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Monday, November 28, 2016

"A Winter Show and Being Thankful"

"Winter Show, Thanksgiving & Much More!"
Half Moon Bay, Ca

Dan and I have returned home after a wonderful ten day adventure that included friends and family.  Our first stop was in Pleasanton, Ca. were "Soft in the Head" was part of "Winter Wonderland" my first Christmas show in over eight years.  The show was small and
intimate with only a few artists but it was amazing and filled with fun, laughter and a camaraderie only found among artists.  Dan and I were excited
Melissa Tereck
to see Phil and Nicol Sayre again since we no longer are doing a show a Michigan with them any longer.  The entire day was was filled with good times and Christmas magic.  We made new friends and collectors of our humble little characters.  I loved Pleasanton and found the downtown very unique and homey.

From here we drove to Redwood City where we would spend a few days with my dearest friends Brian and Annmarie Sullivan.  Annmarie and I have been best friends for 32 years and haven't seen each other in a few years so this visit was long over due. 

While Annmarie was at work Dan and I went on an adventure and touched base with many places that held fun memories for us and our
Our Favorite Beach
kids since they all grew up in this area.  We went to our old house house in San Mateo, so many memories,  then to Half Moon Bay where we, as a family,  spent many weekends on the beaches throwing Frisbee's and
Half Moon Bay City Council
dreaming!  As we drove to our favorite beach we were greeted by the Half Moon Bay City Council (the sea gulls)....these are the friendliest sea gulls I have ever met, they came right up to our window asking for snacks!

Many incredible memories come from the Bay area....whether it was watching our kids grow, the forever friends we made there or just finding the strength we needed in each other to keep going
Our home for MANY Years
during the tough times.....this area will always be home!   Most of this happened in this tiny little house on Williams Place in San Mateo.  I LOVED THIS HOUSE and had tears in my eyes when we sat in front of it.....how one little house could hold so much is amazing!  I hope the new residents find the same kind of magic there that we did.

Our next stop is Napa, Ca. to have a feast with

Joe in charge
family....Thanksgiving!  There is nothing better than the holidays with family.  What was fun about this one is to see the nieces and nephews take charge and prepare the feast.  Our nephew Joe Gracia was the Captain in charge and "Oh My" it was incredible.  Joe made these delicious rolls that looked like
pumpkins...even though I'm not suppose to eat bread I had two of them...NO REGRETS!   They were very tasty with just a hint of pumpkin and had pecan stems.  After the baking they even looked more like pumpkins because of their
golden brown appearance...so yummy!  Everything was very tasty and festive.  Been many years since Dan and I have broke bread at a Thanksgiving feast with his family so every minute was one to hold on to.  The table was gorgeous and the air was
filled with the smells only a Thanksgiving dinner can make.   There were three generations of Gracia's for Thanksgiving along with friends.  Thanksgiving is such a special time as we all remember the best parts of our lives and give a nod to them.  As we stood at this amazing table in anticipation Joe started the tradition with a prayer, a prayer of thanks.  Even
Dan and Nephew John
though there was one chair that was empty and never to be filled again I know that Tom looked down on all of us and knows his son Joe did him proud.  There are some things that time takes away that will leave our hearts with a hole never to be filled so that is why we need to surround those holes with as much love as possible!  I think we did just that this Thanksgiving!  

                 Blessed Be All!


WoolenSails said...

It looks like a wonderful trip and filled with new friends and family, what could be better.


Pamela Gracia said...

It was a great time for sure Debbie....Thanks!

Evelyn said...

Sounds like you and Dan had a fabulous trip and great family holiday. Happy you were able to get away and enjoy! xo

Janie said...

Pam, what wonderful memories you have. Your previous home looked so cute and just like a family home should.

Any chance we can get the recipe for the "pumpkin" rolls. Those are the cutest things and sound divine.

Glad you are home safe and sound!

Janie P