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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Snowmen and Characters for the Holidays

"PFATT Marketplace and Other Stuff".....
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Today is the last PFATT Marketplace of 2015.  Hard to believe another year has flown by.  Christmas is right around the corner and time to enjoy family, friends and awesome baked goods!  If anyone knows me then they know I LOVE COOKIES, I wear them well, right around my waist LOL!  I'm winding down with my Christmas characters since my online show is over, and a huge success, thank you everyone! Now... I'm focused on my last commissioned pieces for the year and adding things to my selling shoppe: www.softeessellingshop.blogspot.com.   

There is going to be lots of changes around here after the first of the
Available in my Selling Shoppe
year....some new and exciting and some REALLY scary but exciting as well.  One of the changes will be turning all my patterns into e-patterns....a long and tedious process but a necessary one.  I'm hoping to also get back into pattern designing as well (no promises but hoping).    E-patterns have become the new norm and does have risks with copying and trading but they also reach a bigger audience.  When you think about how big the world really is the rest just seems trivial in comparison.  Of course not everything I design will be available in pattern form...I like being a "one trick pony"... it's the nature of this beast LOL!  My PODDS and some of my mice will always be only available as finished
E-Pattern on Etsy
pieces, but that's not to say I won't come up with new and different patterns to enjoy.   

The pattern business, though not my main source of income, has been really good to me and continues to thrive.  No matter how old a pattern gets it still continues to sell well.  All my patterns are listed on my website: www.softinthehead.com but whatever e-patterns I have will be found in my Etsy Shoppe: https://www.etsy.com/shop/softinthehead?ref=hdr 

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday season whether it is shopping, creating or baking enjoy the moment.  Be with friends and family and share the joy of the season...it truly is a great feeling!  Merry Christmas All!


Joyce Mayer said...

I would like to adopt Percy if he is still available.

Thank youi.

Pamela Gracia said...

Most definitely.....just email me @ softinthehead@gmail.com Thank you!

Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Pam,

Oh, we are preparing for Percy to come live with us. We have a special place of honor for when he arrives. We will gather around his "travel box" and carefully open it and marvel at how wonderful he is. Having several of your works of art I know what he will be like, and yet with each piece I am always amazed at your work.

Percy will have hot chocolate waiting for him and then we will have a little Christmas party in his honor.

Merry Christmas.