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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May "PFATT Marketplace"

May Is Here and So Is "The Marketplace"

"Halloween" is on the brain!  It seems every May my mind starts to think in orange and black and every character starts wearing a witches hat!  It seems I begin to smile more and I start spending more time in the workroom laughing out loud as I work!  It is no surprise that I LOVE Halloween!

This month on "The PFATT Marketplace" I have two witch mice....I love making witch mice and by the time Halloween gets here the world has acquire a rather large population of these funny little characters.  Doesn't matter how many I make no two ever look alike and they all take on their own special personality.

One of my favorite things is naming them.  It seems my family
history is quite colorful and loaded with funny eccentric names that go back hundreds of years.  So I have a plethora of choices.  This month on PFATT there is a rather matronly looking mouse, Eugenia, and a funny little gardening mouse, Ettie.  They are both loaded with personality and will fill their new homes with many smiles.

Since we are getting into the months that are filled with red, white and blue and also campaigning I thought I should add a bit of "Americana" to my
offerings this month on the "PFATT Marketplace.  Haven't made a PODD for awhile so why not a "Humpty Dumpty Humphrey PODD".  This guy is just the funniest little fella.  He looks like an egg with pudgy cheeks and a patriotic attitude! Humphrey is my first PODD with legs.  He would look great sitting on the edge of a shelf and since he is weighted he won't be falling anytime soon.  He truly is adorable and sits approximately 12" tall.

Many times I have wanted to create something that is just different and a bit outside the "Soft in the Head" box.
I love going back to my primitive roots once in awhile and create something a bit more on the extreme side....I did it this month on PFATT.  Here is "Miss Liberty".  She is very prim with a stitched face, nails for her crown and a rusty key for her nose.  Of course I had to add my "Soft in the Head" trademark, a mouse!   I love how this little lady turned out. 
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