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Saturday, January 16, 2016


"Looking For My Mojo"
I received an email the other day from a dear artist friend and one of the things he mentioned was being in a creative "dead zone"....It made me realize this is exactly where I've been lately.  This can be an extremely uncomfortable and annoying place for the creative mind to spend any time and a difficult place to escape.  Long walks, good books and unusual movies haven't been much help with finding my path out of this slump.   Chalking this up to normal isn't good enough for me time to find a solution...so I clean!  

Nothing like purging ones workroom to get a new perspective re:
your imagination LOL   Not only do you do a lot of head scratching on why in the world you have this or what were you thinking to have that but the wheels begin to turn about possibilities.... Now, I have never been one that had a pristine and pretty workroom cause frankly I collect "junk" to work with and at times there is nothing pretty about rust and peeling paint.   I LOVE to re-purpose stuff, all kinds of stuff!   You might find old vintage torn and tattered books in one corner and a box of odds and ends of rusty
tubing stashed in another corner.  One thing about my workroom is that it is an adventure and can be, at times, like going through a mini junk store LOL  Dan and Rennie just shake their heads and smile.  Granted it's all contained in a rather small area but still, it's not pretty.... Today will be day three and I'm still rummaging and sorting through my little space in the laundry room where I spend 75% of my days and I couldn't ask for a better job.  I may be in that "creative dead zone" right now but maybe after I get this place purged and organized who knows what will happen....My notebook is sitting here next to me as ideas are jotted down as I sort.  It's good to be an artist....a never ending adventure of the mind!


1 comment:

NancyD said...

Well! How good to hear that I am not the only one that was looking for my mojo! But...I found it and am happily back to work Mine was missing for a very long time. I must admit that cleaning up my room did energize me! Sometimes we just need a break, don't we? You will be creating again very soon!! :)