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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall, Ghoultide and Life.....

"Fall is in the Air"
   Can you feel it?  Unless your on the west coast you probably can!  Fall is knocking on that seasonal door with a very large tap!  I went outside this morning and felt a sense of calm in the air...it was like Mother Nature was taking a sigh of relief before her big sleep! 
Nothing fuels the soul more than the smell and sights of this time of year especially with the anticipation of Halloween right around the corner!  It's a time where imaginations have wings and other unusual body parts, LOL!
Lately I have had my head buried into the mounds of fabric that seem to be piled in every nook and cranny of my small but intimate
workroom.  Spooky and whimsical characters are having fun dancing around in my imagination as they wait their turn to emerge onto my work table.  The best part of my job is watching some new "softee" take shape and find their own unique personality whether it be a mouse or a skelly they all seem to have that "Soft in the Head" whimsy...
This will be the year of new techniques and some old friends for Ghoultide Gathering.  I have had many requests to bring back my Raven Skelly and my Unusual Suspects (witches).  The Raven Skelly has taken on a whole new theme from years past as it has morphed into an "All Seeing" Raven head in a globe to that of the head on a spindly vintage birdcage (thanks Suzy). 
I knew the minute I saw this old worn birdcage in Suzy Seames-Young's shop I had to have it for this unusual piece... and boy did it work GREAT!  I know that Raven skulls are pretty common especially at this time of year but this piece is quite remarkable (as I pat myself on the back) and one that I thoroughly enjoyed making.  In side the cage is a vintage apothecary bottle and rolled parchments with spells!  Ghoultide Gathering is a HUGE creative outlet for me.  I find there is such a hidden treasure trove of ideas in my artistic soul that it's a blessing to be able to have a show that embraces them like this one!
As time marches on with all its twists and turns I'm finding many of my dear friends are experiencing serious challenges in their lives.  When I read about all that is going on it makes my world seem trite in comparison.   Life shouldn't become so chaotic that we can't take a few minutes out of our days to send some love to those that are having a difficult time.  I've always felt that Fall was a season of reflection...a time to have council with ones self.  None of us are
perfect and it's because we're not that we are constantly being challenged.  Our lives are like an empty canvas and it's up to us to add the color and life!  Many times mistakes are made....depending on the size of the mistake we sometimes have to start from scratch again....I've started from scratch many times but have found that with each new beginning comes the wisdom that makes the canvas even more detailed and beautiful the next time around....I may or may not finish my canvas in this life but I will have a head start in my next one!  
Here's to a joyous and spooky Harvest season....my your toes curl with spooky anticipation and your mouth water from "pumpkin" goodness!  I LOVE FALL!  


Kays Kids said...

I'm glad your creative spirit is working overtime.
Enjoy every minute of Ghoultide Gathering.
Hugs Kay

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Feeling the "fall" here in S. Illinois! I can't get warm enough in my well insulated home. It holds the cold in. Where are my ear muffs and arm warmers?

Have fun at Ghoultide!
MJ Barnfield