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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Greetings and More....

"It's Easter!"

Hard to believe that spring is already here and the bunnies are sitting on the sidelines just waiting to deliver all those yummy chocolate eggs to empty Easter baskets everywhere!  It was so much fun being a kid in the 50's because where I grew up it was a mom's job to make sure their kids were dressed neat and tidy and in their Sunday best then they were set loose with that empty Easter basket with hopes of finding the hidden eggs under every leaf, bush and thicket there was....not good for anyone's Sunday best, we survived but the clothes not so much!  We all looked like soldiers after the battle but our smiles were big and our eyes sparkled with success.

My favorite part was getting a rather large Chocolate Egg in my basket every year.  It was decorated with hard frosting flowers and rick rack and left me in awe over the beauty of it and not wanting to disturb or eat any of it.....of course this insanity only lasted a matter of minutes before I found myself devouring the frosting decorations first and then biting into the rich gooey goodness of chocolate. I LOVED EASTER!

Easter is a time for family and friends....and a time for reflection.  This springtime celebration carries with it a message of "re-birth" and "new beginnings"....It is time to forgive, feel blessed and to forge ahead with an open heart and hand.  None of us are perfect but it's those imperfections that we all have that can either make us stronger because we learn from them or we can use them to find the imperfections in others to enable ourselves from ever growing to become better people.  It took many years for me to learn that I will always be a "work in progress" but everyday is better than the one before.....

Enjoy your Easter with a heart filled with hope.....take a minute to send some of that hope to someone that is struggling whether it be from a devastating loss or just because they are having a tough time.  Hope can be the best gift you can give to someone that feels lost....  Hug your family and friends, they are the best gifts you have ever received.   Happy Easter Everyone and may there be a chocolate egg in everyone's basket!


Judy at Holly Ridge Folk Art said...

Loved this. I, too, was blessed to be a 50'sign kid and a "very" country one at that.
Hugs. Judy

Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

Sending hope and love and creative wings forevermore...........

Susan Boucher said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well Pamela. You are right about family and friends being our best gift of all. We are so blessed.
Aloha my friend!
Have a beautiful spring!