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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Life with Mice!

"The Mizzlewith Mice and So Much More".....
Often when I sit in my workroom I just stare out into space and wait for the creative spirit to whisk me off into another world....or I'll have another cup of coffee and just dive in to whatever is sitting around me.  Most of the time I will find an object or a piece of fabric that will get my brain spinning which then begins my journey into that creative world....this is how the "Mizzlewith Mice" began!   
Mr. Nibbs ©2002

I've always had a reputation of being a mouse designer...I find mice fun and easy to create.  Having many different styles of mice ranging from the meek little house mouse to the more aggressive Ol' Shrew.  These little characters have been a part of "Soft in the Head" since the beginning of my pattern days.  My VERY first pattern was a mouse "Mr. Nibbs"...a rather odd little Santa mouse who loved socks!        

Mice have always been a a HUGE success for me and I must admit that it's always a challenge to see how I can make them different and yet true to myself.  Many of my mouse designs come from stories I heard as a child or created for my own kids.  It has always been easy to developed a whimsical personality
for a mouse and to fall in love with their cuteness.  I've discovered that my mice with teeth have
become more popular over the years...there is just something about a protruding tooth that always gets a giggle and a smile!  The witch mice are always a hit and I sell so many at shows and online.  But I honestly believe the best seller of all has been the Santa's.  Christmas always inspires a
sense of kindness and magic and makes all of us become kids once  again.  There is nothing sweeter than a simple little mouse dressed in his red and white suit to make all of us feel nostalgic!  Creating these little characters has always given me happiness....happiness when it seems there is little to be found anywhere.  It has
always been a great relief to me to know that my imagination and the characters I create can also give this same sense of happiness to others.   Over the years I have counted my blessings many times because I was able to find this passion in my life...it never occurred to me that I would become an artist, an artist who loves creating MICE! 


Shirley Brooks Raidt said...

I am always at awe of your mice Pam, realistic and enchanting.

jenclair said...

Love your little mice with their huge personalities!