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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Joys of the Past.....

 "Halloween Memories on Parade"......

Often I find myself daydreaming, more than I would like to admit, about Halloweens of the past.  If I could have one wish it would be that children of today could experience the magic we had from this holiday.  It always seemed that Halloween was anticipated almost as much as Christmas, notice I said almost.  

When we were kids we have this incredible ability to close the real world out for a bit and only drench ourselves into imagination, fantasy, selfishness and excitement.  We were able to make an ordinary day extraordinary with just a bit of  imagination and the belief that all things were possible!  A simple sheet could turn us into a spirit, a broom into a witch and paper bag and crayons had endless possibilities!  

Neighbors anticipate our antics and played along with smiles and often homemade goodies.  Remember popcorn balls and that salty sticky goodness that lasted for hours!  There was never the fear of harm or unpleasantness on Halloween night......just the excitement!  The kind of excitement that makes your tummy tighten up with anticipation and giggles!   You and your friends have been plotting and planning your costumes and playful antics for some time and the excitement makes you feel invincible!  There is always that playful challenge you toss to each other to see who can score the biggest haul of the night or who will have the nerve to go to Mr. McCourtney's house cause he is the scariest man in town, or is Mrs. Brown, Sissy's mom, making those incredible caramel apples again this year and of course none of you can forget the school carnival or the party at Darlene's house....so many amazing things to do and so little time to do it all!  Ah yes to be young again and have just a little of that magic from days gone by!  
Today we need to make magic for our young ones the best way we can....whether it is with parties, parades and daylight trick or treating....let them be young and completely foolish one day a year!  This holiday grants them the gift of becoming anyone they want to be and accepted and that in itself is awesome!  Imagination is a gift and can help us to believe everything is possible and to NEVER give up trying!  I love Halloween and its endless possibilities for our children!  Happy Trick or Treating everyone!

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shelly said...

you are right on Pam...Happy Halloween up there in those hills of yours....shelly