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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It's Almost Showtime!

"Almost Here"

No matter how many years go by we always tell ourselves we will be better prepared for the next year when showtime rolls around and it never fails that we aren't.  It seems the life or mind of an artist just doesn't kick in with new and innovative ideas until the pressure is on, is "panic" the trigger?  Well I'm definitely in a state
of panic! LOL
There are no movie trips, time with friends or even house cleaning.  Dan is having to do his own cooking and remind me to eat!  The biggest culprit right now in not getting things finished is my arthritis.  This old girl may be hanging up her needle and thread sooner than she thought due to this wretched disease.  
Witches and mice are still coming to life in my humble little workroom and the chatter from all the characters in my mind is on going.   
Even though Dan and I have had our share of emotional obstacles this last year, which have pushed me off my artistic path, I am still trying like crazy to build up some kind of inventory for my two upcoming shows.  Too many deaths this last year..... Losing Dan's brother this last month almost crippled both us from doing anything for a very long time.
I will miss being a part of "Ghoultide Gathering" this year but it was something that, hate to say this, at our age was becoming difficult to do with the distance.  I never dreamed that I would have
two new shows to do in its place.  New friends and collectors await!  This will be fun and exciting!  Also some other amazing doors have begun to open for "Soft in the Head" and that in itself keeps this ol' girl young at heart and filled with life!
The midnight lights will be burning for the next couple of weeks non-stop as my sewing machine hummmmms away and re-runs of Grimm and Star Trek play continuously.  
Just keep the hot tea coming and that deep sense of happiness that comes with creating something that just makes you smile!
Be sure to check out "Hallowbaloo" and "Halloween and Vine" 
See you there! 


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