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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Change is TOUGH!

"Times, They Are Changing"
Most of us never care much for change cause as we get older we get set in our ways and comfortable, change just mucks it up.   After moving to Washington state  I thought that, just  maybe, we were finished with any other BIG changes and I could learn to be bored LOL.....not so lucky.  The change that is affecting us now is not a good one and is taking all of my time to learn to live with it.  Illness does this, it comes unexpectedly and then begins taking all your time which changes everything and making plans becomes impossible.
One of the biggest changes, for now, is that I will not be able to teach my Fall class for "Artful Gathering".  This was not an easy decision since I love teaching and have had such a great experience doing it.  Cristina Galliher, owner of "Artful Gathering" has been such a guiding spirit in my life which makes not doing
this class even more heart wrenching BUT I will be back next summer for the new season of "Artful Gathering".  For now I will continue to play in my small vegetable garden gathering my Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green beans, zucchini squash and snap peas.  Nothing makes my spirit sing like growing
my own food.  My tomatoes are show worthy and so yummy.  The cherry tomatoes rarely make it back into the house as I stuff
them in my pocket and munch on them the whole time I'm outside watering.   

I've also gotten into the picking the wild black berries that seem to be "everywhere".  I think Dan is getting tired of blackberry cobbler, blackberry pie, blackberry jam and blackberry muffins...but in my defense "blackberries are REALLY good"!
"Soft in the Head" is still planning on being in Pleasanton, California Sept. 22 and 23 for "A Bewitching Feté"....my inventory will be low but I have some of the best work I have ever done ready for this show.  After viewing the line-up of artists
that will be there, many I have only admired through magazines and seeing their work in stores, I'm getting very excited.  

I'm not on Facebook/Instagram very often anymore and I'm missing birthdays, anniversaries, special times in the lives of my online
friends, please forgive me and know I will return one day, soon I hope.   I think of everyone of you often but for now I'm needed here.  I will drop a blog post once a week and continue to bore everyone with pictures of the cutest cat in the world, our Sammy.....
Take care one and ALL!   


Janie said...

Pam, I'm not sure what is going on, but I have picked up that Dan is sick. I hope and pray for you both that he gets through or adapts as needed so that you both can continue to enjoy your life in your new place.

Best to you both!

Janie Parsons

Deb Clandening said...

Best wishes I hope your Dan feels better soon. Lovely Lovely blog

Susan Krichbaum said...

Wishing you and Dan the strength and faith you need to move through this phase.
We have recently moved my daughter back home with us so we can help her in her battle with Crohn's Disease. It's a hard balance, but somewhere deep inside the spirit finds it's way and leads you on a healing path.

Love and light to you and your family.