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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Simply Primitives for November!

Christmas Has Arrived Here on Simply Primitives 
  "All The Characters Are "SOLD"
This month it's all about Christmas and those "warm fuzzy" feelings that we get at this time of year.  My favorite piece on Simply Primitives this month has got to be "Making Frosty".....This little mouseling is trying so hard to gather all the necessities he will need to create his winter friend.  The old hat and scarf sits on top a distressed wooden candlestick as the little mouse, with carrot in hand, reaches up to get them.  This just tugged at the old childhood memories.....so many Frosty's ago!

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without Snowmen and that especially goes for "Ed".....Ed is based on a pattern "Edgar B. Drifty" that I had designed many years ago for Better Homes and Gardens.  I changed him up a bit and had some fun with him and let his personality shine.  I have such a fondness for snowmen and Ed is no exception!  This is one guy that will warm the coldest heart and bring out the smiles during the winter months!
Everyone that knows me knows my fondness for antique sugar bowls and creamers.  This little mouse found his way into just one of those antique silver creamers.  He is a little mohair mouse with a serious fondness for sugar and cream and came prepared with his own spoon!  This is a wonderful pin-keep for all those collectors out there.  The creamer is silver plated and has a wonderful old patina and the spoon is a silver plated dessert spoon.  The ribbon says "Special Delivery" and I think this little pin-keep is certainly that!  So much fun this month on "Simply Primitives"!


Kays Kids said...

Aww. Your little mice get me in every time. Wonderful work Pam.

WoolenSails said...

The little mouse is so cute, I just love him and I like how you snowflakes for the snowman. I have a lot of simple snowmen designs, never thought to use a snowflake for his buttons. I have a lot of white ones, nice to add as an accent on my pillows.