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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Pieces Being Added to the Shop

"The Season of the Mouse"
It's the beginning of that special season where people seem to get a bit nicer and red and green saturate the scenery, it's Christmas!  My first Christmas was a HUGE success selling out in almost 10
minutes, thank you!  I had many unfinished pieces that were shouting to be completed so they too could find a home.  I will be adding Christmas characters to my shop through Dec. 12th. 
Today this sweet little pipe organ music box will be added.  The music box play "Ava Maria" and I think is perfect for a couple of little angel mice.
There will also be a sledding mouse who loves dashing down the slopes and my first mouse
ornament, a little mouse nestled inside Frosty's hat.  I also will have my first Mouse candy container.  
T truly love making these quaint and funny little characters and have many different styles. 
Hope you visit my Christmas shop and see what is new.... softeessellingshop.blogspot.com    These are on a first come first serve basis and orders will not be taken.  Use the "paypal buttons" provided for purchase.   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and ALL!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Soft in the Head Annual Christmas Sale

"We're Having A Mouse Sale"

Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to cancel my local Christmas show which was to be all about my "mice" soooo we here at "Soft in the Head" are going to have a Christmas "Mouse" sale here online.  SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Sunday,  November 18th
4pm PST-7pm EST!
There will be mostly Christmas mice dressed as
Carolers, Santas and Snowmen but there will also be a few other funny Christmas characters too!  All the pieces are "one of a kind" and cannot be ordered once they are gone...often I add pieces to
them I cannot replace like a miniature plate with cookies or a vintage sleigh so orders are not possible.  I hope you will mark the date and visit: www.softeessellingshop.blogspot.com on Sunday, November 18th

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Soft in the Head Halloween Sale

"It's Tyme"

It is once again that tyme of year for my annual Halloween sale.  This year will be smaller than most since I am focusing more on me instead of sewing 24/7.  My show was great with very few
pieces left so I am finishing up on all those partially finished pieces and eliminating random body parts that are laying EVERYWHERE LOL
I hope you will take a few minutes Oct 4th. at 5pm PST and 8pm EST to stop by and maybe give one of my characters a place that they can hang
their Halloween hat.  I do love Halloween but Christmas is now calling my name.
Here's the link to my shoppe where the sale will be: www.softeessellingshop.blogspot.com

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Headed to "A Bewitching Feté"

"And We're Off"

It was a rough start getting ready for this show, so
many obstacles and curve balls thrown our way but we managed to pull it together and get a car load of characters together for "A Bewitching Feté".  There are some new faces this year in the "Soft in the Head" taxi and we're sure hoping they will be well
received.  Since my arthritis has decided to go to the "darkside" mass sewing is becoming a thing of the past and maybe even shows, for me, will too....we'll see.
The mice are chattering and the witches are
casting spells right and left and I even hear an argument about who is wearing the best hat, some things never change in this little band of misfits.  The pumpkin characters are new this year though they are from an older design I did nine years ago, an old codger name "Boo Trick'em".  I thought I would change him up a bit and add some
legs and that is how the new pumpkin-headed tribe began.  I must admit I am a bit partial to the white heads though, they just have a certain cuteness about them.  I scored a bunch of mini mache pumpkins a couple of years ago and they just fit in so nicely with this new design and
even with a few other funny characters.  Halloween is just so much fun!
Dan and I love to travel and the trip down south to California is always one we look forward to.  We will see old friends and spend time with family and get to do an amazing Halloween show too.  "A Bewitching Feté" is different from
other shows I have done.  This one has a cast of artists like I have never seen...the assortment is brilliant.  There is oddities and curiosities dashed with a dose of childhood wonder and cuteness.  I think a bit of something for everyone.  Then you throw in a night of wine tasting and appetizers (Friday night) and you have "trick or treating" for adults!  We're really looking forward to this.  This will be our second year at this show and if it is as good as last year we will be more than pleased...I will be buying those cruise tickets I want LOL   I truly hope to see you at this wonderful Halloween event...for information go to: www.abewitchingfete.com

Friday, August 10, 2018

"This Month on PFATT"
This month on PFATT it is all about Halloween, in fact it is going to be all about Halloween from here on out.  Since my summer has been full of traveling and fun it is time for me to crack down and get to work since I do have a show in a month.  Before I know it "A Bewitching Feté" will be here and it would be very sad indeed to have nothing to bring.
Witches of all sizes and colors are on the agenda this year and I
can't wait to get started.  Of course the forever popular mice will be there too but this year I hope to have something a bit different too.  You all will have to wait to see what it is but I must admit I'm excited to give it a whirl.  Be sure to check out the "Bewitching Feté" website, there is going to be so many incredible artists there, some I will be meeting for the first time and others I have known throughout my artful journey.  I can't wait!
Be sure to check out the PFATT marketplace this month.  Everyone is getting their Halloween groove on and the folk art is stellar!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


It's Christmas in July on the PFATT Marketplace!  I had so much fun coming up with these funny new characters for this month....nothing like thinking about snow in the heat of summer!

This month it is all about the "mice" and of course Santa!  I love bottle brush trees and Santa always needs to have a tree loaded with presents and toys.  This piece is pretty good size and would look good sitting in the middle of a table and since it uses batteries you can light it up anywhere.  One of these days I will keep one of these for

You can't have Christmas without at least one snowman or in this case, snow-mouse!  I almost kept this piece cause I truly love the whole snowman on the frame look...this is actually a wooden shadowbox.  I was
lucky to find a small rusty bucket, just perfect for his snowballs!

Many of you know that I LOVE re-purposing vintage/antique finds and with this piece it's an old pewter candlestick.  The candle is clay so it can't be lit but that doesn't stop this little mouse
from trying.  There is just something about red and green on a mouse that steals my heart but nothing says love like "purple"!  

Ever since I had a collector request a mouse clad in purple I have found I'm hooked with the color purple.  This little angel is standing on a purple pin cushion but she has a purple ruffled collar and lavender satin sleeves.  She is lighting the way with her candle and you know what they say about angels and bells...."every time a bell rings an angel gets her wings" well, it worked!  Lucy the angel has a nice pair of wings.  

I hope you will visit the PFATT Marketplace and see all the amazing Christmas folk art that is available for "Christmas in July"....  www.pfattmarketplace.com 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Look What's New.....

"It's June and Fun on the Marketplace"
As the weather starts to warm up my workroom starts buzzing with ideas.  Even though I'm "semi-"retired I still get to plan and design something fun every month for the PFATT Marketplace.  This month it's all kinds of silly starting with my "Worm" pin-keep!  I just love creating pin-keeps!  They're like creating a story in cloth!  This one is exactly what I'm talking about...it's a story
in a tin bucket, made of cloth and yet will be a great place to stick your straight pins. 

Next is another character I enjoy creating, my sleeping mouse.  I have three sizes of this mouse since I started designing it years and years ago.  This particular one is the largest of the group.  She is sound
asleep on top of her spell and potion book.  This piece turned out beautiful and I'm almost tempted to keep it LOL. 

About a month or so ago I finished a custom order of faerie mice, lots and lots of faerie mice.  I had so much fun filling that order that I decided to make another one for this month's Marketplace.  Meet "Marvel the Faerie".  I love purple and nothing makes a better faerie
than purple, right?  LOL  

This definitely is a month of mice cause here's yet another one for the PFATT Marketplace...this is a little "spice witch" named Gretchen!  There is such a collection of old spice cans around here that I just figured it was time to use them, perfect for this little lady.  

All in all I had fun this month creating, kinda like this semi-retired thing, no pressure and I create what I love.  I have been working on Halloween for my next show but I do what I can when I can and feel great about it and I leave time to do some traveling with Dan.  We have so many plans for this next year. 
Don't forget to pay PFATT a visit, the artists have out done themselves this month....

Monday, May 14, 2018

Classes Start June 6th...Sign Up Now!

  Learn How to Make
   Your own PODD!
(Portly Original Designer Doll)

Meet "Hop-A-Long Bunny a tough hombre from the wild west!   Learn how to mix mediums to get his round body,  pudgy cheeks, floppy ears and fuzzy chaps.  This guy will become your new best friend and open the door to a whole new world of doll making.  How you wonder?  It's easy, just sign-up on "Artful Gathering" the best online tutorial

venue out there... The doors have opened for sign-ups and classes start June 6th. This will be my 3rd year as an instructor for "Artful Gathering" and each year it gets better and better.  They make this an outstanding event for one and all.  Please check out all the amazing classes being offered.  I'm even taking a couple myself.  

"Artful Gathering" is quite an experience not just for the student but also for the instructors.  I've made some wonderful lasting friendships from my classes.  Stop by for a visit: www.artfulgatheringevents.com

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Welcome to My New Tutorial....

"Artful Gathering's New Season"
A new season of "Artful Gathering" starts today, May 1st, and this will be my 3rd year as an instructor.  This year will be extra special because I will be offering a workshop teaching how to make my very popular PODD doll.  The PODD's have been a staple of "Soft in the Head" for almost 15 years and only available as a finished piece, NOW for
the first time I'm offering it, not only as a pattern, but I will also show you all my secrets on how to create one of your own.   All the PODD's (which stands for PORTLY ORIGINAL DESIGNER DOLL) characters are made from the same basic body design and then you get to spin your magic to discover what creature lies inside by using clay, fabric, roving, wool felt and a whole bunch of odds and ends.  To get a good idea of what I'm
talking about visit: www.softinthehead-poddsville.blogspot.com and get to know all the residents there.  You will see that they all have the same body but that's where it ends.

This year in "Artful Gathering" the theme is the wild west.  The best way to introduce the wild west is with a cowboy, a cowboy bunny named "Hop-A-Long"!
There will be a kit available for those taking my class.  You will find it in my Etsy shop.  The kit will have all the fabrics you will need, which there is about six different ones and all the accents like buttons, hair, whiskers, lasso and feather.
Hope to meet many new artists this year in my PODD class.  The workshops are always so much fun and it's exciting to see what everyone comes up with.  Love sharing all the pictures.  Come join the fun: www.artfulgatheringevents.com

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Changes of Life.....

"And Spring Begins"

As I stand outside and look through the old wood gate my mind begins to drift...Dan and I have been here going on our 3rd year.  Funny how life keeps changing around us but yet we still feel the same as we did many years ago.  I look in the mirror and wonder who that person is staring back at me, I just don't recognize her anymore.  The face looks
much wiser than I remember, a whole lot older but wiser.  The wrinkles are trying to take over but the smile that seems to dominate that face keeps those wrinkles at bay.  The quote from Abraham Lincoln comes to mind as I look at the reflection in the mirror "And in the end it is not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years".....and Dan and I have had a lot of life!

Standing and looking out over this old gate it's easy to remember what everything will look like in just a few months.  Buds are already popping
out everywhere and the trees are starting to hang heavy with them.  The colors will be pouring out of flower boxes and pots plus the smells will be heavenly.  Right now it looks sad.... 

Spring is such an amazing time of year, it's the birth and beginning for just about everything.  As we
drive to town we see the new lambs and calves playing in the fields.  Garage sale signs are popping up everywhere as everyone gets into the "Spring Cleaning" mode.  The eagles are building their nest and soon we will have another bunch of eaglets forging for food and
diving into our pond after a tasty morsel.  The snow geese are everywhere right now and you can see them pairing off and
looking for possible nesting areas.  
Country life is the best, even the smell from the local dairies don't seem to bother me.  
When spring is here you will find me in my humble little "porch" garden planting my sprigs of herbs and veggies and re-potting last years
geraniums.  It may be getting more difficult for me to get out and dig in the dirt to plant my garden so knowing that my neighbors down the road always have a well stocked vegetable stand is nice.  The bird feeders will get hung in front of the window to give Sammy and Issa something to fuss over and so I can enjoy the plethora of color that comes and goes and our squirrels will return to torment poor Sammy which is always fun....WELCOME SPRING we have missed you!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Back into the Workroom again...

"Getting Back into the Swing"
I'm finally getting back into my workroom and trying to sew.  I've taken the last couple of months off to go to Australia and also to deal with a death in my immediate family.  Grief is extremely crippling but work is also good therapy.
This month on the PFATT Marketplace I have so new pieces, old designs but new pieces.  It was good to go back to creating old friends since my brain is still a bit foggy with grief.  I have always found making mice comforting so this month I have some Valentine Mice to offer.  
Sweet Adeline is one of my favorites, probably because of the fabric, fell in love with it when I saw it.  The "twins" as I like to call them, make a great shelf sitter because they
are the perfect size and the bucket is so cute.
Spring is on everyone's mind right about now so I had to create a few bunnies.  These were a popular design last year so I thought it would be a nice to bring them back.  Each one is holding a special egg they have been working on.  They are great and funny Easter additions. 
This has been good for me to get back into
the workroom and in time, maybe I will learn
to laugh like I use too.  I truly miss David, and will always keep him close to my heart.
Enjoy PFATT everyone, we have some outstanding artists and they have outdone themselves this month!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

YES....Those Dreams Do Come True!

                                "We're Here!"

Anyone that knows me knows that I am blubbering like a complete and total buffoon as I write this.  The hardest part of parenting for Dan and I has been raising three, extremely, diverse and talented kids.  Each had wanderlust in their veins and an incredible uniqueness that has often left Dan and I alone during the holidays and to not have the convenience of extended family close by or to

watch our grand children grow-up.  As difficult as it is I wouldn't change a thing.  Our kids are amazing, each one!  They are good, caring and intelligent individuals with a heart full of empathy, compassion and love with a desire to make our world a better place for one and all.  They have NEVER seen color, religion or lifestyles as an obstacle to becoming friends or family....they are better people than their parents and that is, in itself the greatest gift
any child can give a parent because it makes you realize you did good!   

This is the first time in 11 years I have seen our grandkids...Abby is almost 13, Rohan 11 and Eli turned 10 today.  Australia is their home and what a home it is.  These three are beautiful, thoughtful and loving little souls and not to mention talented.  We were gifted with a concert from our granddaughter last night that just made Dan and weep with joy.  She has just been signed to a radio station down here that will be promoting her throughout Australia as the new and upcoming star.  This is HUGE!  We couldn't be
prouder...she is one of the most humble souls I have ever known, extremely well grounded and mature beyond her years.  

I have been afraid of flying for many years and with my health being so bad it made it almost impossible.  Since our move to Wa. life has become incredible....I have a new outlook re:
priorities and that includes people.  Family is first and then everything else.  I once thought "Soft in the Head" was more important than just about anything but now i find it's just my job and life is my bliss instead of the other way around.  This mind-set has also helped me become an even better artist.  The day I received my passport was the beginning to many new and exciting adventures for this old lady!  Flying is still tough but I love the idea of new and exciting countries and experiences....no wonder our
kids became world travelers!

To be here with my family is the BEST birthday and Christmas gift I could ever receive.  I've already seen the Sydney Opera House which is beyond description and gave me chills to see it!   I get to see the Harbor Bridge light up on New Years in person and not on television.  I get to see how the Aussies do Christmas, considering it is smack dab in the middle of summer here LOL   WE GET TO BE WITH OUR GRANDKIDS!

Today we celebrate Eli's birthday, yesterday was mine, looks like cake and some shopping today after school...Dan and I couldn't be happier!  Thank you one and all for your love, support and encouragement!  We really are truly BLESSED!!!!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Dreams Do Come True!

"Dreams Do Come True"
Well, the day is almost here, we're leaving for Australia.  A couple of years ago I was moving back to my childhood surroundings and thinking that if I could just get around without this chair or walker  life would be complete....I think the "Powers that Be" had other ideas.  Not only is the chair and walker gone but my life, our lives (Dan and I) have become so blessed!  I thought when I left Ghoultide and the East coast art world that it was time to say "good-bye" to "Soft in the Head" but the complete opposite has
happened, business is better than I ever imagined and the support, love and friendship I have found here out west just takes my breath away!  Now we're going to Australia!  I get to spend Christmas with my son, his wife and our three adorable grandkids.  We've
never met the youngest, Eli, in person and haven't seen Abby and Rohan since Abby was 2 and Rohan a baby.   Everytime we talk about our trip both Dan and I get a wee bit teary....Family is so important and with ours it is everything.  We raised our kids to be free spirits but never dreamed that would include living all over the world.  This Christmas is Australia, next year China? 
Dan has decided we are going to start traveling more and more
since now I can walk.  We have plans for Ireland, China and a cruise to Alaska for starters.  I love having a passport, now I want to fill it with stamps!  We're hoping to see our other grandkids, Jude, Ethan and Grayson, this spring.  We've spent many Christmas' with them and now that everyone has decided to "grow" it's very important to make the time to see each other, besides I really miss my daughter and our shopping excursions and watching her master the kitchen (I hate to cook).  I keep telling myself that they will always be little and cuddly but life has other plans as they are beginning to be taller than their mom!   
Christmastime truly brings out that special bond with family even more....I blame Santa LOL that's why I married him cause then it makes it Christmastime all the time!  Dan really loves being Santa and our grandkids love that he looks like Santa LOL   How did I get so lucky to have this man in my life?
"Soft in the Head" has closed its shoppe till I get back in January.  I
can't believe how successful it has been.  Thank you to all the wonderful followers/collectors for believing in my work and making "Soft in the Head" part of your Christmas!  This was my best year to date!    I was blessed with so many new collectors and even some live right here in Washington.  One I met many years ago at Ghoultide and now she is practically a neighbor LOL. 
Life really is a funny thing and if we just dive into it with a happy
and kind heart it will show you some amazing things.  I feel reborn
once I let go of the toxic people in my life and all the "cut-throat" behavior that seems to reside in the art world.  I made it...I made it on my own without ever using someone else to open doors for me and I
am a richer person because of it.  Karma is my friend!  
We want to wish all of you a VERY Merry Christmas and an incredible 2018.  Be kind to one another even if it hurts LOL  Let's all embrace this gift called life and spread its happiness with a smile!  Peace out!