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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015......

Starting Anew and Excited
Like all new beginnings 2015 will have a sense of excitement and wide eyed wonderment about it.    It will be scary and filled with new adventures as I see the new chapters unfold in my children's lives as well as my own.  Dan is getting close to retirement and that in itself will be a new adventure.  Though our options re: his retirement are limited, well almost non-existent, due the way the economy has twisted and turned over the last decade.   If there is one thing I know it's that whatever happens Dan and I will land on our feet somewhere together, and that in itself is comforting!  I'm a firm believer that the "Powers that Be" will always provide you with what you need but maybe not what you want....so we will be fine, this I'm sure of.
"Soft in the Head" has some pretty big changes afoot and I'm thrilled to see them come to fruition.  My style will be changing a bit under the tutelage of a dear friend who has years more experience than I.  I'm so thrilled to have her in my corner and know this will be a positive move for me not to mention the excitement of working with her.
Lately, I have taken to writing more and honing my writing skills, which I feel are sorely lacking, lol...An idea that has been brewing in my brain for many years is coming together with the help of my daughter.  I have always wanted to write a childrens book using my PODD characters as a theme.  There are still mountains to climb before we actually get there but at least now I can see a glimmer of it on the horizon.  This will definitely excite the hundreds of PODD collectors that I have out
there for sure.  
My first story will be about "Scrappy the Cat PODD"...."Scrappy" is making his way around the United States right now visiting all my PFATT sisters.  He even marched in the Macy's Day parade, joined the cast of "Wicked" on Broadway and spent time in Cape Cod.  He has danced at a "Very Potter Party", met with Mr. and Mrs. Santa...his travels thus far have been EPIC!  He's been keeping a journal of his travels and been signed by all the artists that have welcomed him in their home!
This was the brain child of my dear sweet friend and PFATT leader Lori Davis.  We were hoping "Scrappy" would make it to every member of PFATT before Lori started her next journey.  Lori was taken from us December 14th, cancer claimed another victim. 
 When "Scrappy finishes his travels he will be auctioned off for charity!  
We all approach a new year in different ways....some make resolutions, while others just take a deep breath and jump in.  I'm more of a jumper than a resolution maker!  Whatever your choice is for this coming year have fun....enjoy the life given to you and if you make a few bad choices along the way, learn from them.  Life is truly about lessons....and here we thought we were done with school, lol.  Make the most of who and what you are and leave your life print in a way that others can be proud they know you.  I'm seriously trying,  it's the best I can do!  
I want to thank all my incredible followers, collectors and friends for making this ol' girl and her humble business a part of your lives and homes!  Without you I would be wandering around wondering what to do with myself LOL!  Thank you for keeping my imagination alive!  Blessed Be All and lookout 2015!


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful post and I look forward to seeing what new things you will be creating and the new book. I used to write and always had aspirations but never carried it through. I did write for science and med articles, but no fiction.


Evelyn said...

Can't wait to see what 2015 brings for you and Dan! I wish you a year of health and happiness! Love you always - Evelyn

Kays Kids said...

You have such a gift with writing Pam, you should put pen to paper. I think it would be a great success.
I hope 2015 treats you both well.
Hugs Kay