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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ghoultide...How I love ya!

The "Ghoultide" High is Over...On to Next Year!

My Crystal Ball with "Softina"
Another year has come and gone at the "Ghoultide Gathering" and the memories are stacked ten fold in my head.  I never want to let go of one single moment of this amazing show!  From the minute the set-up begins we all seem to transform into giddy little children waiting for the clock to tick the minutes by until "magic hour"
My Booth
strikes and the doors fly open and the Halloween rush comes through  like the running of the bulls in search of that prized possession from their favorite artist.  Ghoultide shopping bags fly by in a flurry as shoppers dash here and there with exclamations of glee and pure Halloween hysteria!  There is just nothing more magical or rewarding as an artist, then to see the faces of your shoppers transform into their second childhood!  

David Schilling"Shadow Farm"
Sheila Bentley Zombies
As your booth becomes a wall of bright colored Halloween attire and your pieces are swooped up with out-stretched arms you begin to see those familiar faces from years past.  To know that someone returns every year just for you is indescribable! 
The "Ghoulie Artists"
Nicol Sayre
Ghoultide Gathering is not just a show but an event....an event that generates much needed Halloween magic, magic that has lost its way due to the onslaught of media gore and narrow mindedness! This is trick or treating for adults, adults that do not want to let their Halloween childhood evaporate into obscurity....Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore make sure that this never happens and armed with their amazing imaginations and tireless dedication we have a show that is worthy of anyone's Halloween memory!  They make us all feel like Halloween royalty!  

Joyce Stahl and Willow
Scott Smith
This was a tough year for "Soft in the Head" since my mobility has been thrown a monkey wrench but with the help of Memory Wilson and her brother Murph (Murph is Joyce Stahls husband and Memory her sister in law)  Dan was able to set-up and maintain the booth throughout the entire show.  Thank you is just never enough when friends go this extra mile for you.  Between Lori Davis and Jennifer MacNeill we also were able to get wonderful pictures.  I love my Ghoulies....

"Halloween on Skates" Softee Original
The saddest part about this show is seeing everyone only once a year and never having enough time to visit, catch-up or just plain hang out!  It seems when we do visit we are all on hyper-drive trying to cram 364 days gone by into one day together!  Plus there were new artists to get to know...some I've been following forever!  
"Prim Pumpkin" family...Jennie, Joe & Willow
Kristen Beason, Me and Rebecca (our dear friend)
Lori Ann Corelis
Joyce Stahl
Kevin Buntin
I know I sound like a little kid getting their first trip to Disneyland or something but that is what this show is like!  This was my 5th year and it always feels like the first!  The art keeps getting better and better which raises the bar for me.  Much of what I do for this show is only seen at this show.  I love being a whimsical Primitive designer but what kicks it into high gear is my love for Halloween and all things magical! Ghoultide Gathering gives me the opportunity to experiment and catapult my imagination into over-drive.  I love it!  Keeps me young at heart! 

Softee's Tut and Cleo
Carolee Clark
I could go on and on with stories and descriptive metaphors but the only true way to experience this wonderful event is to be a part of it!  If you belong to a group of Halloween lovers or just have a friend that shares your love for it "COME"....follow us through the year and then visit us on Oct. 4th, 2014....you will not regret it....especially if you join us in the hotel lobby for a bit of the brew and a few snacks.  There is nothing more entertaining than a group of quirky, over-worked artists....anything goes! 
The "Ghoultide" Master of Ceremonies


Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

It truly is a dream of mine to attend, thank you Pam for providing us all with visions of Halloween as it should be, magical, mysterious and filled to the brim with giddy, goofy, bountiful, elated, euphoric frivolity!!!!!!!!!

Tamara Dozier said...

I'm hoping to not only attend but to participate as well. Would love to meet you and all the other artists some day.

Sylvia Smiser said...

What a wonderful and accurate description of what it's really like! Thank you Pam! I can't wait for next year!!!

WoolenSails said...

It looks like it was a great show and enjoyed seeing photos of the booths and creations.


Tallowberry Primitives and FolkArt said...

Pam, I'm so glad it was a great show for you. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends to help you with setting up and taking care of your booth. I love all the pictures I've been seeing, hopefully one day I'll be there in person to see all the goodies!

I was so happy to read on FB that today has been such a good one for you, hope it continues!

Anonymous said...

God has blessed you abundantly with your talented hands and creative mind. I so admire your work, and pray one day I will be the proud and honored owner of one of Them, Rhonda Watters Krall