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Friday, April 3, 2015

Remembering Laughter at Easter.....

"The Eggs and I"
As spring begins to start "hopping" into our lives I begin to think back at all the springtime memories I had as a child and also of those I have of our own kids when they were young.  A smile creeps across this weathered face with a small sense of relief knowing that our kids were nothing like their mother and that their Easter shenanigans were mild in comparison!   Needless to say I had quite a wild streak when I was young and loved to play practical jokes.  
Every year we celebrated Easter in Malibu, Ca. and attended the annual Easter egg hunt there.  My mom was a huge contributor of colored eggs for this event.  Of course, my brother and myself were volunteered to help with the coloring of the eggs.  As I kicked and squealed at the thought of spending one of my adventurous and sunny days inside coloring eggs I began to form a plan.  What "if" I colored fresh eggs instead of boiled?  Hmmmm....love it!  The funniest part to this plan was that after the egg hunt the older boys always had their annual egg on the head bashing event, stupid
boys!  Now fresh eggs would definitely make this event more interesting and it did.  Seeing the shocked expressions on their faces as liquid goo dripped down their shoulders and stuck in their hair was more than any seven year old girl could ask for!  My belly laugh could be heard throughout the park and eventually the jig was up and I was running for my life as the boys screamed my name and ran in pursuit!  Good thing I was a champion tree climber, even in a dress!   Granted, spending my Easter stuck up in a tree with eggs being thrown at me was not my finest hour but I would do it all again just to see the looks on those faces when the raw eggs made contact!  

Have an incredible Easter Everyone....Many Blessings to All!


Kays Kids said...

Lovely memories. Pam. I have some tales to tell what we got up to at Easter as well.Having been to church and Sunday School, and hear the story of the cross. My sister and I had our cousins staying, so we decided to tie The smallest cousin to a cross we made. We tied her arms and legs to it and then went off and played until the cry of our cousin was heard by our Mum..
I can tell you, we got into big, big trouble.

WoolenSails said...

Love your story and a wonderful memory of your Easter. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.