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Thursday, March 10, 2016

PFATT and So Much More....

"Spring is in the Air"
It has been an extremely busy couple of months around here....okay I lied!  It has been an amazing couple of months around here just being lazy and enjoying my family and friends.  After loosing a dear friend, Tammy Strum, I decided to take some much needed time to just breathe and live.  Instead of waking up and going straight to work, I woke up and read a book, fiddled around re-organizing my house and just holding dear Seamus (our cat).  Caught up on some old movies and recorded shows and went for a walk,...YEP you heard that right I went for a walk.  It wasn't a long one but I did it!  I managed a whole quarter mile before I couldn't go any further....now I am trying to do that at least 3 times a week.  

Since re-charging my batteries my creative mojo is slowly
returning.  I didn't even want to pick up a needle after Tammy passed away....the trauma of that left me crippled with grief and many other things.  The "PFATT Marketplace" has been really good for Dan and I, it not only pushes me to create but it has become
something the two of us share.  We are trying to take this wonderful site into a whole other direction with diversity and easy online shopping.  It has been baby steps and nothing comes easy but Dan is into it and I see this site becoming fun and full of incredible folk art from all different mediums soon.  We received a rather amazing gift from an anonymous benefactor that will enable us to advertise outside Facebook without any of the artists having to foot the bill...who knew such people cared enough about your success to be so generous.  Our numbers are up on the site and keep growing and this is good for everyone involved.  Dan makes sure all the artists
are kept in the loop with this....my husband rocks! 

The new "Marketplace" goes up today and we are so lucky to have fantastic "Guest Artists" that want to participate and help our site to grow...not to mention the art work that becomes available from the resident artists.  I love being an artist but I also love watching others grow and shape their creative side and imagination.  
I've been toying with the idea of retiring from creating but something inside me says "not yet".  I just finished my first instructional video and I have to say it was fun and interesting.  Of course it's true what they say the camera does add pounds, in my case quite a bit LOL but nonetheless it was an awesome experience.  "Artful Gatherings" has been wonderful and I can't wait to see where this new venture takes me.  It's truly interesting how our lives take us on these amazing adventures filled with interesting people and experiences.  Some work and some don't but if we can learn anything for all of it, nothing is in vain.   I'm a seriously enriched and blessed person, faults and all....I wouldn't change one part of my life....well maybe one thing I would have loved to have gone into space LOL....  

Check out the PFATT Marketplace for this month:  PFATT Marketplace.com


Susan Boucher said...

Is Hamlet still for sale Pamela?

Pamela Gracia said...

Hi Susan....Hamlet found a home right away once the Marketplace opened....he's on happy little Bee :o)

Susan Boucher said...

Aloha Pamela,
Hope this finds you well! So sorry to hear about your dear friend. Sometimes we need to just stop our worlds when things like that happen. I'm glad to hear you are taking the time for yourself to just read and walk and enjoy what ever you want. That's so important in this busy world, today. We all have a tendency to put aside our mindfulness when constantly satisfying others. You are amazing and need all the time you can take to reboot your being. Have a wonderful weekend with your husband.
Aloha, Susan