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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Contentment and Fresh Eggs.....

"Country Living....Good For the Soul"
I could sit here and type out what is going on in my workroom and all the "works in progress" I have scattered about but I would rather bask in the wonderful realization that I now live in the Pacific Northwest, I've finally come home!  Even though my mobility is limited I still have a plethora of nature surrounding me so I have no need of venturing out to far.  Our front deck is filled with color and constant activity from the local wildlife. When I think I can't be any happier I just have to look around me and see how Dan is thriving and the total contentment on our cats, Seamus and Issas'
faces as they stretch  out in their cozy window seats.  Country living definitely agrees with us.  We did live in the country in Virginia but somehow being here among family and friends not only gives us the country around us but also it lives in our soul as well.  Dan is getting ready to spend a week with his family in Napa, Ca.  something that was never easy for him to do while we lived in Va. but here he can leave knowing I won't be alone and I'm happy!  I never
dreamed that our life would take such a wonderful turn and we would find this inner contentment.  We had been struggling for so long being just an army of two against the onslaught of all the issues that growing older brings on that it is almost surreal to have things go right and in our favor.

I have chickens, well actually Rennie has chickens.  We get fresh eggs regularly and I can't even begin to tell you about the fresh strawberries, blueberries and black caps, I do love berries.  The tomatoes and squash are coming in now and my mouth is watering!  It's truly amazing what one can plant in boxes on a deck....not only do we have a deck garden but we have a HUGE garden in the backyard and Rennie just brought in some amazing
radishes...I haven't had a decent radish in years and these were gorgeous and yummy!  All this reminds me of my childhood and watching my dad cultivate his vegetable garden with such love and devotion.  

This move has given me a new lease on life and revitalized my soul.  It has been a long time since I have felt this kind of contentment and pure joy....looks like today we will be getting some goats.  Rennie has always wanted goats and I had them when I was young
and enjoy their antics and personality so it should be fun! Pictures will definitely happen!

Even though this move was a difficult one, leaving friends, the relocation and having to downsize, the end result has been incredible and uplifting.  I work in the laundry room now and you know what, IT ROCKS!  I love it!  Creativity can happen anywhere and now it's happening in a laundry room somewhere in Duvall, Washington!


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