. Patricks Day equal time "Shaun the Leprechaun" is making his debut.  My leprechaun PODDS have quite a following and always seem to make everyone smile.  This guy is ready for a night out on the town as he is equipped with his favorite "shalaylee" to help detour him from any Irish rough housing!  One swift "ker-thunk" and all is right in the world for Shaun!  

Hope you will all stop over and check out the amazing talent at the "Marketplace" this month!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Staying busy.....

Meet "Eudora Hopps"

Trying very hard to "get back on that creative horse" that I recently slid off of.  It isn't easy!  It seems that with all the  sad events in my life recently it just crippled my creative mojo.   

A few days ago I decided to try something a bit different and that inspired me to keep going and I created a new bunny.  I love bunnies and truly miss not creating them so I'm thrilled that I jumped it with this idea and came up with "Miss Eurdora Hopps".

Pictures never seem to do a body of work the justice that is due and this is definitely the issue here.  This little lady has become my all time favorite piece.  She is 16" tall and very stylish in a rustic, primitive kind of way.  Her arms are pos-able which helps while she carries her new hat in the hat box. 

"Eurdora" has found a home and is very excited about traveling there this weekend.  Thanks Beck....I know you and the girls will really enjoy and love her!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Magic, Faeries and Other Stories....

Unlocking the Magic......
When we're young it seems that all things are possible.  We have that special childhood power that keeps all the monsters under the bed, nightmares end with the rising of the sun and we think everyday smells like pancakes on Sunday.    We like to surround ourselves with the stories of enchanted forests, shimmering faeries and magical elves because as a child we are eternal optimists in a sea of doubt and these little characters are able to take us on many magical adventures without even leaving our backyards

When I was a kid my dad and I shared a fondness for the outdoors, especially the garden.  Many times I would sit in an old apple tree and watch my dad spend countless hours turning the soil and navigating streams of water down each row. He was amazing at finding something magical in the simplest of a knot hole in a tree or an abandoned gopher hole. 
He loved to make up stories that would involve these special places creating all kinds of characters who lived there.  I used to get teased because for the longest time I thought that our tomatoes were actually grown by a family of badgers that my Dad had told me lived at the edge of the garden.  It had to be true cause my Dad said it was.....
He also convinced me that his pet pig, Geoff, (yes, he actually had a pig named Geoff) was a King from another land who was hiding from an evil wizard so he was a pig during the day and a handsome King at night.  Yep, you guessed it I camped out at the barn to watch him change but always fell asleep before it happened....As you probably have guessed I was quite the gullible child but was never lacking when it came to my imagination!

Daydreaming was a constant companion and with my Dad's help we found many uses for those day dreams.  We would build Faerie houses!  Much to my Mom's dismay dirt and I were the best of friends and spending all day digging in it was heaven to me.  I remember building mounds of dirt with tunnels and twig porches and wooden doors.  Dad would use his hoe and sculpt a winding brook to run past our little houses.  We spent hours building pebble fences and planting flowers around our Faerie houses....they were good times! 

Life was not always a walk in the park and like all families we had our ups and downs....but I choose to only remember the happy times and the time I spent with my Dad in his beloved garden were some of my happiest.  I contribute my vivid imagination to all those "garden story times" we had so many years ago.  I still build Faerie houses and with each twig and pebble I use I smile and remember the apple tree, tomatoes grown by badgers,  my Dad and Geoff the Swine King! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Long, Long Winter.....
Been almost a month since I sat down and talked to my blog.  So much is going on right now in our, normally bland lives, here in Virginia that getting my thoughts in order is somewhat of a luxury at this time.  Dan and I are dealing with some of life's hiccups...the one's that have a way of putting you into an emotional twister and make it spin only faster when you try to reason them out.
My creative "mojo" went on hiatus and forgot to tell me so I have been struggling with getting back into the workroom and creating some new characters for 2014.  This is not an easy endeavor and I'm sure has plagued many of you as well.   As an artist we do not create on demand and find ourselves often thinking , planning and designing long before anything takes form.  I can't seem to get past the thinking part.....

This winter has been unusually cold and depressing with high propane costs, below 0 temps and bones that feel like they will crack with a good laugh!   Not an atmosphere that helps when your creative "mojo" is struggling.  

As much as I dread these cold
winters the snow always seems to bring a smile to my face.  Mother Nature has such a wonderful sense of humor!  Snow is one of her cruelest jokes.....we all have a love/hate relationship with snow.  As much trouble as it causes and we get so tired of dealing with it we are all in "awe" at the beauty it can create when it falls!   There is nothing more magical than a sunrise coming up over ones yard of new fallen snow.  I love it.....not to mention the copious amounts of hot chocolate that gets consumed on those cold, brisk magical days!  YUM!

Many new adventures lie ahead for "Soft in the Head" and with the new adventures comes serious change to the status quo.  No one likes change and especially this cranky, loud mouthed Irish woman but change is necessary for change it is!  I will keep everyone in the loop re: all my new adventures and hope you will continue to follow us as we travel down these new roads.....Stay warm everybody....Good Ol' Phil the Groundhog says we have 6 more weeks of this!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Ehag~Emporium for 2014
It is a new year and new beginning for the amazing Halloween group known as EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Art Guild).  I count my blessings every day to be a part of this group of the best Halloween artists around....not only that,  I get to call many of them friends.

The Emporium is a Marketplace venue that uploads every month on the last day of that month at 9pm EST.  This month is our first Emporium for the year 2014.

I would like to introduce my newest piece that will be going up for sale...this is my "Apparition Forevermore"....a new take on my Ulysses pattern.  He is a ghostly Raven that is made using muslin, clay and some vintage pages from one of Poe's stories,  "Ligeia".  He is mounted on a vintage silver-plated candlestick and is all kinds of spooky.  This was something a tad different for me, kinda out of my comfort zone, but I had a blast creating it!  

Don't forget to check out this won't be disappointed!   
click here: EHAG

Monday, January 27, 2014

New "Wabbit" for Sale......
 Woodrow has been Adopted
Meet "Woodrow Wabbit"...if you are interested in giving this big boy a new home just let me know witn an e-mail.  He is 24" in length and sits 16" tall.  He is made from distressed muslin with a stitched face, wired ears and pos-able arms.  He is weighted and rag stuffed for easy sitting.  Such a dapper fellow for Spring!  This is an original "Soft in the Head" design! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Beginnings.....

Starting Anew and Excited

Like all new beginnings 2014 will have a sense of excitement and wide eyed wonderment about it.    It will be scary and filled with new adventures as I see the new chapters unfold in my children's lives as well as my own.  Dan is getting close to retirement and that in itself will be a new adventure.  Though our options re: his retirement are limited, well almost non-existent, due the way the economy has twisted and turned over the last decade.   If there is one thing I know it's that whatever happens Dan and I will land on our feet somewhere together, and that in itself is comforting!  I'm a firm believer that the "Powers that Be" will always provide you with what you need but maybe not what you we will be fine, this I'm sure of.
"Soft in the Head" has some pretty big changes afoot and I'm thrilled to see them come to fruition.  My style will be changing a bit under the tutelage of a dear friend who has years more experience than I.  I'm so thrilled to have her in my corner and know this will be a positive move for me not to mention the excitement of working with her.
Lately, I have taken to writing more and honing my writing skills, which I feel are sorely lacking, lol...An idea that has been brewing in my brain for many years is coming together with the help of my looks like my PODDS might become a storybook.  There is still mountains to climb before we actually get there but at least now I can see a glimmer of it on the horizon.   This will definitely excite the hundreds of PODD collectors that I have out there for sure.  My first story will be about "Scrappy the Cat PODD"...."Scrappy" is making his way around the United States right now visiting all my PFATT sisters.  He has spent an evening with Mr. & Mrs. Santa, been in a parade, eaten "Lord knows what", survived the Polar Vortex in Illinois and even made it to New Jersey to a "Very Potter Party"....this cat is the talk of the group.  He will be signed by all that he visits and when he returns home he will be auctioned off for charity!  This will definitely be "pen" worthy, can't wait to get started!
We all approach a new year in different ways....some make resolutions, while others just take a deep breath and jump in.  I'm more of a jumper than a resolution maker!  Whatever your choice is for this coming year have fun....enjoy the life given to you and if you make a few bad choices along the way, learn from them.  Life is truly about lessons....and here we thought we were done with school, lol.  Make the most of who and what you are and leave your life print in a way that others can be proud they know you.  I'm seriously trying,  it's the best I can do!  Blessed Be All and lookout 2014!

Friday, January 10, 2014

PFATT for January.....

This Month on PFATT Marketplace.....
I love bunnies and always look forward to spring so I can let my "bunny flag fly"!  This month on the 'Marketplace" I'm debuting my first fuzzy PODD.  Meet Milford....He is my newest PODD and he has a permanent fur coat!   This little guy has serious character and I had so much fun creating him.  He is definitely going to be a tough one to part with....but then again I often have that problem with my PODDS!

What would the "Marketplace" be without a "Soft in the Head" mouse.  Meet "Junie Bean" the keeper of "Needful Things".  This little mouse loves to stitch and often leaves a trail of odds and ends everywhere....well now she has her own place to store everything!  She's a cutie and sits atop a spool with red thread that is attached to a fabric covered mache box.  Anyone that is a mouse collector or seamstress will love this piece.  

Hope every one will pop over and check out all the amazing talent at the "Marketplace"...I know my little characters would love to see you!
click here: PFATT Marketplace

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Many of us will be sitting back and taking a good look at the year that has just much to be thankful for and yet very happy that 2014 is right around the corner!  2013 has definitely been an eventful year for Dan and I and not all of it happy.  Like many of you we have said good bye to friends as they start out on that next journey and we only have their memory to carry with us, we over came obstacles that we thought, at the time, we were NEVER going to conquer and we did it together...but 2013 also carried with it new and exciting adventures too.   "Soft in the Head" has risen to yet another level of accomplishments which in itself is reason for me to celebrate since every nuance of this art world is a constant challenge and mystery to me.... 

I have discovered forever friendships through adversity and said good bye to others I felt needed to be let go in order for me to continue down that road of truth and positive thinking.  My biggest challenge for 2013 was learning to accept myself, flaws and all and realize that in spite of ALL my bad decisions I am a good and caring person and a constant work in I have always said it isn't the destination that is exciting it is the road we take getting there and this old lady has had plenty of excitement!  I've learned that holding onto ones integrity is without a doubt the best gift we can give ourselves cause once you give it away it is gone and next to impossible to get back!

Almost loosing my life this past year brought the reality of what is truly important back into perspective.  The love I have for Dan and my children is my salvation and the gift that keeps on giving.  Nothing can compare....thank you 2013 for reminding me of this.  I am the wealthiest woman I  know when it comes to this!   I'm also thankful that I can now walk for short periods without the use of a cane when a year ago I couldn't walk at all.  2014 will be the year that I will begin to stand without pain and maybe even dance with my husband once again!  So much to hope and plan for!

This last year was the best year yet for "Soft in the Head" and I only have my amazing collectors to thank for that.  My followers and collectors make me strive to excel and keep me reaching for that brass ring on the "Merry-Go-Round of life"!  Bless all of you so much!  Many new plans are in the works for "Soft in the Head" avenues and new challenges!  

I raise my glass to all of you this "New Year" and wish you much love, laughter and a full and exciting life!  Godspeed my friends!  Blessed Be!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Anticipation and Love....

It never really matters what faith you have or where your "faith" path takes you it just seems that this time of year creates a certain magic that engulfs all of us one way or another.  Age just changes the type of magic you want to feel and look for. 

 As a child we were all a flutter with the story and visit of a rather large elf bearing gifts....and Santa became a big part of our lives without us even realizing it.  Even though it was only for a short time we found ourselves a wee bit nicer and more aware of the needs of others.  For many of us we try to continue that on a regular basis but even at the best times our faith can falter a bit.  Christmas is that proverbial shot in the arm we all need.  The smiles, sounds and warm feelings inside each of us at this time of year is the best medicine we can give ourselves and to others.

By reaching out with some good cheer you will touch a life that truly needs that kind word or smile.  Though your table may be full there are many that do without,  and this time of year it is important that we remember those that could use that smile and extra bit of

As my Christmas Day approaches I am often reminded of how precious our life truly is and begin to grasp and hold onto the simplest bits and pieces of my days.  The smiles from my grandkids, the twinkle in Dan's eyes and the love that is exchanged between my daughter and her husband....never take any moment for granted because each and everyone of these moments is a miracle in itself and is part of the Christmas Magic that we all look forward to not realizing it is with us everyday!  

Merry Christmas Everyone and May the Joys of the Season Be with You Always!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Simply Primitives for December 15th...

Annie "SOLD"
As we soon  say good bye to 2013 so we say good bye to all my winter and Christmas 2013 characters.... I didn't think I would have any more Christmas characters left in me but I was wrong....there were a few that still need to sing!

Ambrose "SOLD"
Meet my little winter caroler "Annie"....she is an adorable little mohair mouse pin keep mounted to wool pin cushion that sits on top a vintage lamp piece.  She nestles her favorite acorn as it will soon become someones Christmas gift! Pin Keeps are and always have been one of my favorite pieces to make.  Though the style is not original the nuances are and "Annie" is a guarantee smile maker!
"Lyric" "SOLD"
Next meet "Ambrose" a very out-going little fellow who absolutely loves winter and is ready to go sledding anytime!  This mouse was so much fun to create.  He took on many personalities before one just stuck....He's a cutie!

"Wynter"  "SOLD"
Every since I was a kid I have loved angels of any shape or variety....and this one has stole my heart...Meet Lyric!  She is a kitty with an amazing voice, a love for Christmas and a  rather high opinion of herself!  I also love working with vintage music and this gave me an excuse to try out my paper music wings!

This will be my last Santa of the "Wynter Klaus"....I love primitive Santa's and he is just that.  I use to collect Santa's but have run out of room to display them but if I did still collect them I would want one like this. 

Hope you all will take the time to visit my new characters and all the other talent on "Simply Primitives" this month...Merry Christmas All!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Windows and Their Magic...

As a kid in the 50's my biggest thrill at Christmas was peering into the magic of store front windows.  As I looked at the display in front of me I often felt as if I was seeing it through the eyes of the "Spirit of Christmas" itself.  A child is always a good candidate for the innocence and magic of this holiday as they only see the "goodness" that often gets misplaced by adults!  

I could stand for hours and let my imagination fly as I drew in the colorful and whimsical scenes in front of me.  Living in Hollywood at that time in my life there was always an abundance of this magic around me....cause NOBODY does magic better than the movie mecca of the time! ;

Since both my parents were from Texas we sometimes would spend
Christmas in Houston where I was always fascinated by the windows at Foley's Department Store.  They were the "in" place to be when out Christmas shopping!

Not only does the magic and colors of these Christmas windows make your "spirit" take wings and burst with happiness they have a way of touching that child that will always live inside each and everyone of know that "Peter Pan" syndrome part! 

We all have special Christmas magic in our hearts and we often display that magic around us in our own homes with our decorated
trees, centerpieces and lights.  Many homes become Winter Wonderlands or Enchanted Villages exploding with the magic of the season!  If we look around us we'll see bits and pieces of our childhood Christmas
fantasies coming to life whether it be in our homes or that department store window's there!!  This is why I enjoy the magic of the old store front window displays that I grew up with....they made Christmas come to  life everywhere....

To be young again and see it all through those eyes is what actually prompted me to start "Soft in the Head"...I wanted everyone to hold onto that child-like innocence we had at this time of year and nothing does it better than a smile...a smile brought on by the tugging of those childhood memories!  Merry Christmas Everyone! 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December PFATT Marketplace

This month on PFATT Marketplace will probably be the last of my new Christmas pieces for 2013.  I've had a great 2013 and can only hope 2014 will be as equally as good.

This month on PFATT I have 3 rather rag-tagged carolers who plan on singing into your heart....Meet the "Jingle Bell Trio"....


Next... I have a wonderful little snow-girl known as "Sophia"....Sophia is the local story teller and you can find her often surrounded by all the little snow-lings in the area of her village where she captivates them with a few of her favorite stories.  Sophia is one of the few clay dolls that I have offered this year and is also one of my favorites!

What would Christmas be without a new "Christmas Mouse"....I love to refer to these particular little ladies as my "Fancy Lady Mice".  I really enjoy dressing them up in their full petticoats and skirts!  "Margie" has an extra little flair and I think it is because she is donned in such wonderful Christmas colors and carries her own tree and strand of cranberries for decorating!  I do love Christmas!!!!

I hope you all will pop over to the "PFATT Marketplace" for some extra special eye candy for this time of year and maybe some handmade gifts for those on your Christmas list.....this month it is free shipping from "Soft in the Head".....

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Meet "SWOOSH"!
"Swoosh" is just one of many new characters that will be available on Dec. 4th at 8pm EST. at the annual "Soft in the Head" Christmas Blog Sale  The sale has limited editions and one of kind characters so no orders for the characters will be taken after the is entirely on a first come first serve basis!   Hope you will join us on Dec. 4th!  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Juggling Thanksgiving and Creativity.....

How Do You Do It?????
For years I have wondered how I can juggle Thanksgiving and this creative business I've chosen....It's not easy! The busiest time of year for me is at this particular time and being "the mom" it was always expected that I would be the one to cook. First let me clarify something....COOK is definitely a four letter word that this Ol' girl refuses to use! I make no claims at being a Goddess in the fact my Goddess strengths have always been purchasing the delectable offerings from other would be Goddesses! Still, this said, shopping and purchasing does take precious time away from my creative bubble and once that bubble gets popped there is no going back, well at least for me anyway. So what's a "bubbled Goddess" to do....she dials 411 for the closest restaurant that serves a complete and sumptuous Thanksgiving meal.....

I use to do the cooking thing when the kid-lets were young and didn't know the difference between a good or bad Thanksgiving meal. We always had the ambiance of this family themed day beginning with the Macy's Day parade along with hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls (thank you Pillsbury!) I even had a fresh turkey, of course it took me a few tries to figure out which end actually got stuffed....There is just something wrong with filling an empty cavity with edible food but needless to say I forged onward! 

Now the stuffing was was a bread mixture mess that got shoved into a place that needs no description and the turkey did the rest! What kid doesn't like bread, hot gooey bread...pour gravy on it and it's a feast! The rest was easy, mashed potatoes, lumps included, green beans and pumpkin pie (thank you Marie Callender). I think what made this event so memorable was being with family. We no longer have that luxury and believe me when I tell you it is a luxury. Our kid-lets are now adult-lets with lives and homes of their own and so far away that it makes the longing for the good ol' days ache even more! Of course we talk and laugh about the many fiascoes of my cooking of the past and reminiscence of those fun filled Thanksgiving days but all of us have that longing to be together once again!

Since our Thanksgiving Day only now consists of just Dan and I we often find the inconvenience of my busy filled days much easier to manage. Dan and I do enjoy the atmosphere of restaurants or a simple dinner for two on this day but we'd both would trade it all for a full table of smiles, laughter and family....and some rather bad cooking!