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Saturday, March 15, 2014

What's New on Simply Primitives

 "Simply Primitives for March"

This was a fun month for designing characters.  This month on "Simply Primitives" we have a Spring sweetness and some Halloween.  
"Sweet Pea" is a little mouse who love sugar and is often found perched ontop of a vintage silver-plated sugar bowl.  I love making pin keeps and this one is one of my favorites!

Next is a sweet little mohair mouse who enjoys collecting buttons and has found her perfect hiding place inside an "egg shell".  Meet Ellie and her button box!
Easter is rapidly approaching and my love for bunnies is in high gear.  This newest bunny will also become my first pattern that I have designed in four
years.  "Spring Blessings" has turned out to be a favorite of mine.  She is simple, yet charming.  The pattern will be available soon but for right now this little lady is looking for a forever home!

Even though spring is here I'm still scratching that Halloween itch so of course I had to make a Halloween character....meet Em and her box of sweets!   Her favorite snack is candy corn and she is always seen with her own supply!

Pop over and visit my new characters this month on "Simply Primitives".


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful new pieces and I love the bunny. I was looking at your other bunny pattern, he has such a cute look but not sure if I could make him, even with a pattern I could never get the look you have with your characters.


Jan said...

Well Pam, at least you are in the mind set to start on the final adventure in our lives and you have, like you say, an incredible partner to make it with. I to, wonder what is most important now that I am turning 65 this year and my health is questionable though I don't discuss it as its just something I deal with on a daily basis. I am trying to leave my mark in each of my daughters lives and grandchildren and hope that I can accomplish the things that are necessary to make my life complete. For me, its a family heirloom quilt for each of my daughters and a few of my 11 grandchildren. I just want to be remembered with love when I am thought of. I guess thats the best we can do. My ramblings and momentary thoughts on my final adventures.You have done so much and created so much that there will never be a question that you will be remember with love in their hearts. You always make my heart smile when I think of you.