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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pattern Life of "Softees".....

"Soft in the Head" In Berlin, Ohio.......

What a nice surprise from my friend Robin Seeber. She and her dad were out and about and visited the "Country Craft Cupboard" in Berlin, Ohio and she got so excited to see my patterns and characters living there that she had to send me pictures, thanks Robin "I LOVE IT"! It's not often I get to see were my patterns reside, I just design, print, stuff and ship....so this is quite a treat. Funny thing is that I just got a call from Melanie of "Craft Country Cupboard for a re-order..... I can see by the picture they needed it, lol! It is also fun to see the proto-types they sew up from the patterns! "Soft in the Head" has been a part of "Country Craft Cupboard" for quite a few years now and hopes that we continue to have a wonderful future together. I can remember five or so years back I had three times as many wholesalers as I do now....times have been tough and to many of these wonderful craft shops had to close their doors forever! I still have plenty though to keep me busy and stuffing. Even though I have made the decision to stop designing new patterns except for magazines I still have a never ending supply (over 300) on my website: softinthehead.com I'm forever meeting new customers that have just discovered "Soft in the Head" and need a bit of "Soft" in their lives! Thanks again Robin for this wonderful treat of seeing my work hanging in a store....it's kinda like seeing my art in an "Art Gallery" (tee hee)!


Stacey said...

Another pattern maker and I would stop into shops that carried our patterns and check it out.. it was great not being recognized.. and amazing we found to see our work in a store! Now seeing our work in magazines, it's still is both humbling and amazing. Who knew that we would come so far, especially all those years ago at the Zucchini Fest!
Hugs my friend~

softinthehead said...

OMG the Zucchini Fest! That was a lifetime ago! We have since loved and hated each other numerous times and I can't begin to count how many times we have doubled over in laughter! The true meaning to friendship is no matter how bad it gets or how angry we are we know that it can be fixed with honesty and integrity! Took us along time to figure it out but we did! As Buzz Lightyear says "to infinity and beyond"!!!!!

Anna Circo said...

I'm stopping by this morning to peek a boo at your blog as I sip my coffee. And how nice to read your sweet post and listen to your soothing music. Cheers to a beautiful day!

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

HAHA.. I just found th is.. aww how fun, thanks for sharing..yay..you rock pam..