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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Busy Days and Nights.....

"Muddled Brain and Busy Hands"
It's that time of the year where my mind is bursting with ideas and my hands just can't seem to catch up.  The small workroom is buzzing with sounds of music and the sewing machine.   Occasionally I have to stop has I get visited by my little orange buddy Seamus who is most demanding re: his treats and pets.....I always welcome these interruptions because one day they won't happen.

This has been a tough year for new ideas that still keep me within my realm of "Soft in the Head" and my love of primitive.  Being a part of "Ghoultide Gathering" always inspires me to constantly reach outside my
comfort zone and explore new options and ideas.I LOVE to re-purpose  vintage, rusty and distressed pieces into my work or use them as the foundation.  It's fun to see others around me get excited when they find some odd looking pipe or  container that I might some use for, my workroom looks like a salvage outlet LOL!

  It's definitely going to be a new experience this year since I will be shipping all my inventory and flying to the show instead of driving....this does limit me to the size and shape of designs.  My all time favorite piece that is always in demand, my fortune teller globes, will have to be constructed in Ohio at my daughters once we arrive because shipping these is
difficult and expensive. Having family that lives so close to Chelsea, MI where Ghoultide Gathering happens is an added perk...not only to we get to see our grandsons but we get some much needed help for the show, I'm still having difficulty walking.

Since being here in Washington state I have found many new and exciting resources for all the quirky odds and ends that inspire me.  
It seems more and more I'm inspired by an object I see than having the idea first and searching for the props I will need to create.  

There will be mice witches galore this year, they are always in demand and popular as long as they keep changing.  Change for my little mice is definitely happening....very excited by my new witch mice and I think they will be a hit at "Ghoultide" this year.   The response to my raven skeletons was so over whelming last year that I have been hard at work on more  for this year.....top hats will be

involved!  Creating new and innovative ideas and staying in my wheel house keeps me young and content, not to mention the smiles it gives others....I really do love my job!   Better get back to work....Ghoultide will be here before I know it! 

For Info On GhoultideCLICK HERE  

1 comment:

Kays Kids said...

You amaze me with all your ideas. Your mind must never stop. I do hope the walking eventually gets better for you. Enjoy this time of the year. It is special.
Hugs Kay