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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good Choices......

"Who Really Knows"
As we travel down this "mysterious" road called life we gather, what we hope, is good information to make uniformed and good choices for our future....Can't say this always works, we're humans after all and destined to have flaws!  Then again we just might make that ONE decision that will change our course and take us on a grand adventure!  This is what happened for me when I accepted my invitation to be a member of "Ghoultide Gathering". 
This "grand adventure" was not only one filled with artistic possibilities but one that created life long friendships.  Maybe it's because many of us, who belong to this group, are "kindred spirits"... but I think it has much more to do with us being hard working, looney creative people who have developed a look that is entirely our own and we mesh well together with respect and integrity!
   This year will be an interesting one for me as I scramble around to build my inventory and try with all my creative mojo to create new and interesting pieces.  It seems that many obstacles have been dropped in my way as I travel down my life road, challenging me at every turn.  This time they have decided to add Dan to the mix with an onslaught of life altering health issues.  We have spent much time in and out of the hospital and seeing many physicians in search of why Dan is struggling to maintain some normalcy in his day to day routine.  He has had to leave work and go on disability and driving has become an issue for him as well.  Not a good thing since I haven't driven anything in almost a year and we have no friends or family here in the Blue Ridge Mountains to help out.  Living where we do even the simplest task, like grocery shopping, has become an ordeal.  We have had to depend on our friends from UPS to deliver our online orders in order to have food in the house.  It truly is amazing what one can order online LOL! 
In spite of all the challenges we still are able to laugh and stay positive....again it's all about choices and I refuse to make the choice of "gloom and doom".  If it wasn't for all my family and internet friends my days would seem a lot more daunting but their daily  notes and phone calls help Dan and I to stay positive.  Everyday like clockwork my dear friend Ginny sends me an email filled with giggles which makes a great start to any day, thank you Ginny!  Many of my Facebook friends got together and sent us a fruit/veggie basket knowing that fresh fruit and veggies were difficult for us to get right now.  It not only made us laugh out loud but it was quite yummy!  Thank you so for thinking about us!

Dan and I have many choices to make in the next few months that will definitely be life changing but like all things we will have faith that our choices will be the right ones and all will be right with our world!  Like my choice of becoming a "Ghoulie"....  I have faith we will make the right ones! 
For any of you that are attending "Ghoultide Gathering" this year and are NOT on my mailing list and would like a souvenir post card, that also gives you an discount on admission, please email me with you address so I can get it into the mail for you!  For details pertaining to "Ghoultide Gathering" go to www.ghoultidegathering.com

1 comment:

WoolenSails said...

For some of us, life tends to throw more than our share of curve balls. I haven't driven in years but I had to when my husband went on a trip and I survived, lol. It made me realize that I have to push myself more. I hope Dan can get help, not sure what problems he is having, but I know how hard it is when you are always sick and nothing they can do to help.