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Monday, February 15, 2016

My 1st Online Class

"This Is Exciting"

Hey Everyone! Here it is my new adventure, an online class thru "Artful Gatherings"! I will be teaching at Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats 2016!
To get the excitement started there is a preseason kick-off that includes the AG annual Hop Contest with great prizes. Each week they will have 3 of the 2016 artists featured. Hope you'll hop along with us and maybe win an amazing prize! Check it out!

Back before Christmas I was contacted by Christina "Zinnia" Galliher about maybe teaching a class for "Artful Gatherings".   Though I felt quite flattered I never really thought I had much to offer anyone as far as teaching because what I do is so basic and like most artists we never see our work the same way others do and we are our own worst critics.  I thought long and hard about it and finally said yes.  During the time of getting my class together Zinnia has received many hysterical emails and phone calls from me about "OMG" I can't do this but between Zinnia and my husband Dan I am slowly finishing up my project and it will be available for the Online Classes for the 2016 season. 

This actually might be a new direction for "Soft in the Head" and a good one since I have many designs that I do not offer as patterns and I could offer them as a class.  I've always been a bit camera shy because, lets face it, a wide angle lens is a must LOL and I never really thought to many people would want to see my old mug in the first place!  I'm finding, with Dan as the cameraman we are having quite a bit of fun and its great to be working on a project together. 

The artists that are in the line-up for 2016 are beyond amazing and their bios are filled with years of hard work and education perfecting their craft, unlike mine which reads like someone who found creating as a kind of therapy from being an "empty nest" mom.  Yep, I'm definitely in a group of the best of the best and have bruises from pinching myself to keep believing that this isn't a dream but reality!  Thank you Zinnia for believing in me and giving me this wonderful and amazing opportunity!  So excited!

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