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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ghoultide Ahoy!!!!!

The last 6 weeks around here has been nothing short of a blur. It seems that I have this personality quirk that raises its ugly head when triggered....I need to have "dead-line" pressure to produce. The on/off switch to my brain gets stuck and sleep becomes highly over-rated and off I go into the "La-La-Land" of Halloween. The sewing machine begins smoking and fabric is tossed around like confetti and my ankles rapidly disappear beneath the remnants of fabric cast-offs....not to mention the mounds of trash and utter chaos that gets dragged from room to room by sluggishly moving feet. Dishes begin piling in the sink with me hoping they will magically clean themselves and the vacuum takes an unscheduled vacation. Ah yes "dead-lines"! Even when you know that they come at the same time every year you find yourself stuck in a rut trying to find new and innovative ideas and time just flies by and before you know it "THE PRESSURE IS ON"!

I'm so excited for this year at "Ghoultide Gathering". We will have two days of fun which means I get to see my Halloween comrades even longer. I look forward to seeing my wonderful followers and friends....to get hugs and hellos and lots of smiles! This year "Soft in the Head" has added many more "Pumpkin-heads"....dancing, singing and smiling from ear to ear pumpkinheads! Last year I ran out early on....Can't wait....then I get to come home and clean, unless my house-sitter gets ambitious! I can dream........


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

would love to see all of your goodies and the others at the show..have lots of fun..you will sell out again this year I am positive of it..how is your "lifestyle" change coming along? are you feeling better and better each day?

Nancy said...

Oh Pam...they all look so wonderful.
A lot of work!
I can relate...I'm in that mode now getting ready to teach in Toronto.
Funny how pressure affects the brain and what we think is important while creating...dishes are NOT on the to-do list...LOL!!

Have a wonderful time! Sell lots!
Talk soon.
Hugs and safe travel.
Nancy W.

Hanni said...

I don't live close enough to come to this wonderful show, I wish! You just outdone yourself again, everything is just wonderful! Good lcuk with your show and enjoy every bit of it.

Kays Kids said...

Your sewing machine has surely been smoking. Your thing look wonderful. I would love to live near to come and give you a hug. So from south Australia, HUGS and best wishes for a great time.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Looking forward to seeing you and all your wonderful creations at the show!
Prim Blessings