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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our New Life in Washington....

The Beginning.....
Dan and I have almost completed our long exhausting move to our new home in Washington State.  At one point it seemed like the exhaustion and drama that goes with moving would never end.  This is one time that hard work and tenacity seriously paid off on many levels.  Through all this we have made some of the richest and best friendships that anyone could ever ask for.  We also found the true meaning behind family....What began as an uphill battle turned into making some fond and emotional memories.  Our new home has become more than we could have hope for and continues to enrich us with the feelings of family and friends.

Mothers Day has always been a tough holiday for me since our children are scattered over this calls and skype can only do so much but never replace a good old fashion hug.  This Mothers Day was spent in our new home surrounded with friends, friends I have known for 50 plus years and others that I watched come into this world and grow into adulthood.  I received Mothers Day gifts and cards like I was a part of this amazing family and tears shined bright on these old
cheeks.  It has been a long time since I felt so complete and loved like this and I would go through everything again to get to this point.  There is NEVER a  greater feeling in the world than that of acceptance and love.

My dearest friend Rennie, who is now our landlord so to speak, has done everything to make our lives more comfortable and to make this new chapter a blessed one.  Since my

mobility is severely compromised she goes out of her way to make sure I have a beautiful courtyard to enjoy and surround me with all the things that only nature can provide knowing that nature is my sidekick as I go through this life.  I really have missed playing in the dirt and helping things grow now I will enjoy it through my large windows in my livingroom.  Seamus has made his home in front of one of the windows on my old antique trunk,  He is often amused with the antics of the local squirrels and chatters away at our feathered friends.

Figuring out how to utilize our smaller space has been challenging but fun....with Dan's and Rennie's help I have managed to get things placed, built and filled with very little stress.  We still have a ways to go since the garage still has many boxes and totes stacked but it will eventually come together (I hope).  We actually built Dan his own little space using book cases.  He has his own computer cubicle and also a place for his music equipment....and he was afraid I was
going to ban him to the garage!   The livingroom is small and our HUGE new recliners take up most of the room but boy are they comfy!  Since going out rarely happens it's nice to have a large screen TV to watch movies and our favorite shows.  Of course it wouldn't be complete without the NFL Ticket from Direct TV, some things will never change with Dan LOL! 

We've already had friends over being
something Dan and I rarely did in Virginia.  Here in Washington I have many old acquaintances from my much younger years and I have many new artist friends.  My dear friend Johanna Parker's mom and dad live 15 mins from us and Dan and I are looking forward to getting together with Johanna and hubby JP this September when she is here for a show.  I've been warmly accepted into the art community here and can't wait to have brunch with a few and meeting others for the first time.  Life is definitely being
kind and the "Powers that Be" are blessing Dan and I with such love and kindness....the biggest gift so far is that Dan is doing great.  His health seems to be rebounding and flourishing here!  Everyday I say a silent thank you....He is already making plans to scout out the rivers with his fly rod and enjoy what nature has to offer! Some of my East Coast friends have begun  making plans for a visit and I couldn't be happier.  I guess good things do come to those that are patient....I am so thankful and truly blessed! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

PFATT Marketplace for May.....

 PFATT Marketplace for May.........

As many of you know this has been quite a month for Dan and I and our cat-lets Seamus and Issa.... We have moved back to our beloved Northwest after nearly 30 years.  We are so happy that this has happened and this will be my first PFATT Marketplace from here on the west coast!   To celebrate I'm offering my "Franklin" mouse that was featured this month in "Prims" magazine.  He is one of my favorite Americana pieces and also comes with the vintage child's drum.

Also this month on the Marketplace I will have my newest little witch mouse for Willow Pickergill.  She is a free standing mouse and can be easily posed especially with her broom!  She just passed her flying lessons and is anxious to take off into the night skies!

Also this month I have a real sweet treat....a strawberry PODD named "Shortcake Mc PODD.  This little lady was so much fun to create and just makes me smile everytime I look at her.

I found the fabric in a small out of the way store and created the character using the fabric as my inspiration....just love how she turned out.

Since Memorial Day is right around the corner I wanted to add even more Americana to my selection this month on the Marketplace..... I would like you to meet my new chick Samuel Chicklet.  I love his tricorn hat and the ruffles at his neck.   The box he is perched on top of can be used for buttons, pins or even spare change, Samuel is quite acceptable to just about anything.  Hope you will come over to the PFATT Marketplace and visit and possibly even adopt one of my humble little characters to come live at your home!  Happy Mother's Day and Blessed Be!
click here: PFATT Marketplace


Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Journey

How many times do we wake up in the morning and just take the day for granted....we look around ourselves maybe shrug our shoulders and get on with our day. Over the years I have made a deal with myself that before I close my eyes at night I say a simple thank you to the "Powers that Be"...a gentle reminder to myself that life should never be taken for granted, any form of it!  Even with the tough year that Dan and I have had personally dealing with health issues and insurance,  it doesn't even come close to what some of those close to me have had to endure and live with.  As I skim thru my Facebook Feed I see posts of loss,
disaster and hurt from people that I meet and greet here everyday. 

Dan and I were given an amazing opportunity opportunity that will possibily give us a new lease on life and a chance to have family and friends close by.  We're moving to Washington State.  This is scary but yet filled with excitement and anticipation since Washington was where I spent most of my teenage years and is deeply settled in my heart.  We leave April 18th with our little fur buddies Seamus and Issa while our belongings will begin their trek across the country.  This is where I say "AMEN and Thank God for Family"....Dan's brother and brother in law are flying to Virginia to
drive the truck and tow our car 3000 miles to Washington while Dan and I will be sitting in first class and flying there.  

The packing and preparing for this event has been daunting and filled with frustration for both Dan and I since neither of us function at 100% anymore.  I spend more time in a wheelchair than I do standing and Dan can only do 15 mins. of work before he has to sit for 15 mins.  Even though all of this has been difficult it did bring some mighty big angels into our lives.  

A year ago I had the extreme honor of meeting two of the most incredible women, Subrina and Wendy.  They not only became my housekeepers but they became my dear, dear friends.  They have given me so much of their precious time to make this move happen,
they're packing maniacs!  Also through everything there came yet another angel from Richmond, Va.  A Facebook friend that I had known for sometime decided to make the four hour drive to our house to
help....enter Catherine!   An incredible soul with a smile that goes on
forever and kindness that knows no bounds.  She made this trip not just once but twice and took a huge truckload of items to an auction house for us! We are so blessed to have these women in our lives.

We are off like a prom dress on our new adventure.  It's a bit bittersweet and yet exciting.  Through this experience I have been gifted with the knowledge I am never alone and have tremendous and caring people in my life.  Thank you Chris for our visit, to long in coming, and the thoughtful and cherished gifts that I will take with me, you are one talented lady!  Also to Sharon for the little monkey that will always bring a smile to my face and a memory of you!  

 It's truly important for each and every one of us the be thankful for what we have regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem at the is blazing with possibilities, colors, stories and new beginnings!  Be accepting,  tolerant and loving because with those three important gifts comes a plethora of adventures and new friendships.....


Friday, April 3, 2015

Remembering Laughter at Easter.....

"The Eggs and I"
As spring begins to start "hopping" into our lives I begin to think back at all the springtime memories I had as a child and also of those I have of our own kids when they were young.  A smile creeps across this weathered face with a small sense of relief knowing that our kids were nothing like their mother and that their Easter shenanigans were mild in comparison!   Needless to say I had quite a wild streak when I was young and loved to play practical jokes.  
Every year we celebrated Easter in Malibu, Ca. and attended the annual Easter egg hunt there.  My mom was a huge contributor of colored eggs for this event.  Of course, my brother and myself were volunteered to help with the coloring of the eggs.  As I kicked and squealed at the thought of spending one of my adventurous and sunny days inside coloring eggs I began to form a plan.  What "if" I colored fresh eggs instead of boiled? it!  The funniest part to this plan was that after the egg hunt the older boys always had their annual egg on the head bashing event, stupid
boys!  Now fresh eggs would definitely make this event more interesting and it did.  Seeing the shocked expressions on their faces as liquid goo dripped down their shoulders and stuck in their hair was more than any seven year old girl could ask for!  My belly laugh could be heard throughout the park and eventually the jig was up and I was running for my life as the boys screamed my name and ran in pursuit!  Good thing I was a champion tree climber, even in a dress!   Granted, spending my Easter stuck up in a tree with eggs being thrown at me was not my finest hour but I would do it all again just to see the looks on those faces when the raw eggs made contact!  

Have an incredible Easter Everyone....Many Blessings to All!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Imagination Keeps Me Young......

Unlocking the Magic......
When we're young it seems that all things are possible.  We have that special childhood power that keeps all the monsters under the bed, nightmares end with the rising of the sun and we think everyday smells like pancakes on Sunday.    We like to surround ourselves with the stories of enchanted forests, shimmering faeries and magical elves because as a child we are eternal optimists in a sea of doubt and these little characters are able to take us on many magical adventures without even leaving our backyards

When I was a kid my dad and I shared a fondness for the outdoors, especially the garden.  Many times I would sit in an old apple tree and watch my dad spend countless hours turning the soil and navigating streams of water down each row. He was amazing at finding something magical in the simplest of a knot hole in a tree or an abandoned gopher hole. 
He loved to make up stories that would involve these special places creating all kinds of characters who lived there.  I used to get teased because for the longest time I thought that our tomatoes were actually grown by a family of badgers that my Dad had told me lived at the edge of the garden.  It had to be true cause my Dad said it was.....
He also convinced me that his pet pig, Geoff, (yes, he actually had a pig named Geoff) was a King from another land who was hiding from an evil wizard so he was a pig during the day and a handsome King at night.  Yep, you guessed it I camped out at the barn to watch him change but always fell asleep before it happened....As you probably have guessed I was quite the gullible child but was never lacking when it came to my imagination!

Daydreaming was a constant companion and with my Dad's help we found many uses for those day dreams.  We would build Faerie houses!  Much to my Mom's dismay dirt and I were the best of friends and spending all day digging in it was heaven to me.  I remember building mounds of dirt with tunnels and twig porches and wooden doors.  Dad would use his hoe and sculpt a winding brook to run past our little houses.  We spent hours building pebble fences and planting flowers around our Faerie houses....they were good times! 

Life was not always a walk in the park and like all families we had our ups and downs....but I choose to only remember the happy times and the time I spent with my Dad in his beloved garden were some of my happiest.  I contribute my vivid imagination to all those "garden story times" we had so many years ago.  I still build Faerie houses and with each twig and pebble I use I smile and remember the apple tree, tomatoes grown by badgers,  my Dad and Geoff the Swine King!