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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Online Class....

"My First Online Class"
Teaching my first class has been such an incredible experience.  I use to be a bit paranoid about putting myself and how I do things out there for one
and all to see.  Often we view ourselves as not being worthy
enough to have knowledge or talent that anyone would actually pay for but since Cristina Galliher approached me about doing this and gave me the support and help to guide me I have found I thoroughly enjoy it and plan on doing more in the future.  It also helps to have such a supportive and
knowledgeable husband cause frankly the camera and computer stuff is waaaay beyond me!  Dan really got into it and it was kinda sweet!   

The images I have here are from some of the amazing individuals taking my class.....especially Arlene Sander and Connie Hindmarsh!  Arlene actually took pictures as she progressed with her "pin keep".  I had to chuckle cause in some of the pictures 
Arlene has a sweet little pin-keep she purchased from me last year looking on.  Nothing makes an artists' heart warm more than to see their work displayed in such a way....thanks Arlene!
"Artful Gatherings" has opened a new door for me and one I'm so thrilled to walk through.  I agreed to
do more classes with them next year and actually I'm looking forward to it with anticipation not the fear I had this last time.  To see the creativity and imagination that comes from those taking my class has truly given me a sense of happiness that is hard to explain....There is nothing better than when "art" and "friends" come together! 


WoolenSails said...

That is a fun piece and great with a lesson to show how to put it all together.
I like the idea of making dressed mice with needle felting so need to practice more and see if i can find my own style.


Joyce Mayer said...


Is it too late to sign up for your online class? I hope I haven't missed out on this cutie mouse.


e-mail - bearsjustb-claws@charter.net

Pamela Gracia said...

The class runs thru August 26th so I think you still have plenty of time :o)