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Monday, July 10, 2017

An Auction for Love

We all have moments in our lives where something amazing just takes our breath away. One of those moments is going on right now. As of 12:01 am EST tonight an auction will start to help two of the kindest and most unselfish people I have grown to know and love, Catherine and John Etter. I met Catherine through Facebook in a very unusual way. Dan, my husband, and I were at a very difficult place in our lives, both of us quite ill and finding we needed to move. With no family in the states to help and limited friends around us Catherine came to our rescue. She showed up at my door one day, drove 4-5 hours to get there, came in packed up my house, loaded up her pick-up with items and took them to an auction house and even bought us dinner. She did this 2-3 times and then gifted me with an amazing cobblers bench as a going away gift. Not once did she ask for anything in return but friendship. 

Her love for people and animals knows no bounds. Now Catherine and John need us...John is very ill and this has put them in dire straits, no place to live monumental health costs and just the day to day stress and pain of having no answers. The art community that Catherine loves has come together to help. Many artists have donated their time and talent to make a difference in Catherine and John's lives.

An auction is being held starting tonight at 12:01 am EST. Please check it out and BID, bid from your heart for these incredible people. I am over-whelmed at the turn-out for this event and wish I could hug each and every one of the artists personally! Please check out what is available at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/238120173347662/?fref=nf

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