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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is It So Hard?????

The Smallest Gesture Can Have a Vast Impact!
I always thought of myself as just your "run of the mill" individual....nothing really special. When I was a kid I use to find myself sitting on top of this hill in the middle of a huge cornfield fantasizing about being a hero. Of course my idea of a hero was someone that rescued all the passengers from a downed aircraft or a family from a burning house, yadda yadda yadda.....All of it was just what it was "fantasies". As I grew older I found that the simplest gesture of kindness could have the biggest impact.

Sometimes we find ourselves over thinking on what it would take to make a difference. In all actuality it is a rather simple task. Sometimes all it consists of is donating a dollar to a charity, making a sandwich for someone who is hungry or just giving a hug to someone having a bad day. Everything has consequence and everything has purpose.

When I was visiting my mom back last February I learned quite a lot about how much power I actually had in making a difference in someones life. I didn't need a downed plane or a burning house...all I needed was a heart. As I moved mom into her new home, a retirement center, I got a good dose of what loneliness looks like. Not my mom but by the other residents there. These were people with long histories and an ample supply of stories to tell. They had had families and buried spouses. They had lived through wars, economic disasters, prejudices and so many changes that they were like walking history books each with a different cover! You want to make a difference and have some fun doing it....find some seniors and ask them about their lives and take some cookies when you do it! Growing old doesn't have to be scary, growing old should be an adventure and the young should embrace that adventure and hold on tight cause it could be quite a ride. I have already started preparing my grandkids for their ride on the "Grandma Express"!


WoolenSails said...

I agree, there are so many lonely people in the nursing homes and an hour of our time is worth the joy it brings to them. When I went to see my grandmother, my daughter would bring home made cards and visit the other residents. They love kids.


Tina said...

Oh! such a good post! So wonderful being in the presence of people who have been around a while. Such value in those experiences.

Shari Kraft said...

My sister works in a rest home. It breaks her heart to see how many of their residents don't have visitors or family anymore. Some of them have been forgotten, or like you say--outlived their families. She tries very hard to get them involved in her activities, and keep their minds active. A sweet smile or a kind word go further than we know.

kat449 said...

Pam...Well you may not have rescued me from a burning house, but I was shivering with nervousness, and lacking confidence and skill coming into this amazing network of dollmaking artisans, bloggers and artists...I was like the lion in the wizard of Oz. "I do believe in spooks, I do, I do!" I blathered my entire recovering alcoholic/drug addict life with you...but you never ran, you supported me and encouraged me, welcomed me and calmed my nervous wreck self. You inspired me, complimented me, was kind and offered laughter and suggestions... so yeah...I could easily say you would be one of my s/heros! Thank you, You have possibly created quite the monster!!! LOL now Im trying to give back to what was lovingly given to me...
Hugs, (((Scaredy Kat & her own crow))

Phillane E'lee said...

Hello Pam,
very touching post.
I worked in a senior home for some time and really loved the work. It was very hard to leave because at the end of the day I knew, when I left them even if they forgot it the next second, but just for a moment they knew someone cared. It was truly in my blood but it was me or them and sadly I had to have enough of my body left to care for my own family.
Please go to my blog and ready what I wrote about you. It might just make you smile.

Betsy said...

a wonderful post with a wonderful message...my parents are in a home as well and its sad...so sad to see the others that have no one...I'm not close to them, I'm about 500 miles away... but my sister is there and she always takes extras for the residents who never see a soul other than the people who work there...your words ring in my head...

"Everything has consequence and everything has purpose."

great post!!!