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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Down to the Wire...We're Off!

"Putting the Needle Down....."
It is now that time...the time where I am putting the cover on the sewing machine, the needle into the pin cushion and taking a deep breath laced with anxiety, it's time to pack the suitcase!

There never seems to be enough time to prepare even though we know Ghoultide comes every year.  I don't know how most artists are but my brain just won't function until I'm under incredible pressure and have a deadline.  Most of my GREAT ideas always come after the show and no one wants to buy an idea, especially after the show LOL....  

In spite of all the changes in our lives
this last year I must admit I did do okay as far as inventory for this amazing event.  Not as well as years past and due to the shipping I had to reel in some of my ideas because they would've been 

to expensive or fragile to ship.....like my "fortune tellers", no globe characters this year (very sad).  I do, however, have some new and interesting characters that I hope will be well received...like my funnel scarecrows.  Did you know vintage funnels are a pain to find?  Well... the sizes I wanted anyway! These guys were so much fun to create and I do hope they find good homes!

Witches are definitely on the "Soft in the Head" menu for Ghoultide...I will have four new additions to my "Witches of Softwick" series, they seem to be very

popular and I have some new "Unusual Suspect" witches but this time they will be with their favorite feline.  I do love witches.  There will be "witch mice" galore and even some very unusual witchy ravens.   

In the past I have often enjoyed creating by re-purposing odds and ends.  This year was more difficult for me to do that because of our move to the Northwest and the fact that I no longer can drive.  The antiquing and hitting all the flea markets has come to a complete and total halt for now but with tenacity and prayers I'm hoping I will be up and at it again by spring....positive thinking!  I do miss those
eclectic flea markets LOL!   All in all I think I did pretty well this year for Ghoultide and will be excited to see how my new characters are accepted!   I mean who else makes Halloween ducks?  Right?   Not to mention I actually have a Halloween penguin too (thanks Kristen)....Ghoultide makes any lover of Halloweens' imagination soar, all things are possible at "Ghoultide Gathering".  Hope to see many of you there!  
Click Here for info:  Ghoultide Gathering

1 comment:

WoolenSails said...

I think everyone will love your new pieces and as always, they make me smile.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the show and look forward to hearing all about it.