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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My "Humble" Garden....

"My "Humble"Garden"
 Our home doesn't offer much in the way of a front yard, it's just a small little courtyard that is just right for Dan and I and easy enough for me to add a few flower pots here and there.  I love to
garden so I do the best I can with what I have to work with.  Surrounding us we have acres of flowering azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, roses, irises and wisteria....a virtual English garden everywhere you look but my courtyard is my little
slice of heaven and I love it, so do our birds,  squirrels and bunnies and other residents of nature.   Our two cats are always entertained by the neighborhood
wildlife that often visit 

to see what our courtyard might have in the way of something delicious to nibble on or to take back to their nests.  We even occasionally have a heron plop into our small pond looking for a snack, but the goldfish are to smart and dart into their little
shack under the water out of harms way.  All in all it's nice to have something that I can putter around in the morning and evening, I've always loved growing things.   Back when the kids were growing up in the Bay Area our backyard was a
rather small 18' x 14' slab of concrete with an old distressed but quaint wooden fence.  I use to bring home all the "close to dead" plants we could no longer sell in the flower shop and give them a new life.  I grew veggies and flowers in boxes, buckets and pots everywhere.  The kids loved
our backyard with its fountains and flowers...we spent many days and nights there.  When you love nature you can always manage to keep it around you.  This is what I do to our little courtyard here in Washington. 
This year I'm trying to grow
tomatoes in a bag, interesting and actually seems to be working.  I also have peas growing in a box and edamame and zucchini in pots.  The squirrels managed to kill all my cucumbers and beans but so far I have been lucky with my other veggies.
One of the things that Rennie gifted me with when we moved in was a peony plant, Peonies are my favorite flower and mine is just about ready to bloom, the fragrance is heavenly and I love leaving my door open just to smell it when it is in bloom. 
I also have oregano,rosemary, two kinds of sage and three kinds of mint growing in just about everything. It seems heavenly and attracts all kinds of butterflies.  Being a part of nature is therapeutic and gives a person a true inner peace not to mention
one kick ass salad!  Sitting among all the colors and smells in the morning with a cup of coffee and a good book is pure "heaven on earth" to me.  I thank "the powers that be" everyday for our "Humble Little Garden".......

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