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Monday, November 2, 2015

We're Home and Smiling.....

Another Great Year.....
Another successful year has come and gone at "Ghoultide Gathering".  I know I'm a bit late to the party with my update but Dan and I took some extra weeks to spend with our daughter and her family in Ohio after the show and then just took time off to catch our breath, which was sorely needed!  This was our 7th year attending this amazing Halloween event as an artist and it just keeps getting better and better.  This year was a series of trial and error since I had to ship everything and fly
there....and it turned out awesome!  I know now that my globe witches/fortune tellers can be shipped, I like 1st class and I can merchandise with little or no props!  These were all concerns except maybe the 1st class thing....I mean after all 1st class is 1st class, right?
This year had an extra bonus waiting for Dan and I when we got to Ghoultide...our dear friends Tammy Speicher and Debbie Maas Miller would be there.  I just adore these sisters and haven't seen
Tammy Speicher
them in such a long time.  This would be Tammy's first year at Ghoultide as an artist and I was very excited for her!  I love Tammy's style and work and couldn't wait to see it on display and I wasn't disappointed!  Her sweet characters were full of charm and "primitive" whimsy!  LOVED THEM! 

The entire show generated some of the best Halloween art I have ever seen and I'm always in awe that my humble pieces are even a
My Booth
part of this incredible event.  "Soft in the Head" held its own and did well.  We were able to have 97 pieces this year which was 20 more than last year....I guess retiring to the Northwest helped LOL...and we packed up 14 pieces at the end of the day.  The great and funniest thing about this show, and it happens every year, are the emails and phone messages I get right after the show from Halloween lovers that couldn't make it but
Soft in the Head
wanted something from the show.  I was able to sell and ship most of the leftovers from my daughters before I left to head back home.  Thank you never seems like enough to all those that make the trip to this show from all over the U.S. just to own a piece of your work.  I have the most amazing followers and collectors and I thank my lucky stars everyday.  One never tires of the smiles your imagination and work create!  Being a part of "Ghoultide" has truly enhanced that feeling on so many levels.  Not

only is it great to see those familiar collectors but it's also great and heart warming to see your fellow artist friends, that also live all
Ghoultide Gang
over the U.S.,  under one roof.... it's like having a "party", it's never dull catching up and chattering like a bunch of magpies! It is definitely a hodge-podge of imagination, diversity and just plain fun!  The show has been such a wonderful experience and hope it will

continue to be for many years for both artist and collector....for all that love Halloween.

One of my favorite times at Ghoultide was the time I got to spend with, as I like to call them, my girls Tammy Speicher and Debbie Maas Miller.  Dan and I had the privilege of getting to know these two amazing women 8 years ago at a show we did in Columbus,
Sylvia Smiser's Booth
OH.  Tears and hugs were in abundance at the hotel as they greeted us when we arrived!  I love these girls! They make my life richer and more meaningful...they are truly two of the kindest and most unselfish people I know. I fell in love with this adorable bunny that Tammy had created, it spoke to me....but being on such a fixed income right now I could only love it from a distance.
Nancy Malay's Booth
Guess what was waiting for me at our hotel Sunday morning...this incredible bunny! Tammy gave her to me....not only did I receive this exquisite piece of art but I got a jar of "pumpkin butter" from Debbie. The meaning and emotion connected with the pumpkin butter touched my heart in such a way that I tear up writing about it. Debbie would buy a jar of pumpkin butter every year for their mom, it was tradition. Debbie and Tammy lost their mom almost 2 years
David Bruce's Booth
ago....need I say more How did I ever get so lucky to have women like this in my life? I'm truly blessed....they are indeed exceptional people. Thank you Tammy and Debbie for making me smile everyday and feel loved....

Ghoultide is a lot of things to me, the art, the collectors, the love of Halloween but the most memorable and best part is the meeting of "forever" friends!  Friends/artists that you have know for a decade
Audrey Swarz's Booth
or more that have that mutual interest/love of all things Halloween.  Even though we only see each other for a brief moment, just enough time for a hug or two, you carry that special bond with you forever.  I'm so thankful to have this opportunity in my life....I just wish I would have had the time to snap pics of my favorite collectors/friends but we were sooooo busy, busy is good...maybe next year!   

 I want to thank Nancy Malay, Lori Ann Corelis and many others for the use of their pictures since our camera was MIA at the time.  It truly is mind boggling the talent that is at this Halloween event....also the warmth and kindred spirit that lives here...Until Next Year!   Blessed Be.... Now for more images......
Sheila Bentley's Booth
Allen Cunningham's Booth
David Schilling's Booth
Paul Gordon
Cassandra Graham's Booth
Jennie Hepler-Takens Booth
Nicole Sayre's Booth


Lori V said...

Wonderful pics. Someday I hope to attend and get to meet all these wonderful artists. Thanks for sharing

Nancy Malay said...

Great recap of an amazing event! (So much talent under one roof.) I'm always happy to share photos!

Debbie Miller of Onion Patch said...

LOVE you and Dan!!!!