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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Christmas in June on PFATT

"Ho Ho Ho....It's Christmas in June"
I must admit that everyone who is an artist on the PFATT Marketplace has been having so much fun with the theme this month, even Dan who is busy putting the final touches on the site.  I hear him chuckling and uttering "Ho Ho Ho" as he types away in the other room.  What is it about Christmas that just makes everyone smile and go to their "happy" place, I love it, nothing better. 

This month "Soft in the Head" with have two characters ringing in the Christmas spirit and two others who are just along for the ride.  As you all know I love making rabbits and so I had to do one for our Christmas month.  "Mrs. Fuzzington" is a new design with a whole lot of personality.  She is a tall bunny of 16" and made from wool.  Her wardrobe is very busy but Mrs. Fuzzington wanted to embrace the elf side of her personality and I think she did rather well with a combination of stripes and solids.  I especially love her hat!

Of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a mouse or two and that brings us "Caroling Charlotte".  She is a rather noisy little lady as shes strolls the streets by her home singing at the top of lungs her favorite carols!  Everyone loves when Charlotte comes to visit, she is never empty handed!   Wonder what flavor of cheese ball Miss Charlotte is bringing this year!

To change it up a bit this month I have two non-Christmasy characters.  One was
featured in the last "Prims" magazine and is one of my favorites cause he loves to fish!  Not flyfishing that normally happens in this family but the ol' time worm on a hook....and he actually has a worm on a hook!  This is "Lincoln" the little crow who likes to play hooky and go fishing.  He is also holding an antique tin cup filled with clay worms.  Just love this guy!
As everyone knows I am a Halloween junkie and I can't get through a month without adding to my "always in demand" witch mice
inventory.  This month I'm actually letting one slip away and find a new home...meet "Esmerelda".  She is part of my "Mice of Softwick" series of free standing mice, very popular at my shows.  I just love the simplicity of her....she just makes me smile!

I hope you will join all the wonderful, talented and delightful artists of the "PFATT Marketplace" this month as we celebrate an early Christmas this June!

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