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Sunday, December 3, 2017

YES....Those Dreams Do Come True!

                                "We're Here!"

Anyone that knows me knows that I am blubbering like a complete and total buffoon as I write this.  The hardest part of parenting for Dan and I has been raising three, extremely, diverse and talented kids.  Each had wanderlust in their veins and an incredible uniqueness that has often left Dan and I alone during the holidays and to not have the convenience of extended family close by or to

watch our grand children grow-up.  As difficult as it is I wouldn't change a thing.  Our kids are amazing, each one!  They are good, caring and intelligent individuals with a heart full of empathy, compassion and love with a desire to make our world a better place for one and all.  They have NEVER seen color, religion or lifestyles as an obstacle to becoming friends or family....they are better people than their parents and that is, in itself the greatest gift
any child can give a parent because it makes you realize you did good!   

This is the first time in 11 years I have seen our grandkids...Abby is almost 13, Rohan 11 and Eli turned 10 today.  Australia is their home and what a home it is.  These three are beautiful, thoughtful and loving little souls and not to mention talented.  We were gifted with a concert from our granddaughter last night that just made Dan and weep with joy.  She has just been signed to a radio station down here that will be promoting her throughout Australia as the new and upcoming star.  This is HUGE!  We couldn't be
prouder...she is one of the most humble souls I have ever known, extremely well grounded and mature beyond her years.  

I have been afraid of flying for many years and with my health being so bad it made it almost impossible.  Since our move to Wa. life has become incredible....I have a new outlook re:
priorities and that includes people.  Family is first and then everything else.  I once thought "Soft in the Head" was more important than just about anything but now i find it's just my job and life is my bliss instead of the other way around.  This mind-set has also helped me become an even better artist.  The day I received my passport was the beginning to many new and exciting adventures for this old lady!  Flying is still tough but I love the idea of new and exciting countries and experiences....no wonder our
kids became world travelers!

To be here with my family is the BEST birthday and Christmas gift I could ever receive.  I've already seen the Sydney Opera House which is beyond description and gave me chills to see it!   I get to see the Harbor Bridge light up on New Years in person and not on television.  I get to see how the Aussies do Christmas, considering it is smack dab in the middle of summer here LOL   WE GET TO BE WITH OUR GRANDKIDS!

Today we celebrate Eli's birthday, yesterday was mine, looks like cake and some shopping today after school...Dan and I couldn't be happier!  Thank you one and all for your love, support and encouragement!  We really are truly BLESSED!!!!!

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