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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"We're on the Road"

"Chaos and Creativity"
It's here!  Showtime!  I remember many years back Dan and I use to hit the show season with a vengeance and do anywhere from 10-30 shows a year.  Now, we are down to just one show..."A Bewitching Feté" in Pleasanton, Ca.   This is the first year for this show but what makes it so incredibly special is the amazing line-up of artists that will be there and not to mention it is in the quaint rustic town of Pleasanton.  I'm beyond thrilled that I have been asked and included to be a part of this and will
be debuting some new and different work for "Soft in the Head".  I use to work myself silly building inventory but this year I went with a much slower pace.  Having Dan get so ill, of course, helped with that but nonetheless I did more of what I enjoy doing than what I think I should be doing.   
A few years ago I acquired this antique wooden doll mannequin.  It sat on my worktable gathering cinnamon dust and Lord knows
what else when I decided I needed to add a head, then a wire skirt and a couple of tacked on wings and before I knew it I had this amazing raven witch!  I had no idea what I was doing at the time but I sure loved what was  taking shape.  I put her up for sale and she went to a brand new collector, I was hooked!  I've done clay ravens for years but this was different, I pushed myself to try different and different
worked!  I will have new and different at my upcoming show, I hope it will be well received.   I've never been one to surf the internet for ideas and I can't even tell you the last time I was on Pinterest. 
I strive to be different and I think
I've really done it this year.  I'm still hooked on orange and black as you can see by the picture above but those colors will always symbolize Halloween to me and besides I love them!  Working with vintage and antique odds and ends is something I
will never change.  I love using silver (real silver) vintage and tarnished goblets, old sugar bowls and creamers and a rusty clock or two.  This year the pin keeps are  big in my inventory and some little casket sewing kits.

I'll still have my all time favorites

at the show, like my "Softwick" witches, the sleeping mice and my clocks.....I never come home with a clock!  All in all I think this will be a wonderful trip and show.  The best part is seeing old friends and collectors and making new friends and collectors....So we're off, wish us luck and if you're in the area of Pleasanton, CA Sept 22-23 PLEASE stop by
and say hello! to Dan and I, we would love it!