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Saturday, January 10, 2015

PFATT Marketplace for January

PFATT Marketplace and New Ideas...

Trying out some new ideas with my ever popular PODDS.  Thought maybe I would embrace my primitive side a bit more and this cupid is my first attempt.  The over all look is definitely where I wanted to go and hope that she will be embraced with a smile by everyone.  I must admit it was fun to create!  It's never easy to switch gears once you become comfortable in what you're doing especially where the PODDS are concerned.  They have such a loyal following that I never want to disappoint anyone by changing them to much.  Thinking of adding legs might be my next big change but still debating cause they do look rather cute all round and squishy!...
This month on the PFATT Marketplace I have two PODDS.  Chickens have always been a favorite PODD so I thought it would be fun to start out the New Year with a new chicken PODD.   This guy turned out rather fat and I was so tempted to call him "Butterball" instead of Barnabas!  Love the wire basket, I admit that I have a dear friend that makes these for me cause my hands become all thumbs when trying to make anything using wire, clay I can do, wire not so much!

My other love in this business is making bunnies....I LOVE BUNNIES!  At Ghoultide last year I actually made two Halloween bunnies.  Everyone laughed because who would have thought, "bunnies at a Halloween Show"....Me!
They sold right away and because of those bunnies I created a new look for my bunnies, needle felted faces.   I just love the expressions that come from these furry characters.  Over time I have found that I really do love working with wool felt.  It is a bit more expensive but the end result is such a reward.  "Vivian" is available today on the PFATT Marketplace and I hope she finds a good home.  I have another bunny in the works that embraces that love I have for primitive and I'm hoping that all my ideas come together and he will be a "smile maker".

I've always enjoyed making mice and at one time was considered the mouse lady because my mice were being published everywhere....many designers now have branched out into the

world of mice and they seem to be multiplying as fast in the " art world" as they do in real life LOL....I did, however, add another one of my favs to the PFATT line-up this month.  I LOVE re-purposing odds and ends with my characters especially sugar bowls and creamers.  This month it is an old silver plated creamer.  I'm also working with another, medium I enjoy, mohair.  PFATT marketplace is a great way for me to design some one of kind pieces and keep my imagination flowing.  I hope that this new group of characters will find "forever" homes and create those smiles and giggles that I love seeing.  The Marketplace is and always has been a great place for unique and fun art.   http://www.pfattmarketplace.com/softinthehead.html

E-Mail me with any questions or if you would like to purchase: softinthehead@gmail.com 

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WoolenSails said...

Your new pieces are wonderful and they always make me smile:)