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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My David Is Back In The U.S.....

I Think He Made A Wrong Turn!
Our son David is at E3 in Los Angeles for the next ten days. He is working and will soon be returning to Shanghai. I miss him so much but alas with the economy being what it is and having the impact it has had on Dan and I, I'm afraid we are not able to go see him. It has been a very long time, years since I have hugged my son. It's an ache that just increases with time. Thank God for the internet! I did talk to him last night and he will be spending quality tyme with his sister and family. He can't wait to torment his nephews!


Shari Kraft said...

My heart just about leapt out of my chest, when I read your headline....My son David is due back in the states today! He has been in Afghanistan. I wish with all my heart that there was a way for you to see your son. I can't see mine either. He's stationed at Camp Lejeune--clear across the country from me. Hugs to you.

WoolenSails said...

I am lucky, my kids live in state, so I can see them anytime. I do love the internet though, it is so nice being able to talk and share pictures with family who is too far away to visit.


Phillane E'lee said...

Oh Pam,
wonderful he is so close and so horrible that yet so far away. Maybe he will surprise you. Couldn't he ask for 2 days off? Could ask for a layover for a little bit. Have him hug the camera. NOt the same but as a real hug but certainly the close it seems you will get this trip around.

kat449 said...

I also have a David.... (God help us) when theyre in their late 20s and keep in mind, mines a Policeman & recently out of The US AIRFORCE, Cant we still ground them or order them home???? Cant we still get away with "Cuz IM THE MOM thats why!) Theyll always be our babies wont they? Thats why I LOVE Marie Barone (Everybody loves Raymond) Shes my mentor on Mommy-isms! LOL she so rocks.
Knowing your not alone Pam, you have (we kindred spirits) encouraging you and the rest of us thur the difficult times as well as the challenges.
And BTW sistah,who you callin ("Olde" furball???) I almost spit the Pepsi out on the screen I laughed so hard!
Hang in there girlee, keep your hands busy and your heart open and miracles happen....(((Scaredy Kat))) AKA "Olde Furball"