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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


" We All Have Magic"
There is magic in all of us...everyone!  The magic can be as simple as a smile and a greeting to someone who is having a bad day, or an offered hand when a person needs help to cross a street or even just a few loose coins dropped into a welcoming can or cup of someone in need.  Magic doesn't require a wand or a puff a smoke to happen, magic just needs love and belief in ones self to come alive.
Magic came to me in a most unusual way, through art.  When I was young I never thought much about being an artist or even sewing anything.  I failed miserably in HomeEc in High School and drawing anything that resembled a human being was so far out of my wheel house it was laughable.  What I did have was an incredible imagination.  
My imagination was my "safe place" when chaos came knocking.  In my magical world I could find friends and comfort when the real world offered
me very little.  Now my "magic" comes in the shape of mice, bunnies, frogs, cats and a plethora of other oddball characters that make others smile and their days just a wee bit merrier!  I love doing what I do.  I
may of had to go around the block to get to the house across the street to find my magic but alas I did find it. 
 We all need "magic" in our lives, more now than ever.  Magic is something we should share.  Look
inside yourself and see what lies there then bring it out and try it on.  You never know what you're capable of until you try.  Take a class, watch a tutorial, read a book and then share what excites you.  It's always easier to sit back and
do nothing but as the seconds tick away just think about what you "could" have learned, tried or created in those passed seconds or minutes!  You might have even found your "MAGIC"! 
Remember each day to be kind, be generous, be patient and be understanding!  We all have flaws it's what makes us all so darn interesting...but when we discover our "magic" we become the "givers of smiles"!


Lady Locust said...

What a great post. And a great big smile to you as well. Magic is a wonderful thing.

ronaldo said...