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Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Journey

How many times do we wake up in the morning and just take the day for granted....we look around ourselves maybe shrug our shoulders and get on with our day. Over the years I have made a deal with myself that before I close my eyes at night I say a simple thank you to the "Powers that Be"...a gentle reminder to myself that life should never be taken for granted, any form of it!  Even with the tough year that Dan and I have had personally dealing with health issues and insurance,  it doesn't even come close to what some of those close to me have had to endure and live with.  As I skim thru my Facebook Feed I see posts of loss,
disaster and hurt from people that I meet and greet here everyday. 

Dan and I were given an amazing opportunity recently...an opportunity that will possibily give us a new lease on life and a chance to have family and friends close by.  We're moving to Washington State.  This is scary but yet filled with excitement and anticipation since Washington was where I spent most of my teenage years and is deeply settled in my heart.  We leave April 18th with our little fur buddies Seamus and Issa while our belongings will begin their trek across the country.  This is where I say "AMEN and Thank God for Family"....Dan's brother and brother in law are flying to Virginia to
drive the truck and tow our car 3000 miles to Washington while Dan and I will be sitting in first class and flying there.  

The packing and preparing for this event has been daunting and filled with frustration for both Dan and I since neither of us function at 100% anymore.  I spend more time in a wheelchair than I do standing and Dan can only do 15 mins. of work before he has to sit for 15 mins.  Even though all of this has been difficult it did bring some mighty big angels into our lives.  

A year ago I had the extreme honor of meeting two of the most incredible women, Subrina and Wendy.  They not only became my housekeepers but they became my dear, dear friends.  They have given me so much of their precious time to make this move happen,
they're packing maniacs!  Also through everything there came yet another angel from Richmond, Va.  A Facebook friend that I had known for sometime decided to make the four hour drive to our house to
help....enter Catherine!   An incredible soul with a smile that goes on
forever and kindness that knows no bounds.  She made this trip not just once but twice and took a huge truckload of items to an auction house for us! We are so blessed to have these women in our lives.

We are off like a prom dress on our new adventure.  It's a bit bittersweet and yet exciting.  Through this experience I have been gifted with the knowledge I am never alone and have tremendous and caring people in my life.  Thank you Chris for our visit, to long in coming, and the thoughtful and cherished gifts that I will take with me, you are one talented lady!  Also to Sharon for the little monkey that will always bring a smile to my face and a memory of you!  

 It's truly important for each and every one of us the be thankful for what we have regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem at the time....life is blazing with possibilities, colors, stories and new beginnings!  Be accepting,  tolerant and loving because with those three important gifts comes a plethora of adventures and new friendships.....



ChristiH said...

Beautifully said, as always, my friend. Safe travels to you and to your angels who are driving your "stuff" cross country. You are truly blessed!

Joyce Mayer said...

God's Blessings for a safe trip for you both and your little fur persons.


Patricia said...

Having recently made a big move from Virginia to Minnesota to also be near family, I say GOOD FOR YOU! Have a very safe trip and we will all be looking forward to hearing about the journey. thesunflowercupboard@gmail.com

DreamedByArlene said...

Hi Pam - I wanted to wish you God speed and all prayers and best wishes for a safe and easy move. Before you know it you will be at your new digs wondering where to put everything!
Hugs and Love from NY!

Kays Kids said...

I hope the trip is smooth and every thing goes to plan. A new life and a great new adventure. Sending prayers for you both.
Hugs Kay

~*~Birdy~*~ said...

Hope all is going well Pamisita~
Thinking of you~
Hugs~ Pam