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Monday, June 8, 2009

Growing Up Disney!

Hubby and I were doing some spring cleaning this last weekend and I dropped off some office furniture at Goodwill. As we were driving away I could see a sad look on the desk chair as if he was about to sob for being left alone at Goodwill. Now I know you are all thinking what a "NUT" I must be to imagine such a thing....well folks I refer to this as the "GROWING UP DISNEY" syndrome. Being a product of the 50's I saw many inanimate objects come to life through Disney. It has become, I guess, an obsession of mine to see the same in everyday objects. Did you know my car has a name and a personality? I also say excuse me to the furniture when I clumsily bump into it....It's that "growing up Disney" thing! I can put faces on just about anything and imagine the sofa and recliner having a tete a tete at night while we sleep. I know the diningroom chairs "shuffle off to Buffalo" often when the sun goes down, they leave the worst scuff marks! Oh I know you're all smirking and thinking the men in little white coats are parked outside my door, but it's true, I see life in everything. My world is alive with color, laughter and an occasional scuff mark....try seeing it yourself! You will watch life with a whole new perspective!


Theresa said...

Pam your not the only crazy one. My car too has a name... Shadow... she's a real get up and go kinda gal too. Plus I love "The Brave Little Toaster" movie... I even cried watching it too. I'm sure if you saw that IKEA commercial a few years back you felt sorry for the poor lamp that made it into the trash and looked at it's mistress through the window with her new lamp. I felt sorry for the poor thing that's for sure.



Shari Kraft said...

I have never met a chair that I couldn't resist bringing home! I understand the personality thing--our old Dodge p/u is named Bertha! She's a sweetheart!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is why you are so creative..I don't have that...maybe I need to try it..so I can be just like you..:)

Phillane E'lee said...

My little blue car is called sparky. She is a real go getter girl but hates big hills now days.
That explains a lot about you and your art work.