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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's All About Halloween Here....

"PFATT Marketplace for August"
Since last January when Dan and I took over the "PFATT Marketplace" as the owners we have tried to build it to be a place where you can find quality and diverse Folk Art....I think we have finally arrived!  This month is outstanding!  The work the artists have done is excellent and top notch.   It's emotional when you see your hard work and dreams finally come together.  We have wanted the "Marketplace" to continue to be the premier online market that it was originally back when it started 14 years ago.  It has gone from being
just about primitive work to encompass all types of wonderful Folk Art.   Our group is fun, supportive and engaging.....it's a team!
This month I have brought some new Halloween pieces to the Marketplace and one piece that trail blazed my first online class with "Artful Gathering" ....Miss Mousey Pin-Keep.  My Halloween pieces are new and interesting.  I have come up
with a new group of characters made from rusty tin cans called "Haunted Harvest" can goods.  This month everyone gets to meet my "Can Pumpkin".  There will be many different types and canned goodies in this new group of Halloween friends from "Soft in the Head".  I'm really looking forward to the witch and the mummy LOL.  Among my Halloween characters I have made a new frog.  Haven't done a frog for quite some time and thought it was time.  This gentleman is
a "Voodoo" master called "Papa Grenouille" (which is french for frog).  He was so much fun to create and I fell in love with his teeth LOL.

Last be definitely not least is my a Halloween mouse.  I love making mice and have quite a few collectors for these fun little characters.  This little lady is holding her prize pumpkin and
seems quite pleased about it.  Mice have such personality and my "free standing" mice are some of my most popular.....they come in all sizes but the taller ones seem to be in more demand.  I will never tire of creating these and bringing their personalities to life. 

It is definitely Halloween around here with body parts scattered from room to room.  I have 5 weeks until my first show, "Hallowbaloo" here in Washington and then it is on to Petaluma to "Halloween & Vine".....wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Online Class....

"My First Online Class"
Teaching my first class has been such an incredible experience.  I use to be a bit paranoid about putting myself and how I do things out there for one
and all to see.  Often we view ourselves as not being worthy
enough to have knowledge or talent that anyone would actually pay for but since Cristina Galliher approached me about doing this and gave me the support and help to guide me I have found I thoroughly enjoy it and plan on doing more in the future.  It also helps to have such a supportive and
knowledgeable husband cause frankly the camera and computer stuff is waaaay beyond me!  Dan really got into it and it was kinda sweet!   

The images I have here are from some of the amazing individuals taking my class.....especially Arlene Sander and Connie Hindmarsh!  Arlene actually took pictures as she progressed with her "pin keep".  I had to chuckle cause in some of the pictures 
Arlene has a sweet little pin-keep she purchased from me last year looking on.  Nothing makes an artists' heart warm more than to see their work displayed in such a way....thanks Arlene!
"Artful Gatherings" has opened a new door for me and one I'm so thrilled to walk through.  I agreed to
do more classes with them next year and actually I'm looking forward to it with anticipation not the fear I had this last time.  To see the creativity and imagination that comes from those taking my class has truly given me a sense of happiness that is hard to explain....There is nothing better than when "art" and "friends" come together! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Miracles and Good Friends.....

"We Are So Blessed"
I have to brag a bit here and give a huge shout out to kindness....Back a few months ago when Dan and I took over the "PFATT Marketplace" we had some tough times with getting it going in the direction we wanted and building its following. 

Someone definitely thought we were worth it because an "ANONYMOUS Benefactor" bought PFATT Marketplace a full page AD in the Art Doll Quarterly magazine and it looks

We have gone from starting with 14 artists to now having 40 with more coming every month. The sales are getting better, the traffic has quadrupled and we even have our first "across the pond" artist! Dan works non stop from the 5th of every month till it opens on the 10th and then continues to make it viewing friendly and easy to shop. 

This Marketplace is so special to me and has such a history that I thank Sandy Wood everyday for believing in us to continue her legacy. Fourteen years this site has been going and I hope it will continue for many more because "Art Matters"....I would also like to give a special thank you to Ginny Diezel for her wisdom and support...and her keen eye for amazing talent!
To visit the "PFATT Marketplace" click here!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christi Hocking!
Thank you everyone for celebrating with me the 20th anniversary of "Soft in the Head"!  Here's to the next twenty being as incredible and also filled with exciting new adventures and amazing followers! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A "Soft in the Head" Giveaway!

"A Giveaway to Celebrate 20 Years!"
It's hard to believe that "Soft in the Head" has been in business now for 20 years!  I had my first show under the name "Soft in the Head" in Dorset, Vermont in 1996, such a great memory!  From then I went on to create a whole new group of fun and whimsical characters and a pattern line.
Top celebrate this auspicious moment I would like to "giveaway" one of my singing mice.  These little ladies are so popular at my shows and still after many years get smiles and chuckles.

To enter this giveaway leave a comment here and share in the excitement of my 20 years of creating....if you would like to have your name added more than once please leave a comment and  FOLLOW my Facebook Business page:  https://www.facebook.com/softNHead.folkart/

A huge "THANK YOU" to everyone that has made my journey through this amazing "art world" such an adventure filled with so much laughter, friends, love and MEMORIES!  As we continue our humble travels through this journey I hope to expand my world of friends and memories and become the best I can be!
Thank You All!  
Drawing ends July 5th and a winner will be notified.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Christmas in June on PFATT

"Ho Ho Ho....It's Christmas in June"
I must admit that everyone who is an artist on the PFATT Marketplace has been having so much fun with the theme this month, even Dan who is busy putting the final touches on the site.  I hear him chuckling and uttering "Ho Ho Ho" as he types away in the other room.  What is it about Christmas that just makes everyone smile and go to their "happy" place, I love it, nothing better. 

This month "Soft in the Head" with have two characters ringing in the Christmas spirit and two others who are just along for the ride.  As you all know I love making rabbits and so I had to do one for our Christmas month.  "Mrs. Fuzzington" is a new design with a whole lot of personality.  She is a tall bunny of 16" and made from wool.  Her wardrobe is very busy but Mrs. Fuzzington wanted to embrace the elf side of her personality and I think she did rather well with a combination of stripes and solids.  I especially love her hat!

Of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a mouse or two and that brings us "Caroling Charlotte".  She is a rather noisy little lady as shes strolls the streets by her home singing at the top of lungs her favorite carols!  Everyone loves when Charlotte comes to visit, she is never empty handed!   Wonder what flavor of cheese ball Miss Charlotte is bringing this year!

To change it up a bit this month I have two non-Christmasy characters.  One was
featured in the last "Prims" magazine and is one of my favorites cause he loves to fish!  Not flyfishing that normally happens in this family but the ol' time worm on a hook....and he actually has a worm on a hook!  This is "Lincoln" the little crow who likes to play hooky and go fishing.  He is also holding an antique tin cup filled with clay worms.  Just love this guy!
As everyone knows I am a Halloween junkie and I can't get through a month without adding to my "always in demand" witch mice
inventory.  This month I'm actually letting one slip away and find a new home...meet "Esmerelda".  She is part of my "Mice of Softwick" series of free standing mice, very popular at my shows.  I just love the simplicity of her....she just makes me smile!

I hope you will join all the wonderful, talented and delightful artists of the "PFATT Marketplace" this month as we celebrate an early Christmas this June!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Life with Mice!

"The Mizzlewith Mice and So Much More".....
Often when I sit in my workroom I just stare out into space and wait for the creative spirit to whisk me off into another world....or I'll have another cup of coffee and just dive in to whatever is sitting around me.  Most of the time I will find an object or a piece of fabric that will get my brain spinning which then begins my journey into that creative world....this is how the "Mizzlewith Mice" began!   
Mr. Nibbs ©2002

I've always had a reputation of being a mouse designer...I find mice fun and easy to create.  Having many different styles of mice ranging from the meek little house mouse to the more aggressive Ol' Shrew.  These little characters have been a part of "Soft in the Head" since the beginning of my pattern days.  My VERY first pattern was a mouse "Mr. Nibbs"...a rather odd little Santa mouse who loved socks!        

Mice have always been a a HUGE success for me and I must admit that it's always a challenge to see how I can make them different and yet true to myself.  Many of my mouse designs come from stories I heard as a child or created for my own kids.  It has always been easy to developed a whimsical personality
for a mouse and to fall in love with their cuteness.  I've discovered that my mice with teeth have
become more popular over the years...there is just something about a protruding tooth that always gets a giggle and a smile!  The witch mice are always a hit and I sell so many at shows and online.  But I honestly believe the best seller of all has been the Santa's.  Christmas always inspires a
sense of kindness and magic and makes all of us become kids once  again.  There is nothing sweeter than a simple little mouse dressed in his red and white suit to make all of us feel nostalgic!  Creating these little characters has always given me happiness....happiness when it seems there is little to be found anywhere.  It has
always been a great relief to me to know that my imagination and the characters I create can also give this same sense of happiness to others.   Over the years I have counted my blessings many times because I was able to find this passion in my life...it never occurred to me that I would become an artist, an artist who loves creating MICE! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Getting Witchy Again......

"My Love of Witches"
As an artist we often find that one particular look or design that becomes our signature look...my long faced witches have done that for me.  Over the years I have created many of these funny and whimsical characters and each time I fall in love all over again.  It never ceases to amaze me how many comical expressions I can get
with just a simple tug of a thread or a dot of paint.  These funny little ladies have been one of my best sellers at shows and online, so many possibilities!

Over the years they have changed, not much but just a bit different.  They became a vignette in groups of 3 or being posed with their favorite feline.  They seem to get skinnier over the years with less clothing but still had that long
whimsical face that still, after many years, makes me chuckle every time one is completed.  

My newest long faced with is one that I actually thought of at 3am when I was having trouble sleeping. She's an impatient little witch that gets bored easy and just wants to get on her broom and start flying but alas she is made to wait till the "midnight hour" so she pulls her hat over her eyes and gets a few winks before it is "go time".
 After all being good at your job depends on "attitude" and this little lady definitely has that!   Coming up with new ideas using the same body can be daunting at times but very rewarding when one of the ideas you have works and works well. 

This year I plan on using this same look and apply it to some cats, bats and skelly's...My mind is a whirl of ideas and I can't wait to dive into Halloween full time and see what emerges from my workroom....Ya just never know around here!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Art Journey.....

"Registration is Now Open"

As of May1st the doors were opened for registration.  This is a great time to fill your summer up with exciting avenues of new techniques and lots of art!  Nothing makes a persons spirit soar like "art".  I'm in awe with the talent that is available here on "Artful Gathering".  I, myself, will be taking a class or two because I find it
exciting to be taught by some of these incredible talents and it will help broaden my horizons in the ever changing world of art!

As many of you know I am teaching my first class with "Artful Gathering".  This is a new adventure for me and one that was difficult at first.  Sometimes we just don't think about what we do as artists because it comes so natural....but when we have to
describe it to someone else we realize how complicated it can be and tough to explain.  I can't tell you how many times Dan yelled "CUT" as he was filming because I forgot to explain what I was doing LOL....

My class, "Miss Mousie Pin Keep", will be in 'session two" which starts in July.  I can't believe the response I have already received and how many have signed up.  This is one of the most exciting adventures I have had in this world of art and one I hope to continue.   If anyone has questions you can always email me at: softinthehead@gmail.com and I will be happy to help you.  I've already had some excited individuals share their pieces they will be using as the container for the class.  
I love the diversity that is happening!  If anyone would like to purchase a kit which includes everything you will need for the class except for needles, glue, container and odds and ends of paint and polish.  The kit can be purchased from my Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/softinthehead?ref=hdr

Here's to new adventures and great friends we find along our journey!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May "PFATT Marketplace"

May Is Here and So Is "The Marketplace"

"Halloween" is on the brain!  It seems every May my mind starts to think in orange and black and every character starts wearing a witches hat!  It seems I begin to smile more and I start spending more time in the workroom laughing out loud as I work!  It is no surprise that I LOVE Halloween!

This month on "The PFATT Marketplace" I have two witch mice....I love making witch mice and by the time Halloween gets here the world has acquire a rather large population of these funny little characters.  Doesn't matter how many I make no two ever look alike and they all take on their own special personality.

One of my favorite things is naming them.  It seems my family
history is quite colorful and loaded with funny eccentric names that go back hundreds of years.  So I have a plethora of choices.  This month on PFATT there is a rather matronly looking mouse, Eugenia, and a funny little gardening mouse, Ettie.  They are both loaded with personality and will fill their new homes with many smiles.

Since we are getting into the months that are filled with red, white and blue and also campaigning I thought I should add a bit of "Americana" to my
offerings this month on the "PFATT Marketplace.  Haven't made a PODD for awhile so why not a "Humpty Dumpty Humphrey PODD".  This guy is just the funniest little fella.  He looks like an egg with pudgy cheeks and a patriotic attitude! Humphrey is my first PODD with legs.  He would look great sitting on the edge of a shelf and since he is weighted he won't be falling anytime soon.  He truly is adorable and sits approximately 12" tall.

Many times I have wanted to create something that is just different and a bit outside the "Soft in the Head" box.
I love going back to my primitive roots once in awhile and create something a bit more on the extreme side....I did it this month on PFATT.  Here is "Miss Liberty".  She is very prim with a stitched face, nails for her crown and a rusty key for her nose.  Of course I had to add my "Soft in the Head" trademark, a mouse!   I love how this little lady turned out. 
Click here to: PFATT Marketplace

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Big Changes and New Adventures

New Shows and Adventures.....
Halloween and Vine
Change is tough, change is difficult but with change comes adventure and all kinds of new experiences.  To give up doing "Ghoultide Gatherings" after 7 years was one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make in a very long time.  I wasn't just giving up a show I was giving up a huge part on my yearly income, amazing friends and collectors that traveled every year to see me and add a new "softee" to their collection.  I had every intention continuing with
"Ghoultide" this year but after Dan's knee surgery and my on going battles with walking realty slapped me along side the head and said "NO MORE"!  I had no idea how I was going to make up the huge hole in my income and continue to get my Halloween fix....then I got a message.  "Halloween and Vine" invited me to be a part of their incredibly
established Halloween show.  Not only will I be able to drive there but Dan's family is 45 minutes away from the show.  I will finally get to meet artists that I have only known online...this is EXCITNG!  I have always believed that when a door closes a window opens and mine surely has! 

Not only will I be doing "Halloween and Vine" but there is a wonderful Halloween show 20 minutes from me in Bothell, Wa.
that I will also be a part of this year and that is "Hallowbaloo".  I went to "Hallowbaloo" last year as a customer and was impressed and amazed at the talent I saw there...not only that but the friendliness and warmth displayed by all involved was contagious.  Very excited to be a part of this group as well  and the fact that it is so close is a real perk.

Life is a myriad of paths leading us on such an adventure if we let it.   I never dreamed 20+ years ago that I would be creating funny

little characters that would bring so many smiles and happiness to others or much less make a living at it.  I never considered myself much of an artist, just someone with a vivid imagination, and now anything goes!  Never count yourself out of anything, always believe in the magic of possibilities.  "Ghoultide Gatherings" was an amazing experience and I take away so many life lessons and fond memories from there but now it is time, even at 65 years of age, to grab on with both hands and enjoy the ride into many new adventures and make more memories!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Spreading My Wings and Teaching"

 "Artful Gatherings" has been gracious enough to give me this amazing opportunity to actually teach an online class.  I have been asked by many followers of "Soft in the Head" to teach a mouse class and have been to insecure to give it much thought but I want to give a HUGE shout out to Zinnia Galliher for believing in me
and helping me to make this happen.  

It's quite daunting to be among these incredibly talented artists who are sharing their gifts with everyone.  I find myself wanting to take a few of the classes being offered.  Many different mediums and techniques, something for everyone and taught by the best.  

I will have kits available for my class which will make it even easier for the beginners.  Can't wait to meet and make new friends.  Thank you "Artful Gatherings"!   To find out more about this class and others just click here:  "Artful Gatherings"