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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's All About Halloween Here....

"PFATT Marketplace for August"
Since last January when Dan and I took over the "PFATT Marketplace" as the owners we have tried to build it to be a place where you can find quality and diverse Folk Art....I think we have finally arrived!  This month is outstanding!  The work the artists have done is excellent and top notch.   It's emotional when you see your hard work and dreams finally come together.  We have wanted the "Marketplace" to continue to be the premier online market that it was originally back when it started 14 years ago.  It has gone from being
just about primitive work to encompass all types of wonderful Folk Art.   Our group is fun, supportive and engaging.....it's a team!
This month I have brought some new Halloween pieces to the Marketplace and one piece that trail blazed my first online class with "Artful Gathering" ....Miss Mousey Pin-Keep.  My Halloween pieces are new and interesting.  I have come up
with a new group of characters made from rusty tin cans called "Haunted Harvest" can goods.  This month everyone gets to meet my "Can Pumpkin".  There will be many different types and canned goodies in this new group of Halloween friends from "Soft in the Head".  I'm really looking forward to the witch and the mummy LOL.  Among my Halloween characters I have made a new frog.  Haven't done a frog for quite some time and thought it was time.  This gentleman is
a "Voodoo" master called "Papa Grenouille" (which is french for frog).  He was so much fun to create and I fell in love with his teeth LOL.

Last be definitely not least is my a Halloween mouse.  I love making mice and have quite a few collectors for these fun little characters.  This little lady is holding her prize pumpkin and
seems quite pleased about it.  Mice have such personality and my "free standing" mice are some of my most popular.....they come in all sizes but the taller ones seem to be in more demand.  I will never tire of creating these and bringing their personalities to life. 

It is definitely Halloween around here with body parts scattered from room to room.  I have 5 weeks until my first show, "Hallowbaloo" here in Washington and then it is on to Petaluma to "Halloween & Vine".....wish me luck!

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Constance said...

I just love your amazing art. I always enjoy every visit to your blog.
Have a wonderful week.