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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heading For the Finish Line.....

It's Almost Time.......
"Ghoultide Gathering" is almost here!   This is such an amazing event and has my insides twisted in knots with anticipation!  A normal person would plan and create all year long for this event but last time I checked I was far from normal.  I'm cursed with that need to work under pressure!  This has been a rough year for "The House of Soft" with illnesses, changes and even deaths.  It has been a tough year to focus and especially one for finding my creative mojo.  Two weeks ago I had just 21 pieces for a show that I normally have 150 or more...it was looking very sad indeed.  Somewhere I found my mojo and started creating non-stop and am happy to report we are now up to 51, still far from my usual goal but it isn't about quantity as much as it is about quality.  I have truly put my heart into each and every piece this year because not only was it a necessity to create it became a place of much needed peace!   I have some new pieces that show that "Soft in the Head" is still growing and changing but still remains true to its primitive and whimsical self.   This year I have a smaller version of my globes and a new soft sculpture with a needle felted face.
  I have 3 weeks left before I start packing and rounding up my characters for their trek to Michigan....my mind is still full of ideas and my hands can still hold a needle!   Wish us luck and I hope to see many of you there!  If anyone needs a souvenir post card that offers a discount at the gate please let me know...I have a few left!  "Ghoultide bound Oct. 2nd!   


shelly said...

Pam good luck and stitch on...I know all about that pressure..when you go to the show and people say "Wow you must work on this all year", well actually thae last two weeks have been pretty crazy..because thats when everything gets done.. after your last letter I wanted to come and give you a hand, or be a driver for you or your legs..man oh man..keep the faith kiddo...mojo on and we will see you in michigan...should I have recieved the post card already..I haven't so I will give your my address again..Shelly Wilson 116 Madison Ave. Endicott NY 13760.. and I am bringing a friend..can I get the discount for both of us on one card..can't wait to see you..shelly

Pamela Gracia said...

You are such a sweetie Shelly.....sent a ton of cards out last week but because of the holiday some are taking more time than usual to get to their destinations....I will send 2 more out to you! Thanks for all you support! See ya there!!!!


Good luck at the show Pamela! I met Paul Gordon last week (what a sweetie!) and he told me about this event so I followed your link from the website. Your soft sculptures are enchanting! Wish I could go - maybe next year!