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Friday, December 18, 2015

Tree Hunting Memories...

"The Memories of An Event"
As we travel through this maze of experiences called life certain parts stay with us and often bring a smile and a hint of a twinkle to our eyes.  I think Christmastime  probably holds the most stories for many of us!

When our kids were young is was customary to go out into the country and cut our own Christmas tree.  This was not just a cutting of a tree but the beginning to a season filled with magic, wonder and dreams....and family!  Like all children ours were wind up with giggles and excitement and absolutely no attention span
whatsoever, not to mention the copious amounts of hot chocolate they had  consumed!  Taking them into the forest or tree farm was often like "herding cats".  Each one picking a direction and taking off into a run to find that perfect tree.  Before this happened it was time to explain the magical tricks into finding the perfect tree, something my own father taught me at a very young age.  It is NEVER us that picks the tree but the tree that picks us!  It's VERY important to be quiet and to listen because
the trees whisper....they will whisper your name and call to you if they want to come home with you!  Only special children have this ability to hear their names being whispered....and so, silence and concentration began the hunt!  Dan and I followed with smiles and maybe a few tears of happiness as our three "tree hunters" went on their quest! Soon we would hear "WE FOUND IT" and see three small bodies with their heads buried into the green branches of our new Christmas tree!

Memories like this will always stay with me no matter how old I get or how far away our children move....this is what sustains us and makes us feel how great our accomplishments in life truly are.  My father was a smart and creative soul and I think even part of
him truly believed in the magic of the whispering Christmas tree.  His tradition not only gave us peace during this tree cutting time but gave us an adventure we will always carry with us.  Even with more of us using artificial trees now I can still look out into the forest and hear the trees whispering and so do my kids and our grandkids...somethings just stay with us....Merry Christmas one and all!  May we all be blessed with a little more magic this year! 


Janie said...

What a wonderful story, and I'm so glad you shared it with us. I must begin listening more closely to the trees!


PS-My Santa PODD arrived yesterday! I Love Him! You are truly a wonder with your creating!

Merry Christmas, Pam (and Dan)

Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Pam,

Mr. Percy wants to tell you that his trip was pleasant, but he is glad to be out of his travel box and right now is walking around with Prudence looking at the Christmas trees. He was thrilled when he saw our first light snow of the season. His giggle is so cute - but - he will not share his candy cane with us.

I love him, he is wonderful, I love his little personality, whimsical and curious. He is certainly a wonderful addition to my collection.

Merry Christmas.