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Monday, November 18, 2013

Juggling Thanksgiving and Creativity.....

How Do You Do It?????
For years I have wondered how I can juggle Thanksgiving and this creative business I've chosen....It's not easy! The busiest time of year for me is at this particular time and being "the mom" it was always expected that I would be the one to cook. First let me clarify something....COOK is definitely a four letter word that this Ol' girl refuses to use! I make no claims at being a Goddess in the kitchen...in fact my Goddess strengths have always been purchasing the delectable offerings from other would be Goddesses! Still, this said, shopping and purchasing does take precious time away from my creative bubble and once that bubble gets popped there is no going back, well at least for me anyway. So what's a "bubbled Goddess" to do....she dials 411 for the closest restaurant that serves a complete and sumptuous Thanksgiving meal.....

I use to do the cooking thing when the kid-lets were young and didn't know the difference between a good or bad Thanksgiving meal. We always had the ambiance of this family themed day beginning with the Macy's Day parade along with hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls (thank you Pillsbury!) I even had a fresh turkey, of course it took me a few tries to figure out which end actually got stuffed....There is just something wrong with filling an empty cavity with edible food but needless to say I forged onward! 

Now the stuffing was easy.....it was a bread mixture mess that got shoved into a place that needs no description and the turkey did the rest! What kid doesn't like bread, hot gooey bread...pour gravy on it and it's a feast! The rest was easy, mashed potatoes, lumps included, green beans and pumpkin pie (thank you Marie Callender). I think what made this event so memorable was being with family. We no longer have that luxury and believe me when I tell you it is a luxury. Our kid-lets are now adult-lets with lives and homes of their own and so far away that it makes the longing for the good ol' days ache even more! Of course we talk and laugh about the many fiascoes of my cooking of the past and reminiscence of those fun filled Thanksgiving days but all of us have that longing to be together once again!

Since our Thanksgiving Day only now consists of just Dan and I we often find the inconvenience of my busy filled days much easier to manage. Dan and I do enjoy the atmosphere of restaurants or a simple dinner for two on this day but we'd both would trade it all for a full table of smiles, laughter and family....and some rather bad cooking!


shelly said...

Oh Pam that was a good one. One that a crafter/artist could relate to..this is it..time to make and sell like crazy until christmas...my kids are also gone, all doing what they are suppose to be doing..but they aren't close enough to see often...we try hard to get together at christmas..fun times..the only good thing about them not coming home at thanksgiving is trying to hide everything , only to bring it back out after they leave..thanks for nice blog..all so true...Happy Thanksgiving..shelly

Kays Kids said...

Oh Pam, you are the master of words. Do you think next year among the chaos you could write a book? The fun stories around Thanks giving and Christmas are all about the failure of the cooking. No one ever remembers the perfectly cooked turkey, just the ones that went wrong. They are the ones that we laugh and joke about for ever.
So you did well.
Bless Dan and yourself, have a lovely lunch OUT.

WoolenSails said...

I am lucky, my husband cooks the turkey. I do all the precooking, stuffing and side dishes, then he cooks it all so I can rest, well until I have to clean up the mess he makes, lol. We are lucky, we have our kids close by, one too close, she lives in the basement. A new grandson too, so lots to be thankful for. I used to do it up big, then no one ate half of it, so I make enough to enjoy a nice meal. With my allergies, I have to cook the foods from scratch, so a little still takes a lot of prep.

I hope you and Dan have a wonderful day together, a good meal and creating, sounds like a wonderful day.