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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Harvest Tyme At My House...

 The Harvest is Upon Us.......
Like many of you "Autumn" is my favorite tyme of year.  The smells, colors and brisk weather all contribute to the warm inner feeling that comes with Autumn.  I don't decorate like I use to now that it's just Dan and I at home.  We rarely have company and for some unknown reason the cats just don't appreciate it unless they are puking up a hairball or two on it (ick).  Living in an old store often is ambiance enough for this time of year.   

Haven't made any plans for Thanksgiving yet as we wait for the arrival of our middle man child to arrive from China.  His plans have been changed ONCE again but this time it looks like November 24th he will arrive in the U.S. and then head out to Virginia.  If he gets here in tyme and Dan is up to it we may be making a trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving with the grandkids....would love that!

I've been busy re-arranging (prioritizing) my business.  I have been toying with some new ideas with where I want to focus "Soft in the Head" and also changing up its designs a bit.  The PODDS are so popular that I seriously need to give them more of my attention, the possibilities are endless not to mention the demand!  Lots of ideas are whirling around in my head that i think I need a pumpkin spice rice krispy treat break!  Did I mention my husband Dan has become the "Rice Krispy Treat" wizard!   Kinda like having him around24/7.... Take care my friends and enjoy what "Mother Nature" has given us!


WoolenSails said...

Love the table setting, really warm and prim.
I am losing my decorations, puppy likes to eat anything he can find;)


shelly said...

happy thanksgiving Pam, and I hope you get to make that trip to Ohio....and also your son has a safe trip..It's wonderful to give your kids wings, but man they can fly so far away..mine sure have..your (or mine) soft in the head friends that i have are all doing well..thank god they have each other..happy turkey day my friend..hugs shelly