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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Almost Here......
The year has flown by and we're almost on the threshold of yet another "Ghoultide Gathering".  I know you hear about this event over and over but if you could attend just one time, you too would be yelling from the roof tops what an amazing experience it is and to be a contributing artist, well, there are just no words to describe that feeling!

My stress level is at an all time high right now as my fingers are working themselves silly and characters are springing to life everywhere in our ramshackled old home!  You can hear the chatter from the mice as they eagerly anticipate their trip to Michigan along with the mumblings from the witches as they argue with the PODDS and Pumpkinheads about who will be riding "shotgun"! Honestly...I think "shotgun" belongs to me but I will keep that to myself for the time being since being turned into a toad at this point would definitely cramp my creative mojo!

As my life goes down that final stretch, the twilight years, I  have begun consolidating my business and working more from the
internet instead of out in the world at shows but "Ghoultide" will always be a priority to me.  Not because it is such an amazing show but because of the lifetime friends I have made at this show!  Since everyone comes from different points in the United States Ghoultide has become like the "United Nations" of Halloween Artists and a place that we meet, greet, and embrace the creativity that makes us all so unique and Ghoultide Gathering the Halloween Event of the year!  It also gives me the opportunity to develop my art and reach deep down into my 
creative center and see what emerges, I surprise myself every year.  The hardest part about being an artist is being an original artist and not over stepping certain boundaries in the process.  I seldom surf the internet (no time for one thing) so I can stay true to myself and find my inspiration from books and my crazy colorful imagination! 
Dan and I have almost got everything tagged, packed and stuffed into the "Softee Moblie" The house sitter will be here bright and early Thursday and Seamus (our cat) has his bags packed and is  sporting a new skull and crossbones harness and leash!  This Ghoultide will be a challenge for me since I will be in a wheelchair and having severe self esteem issues re: my appearance but as my darling husband says, "at least you're still here"!  That I am!  It has been a
truly difficult year  but I think my creative mojo is at its best this year! 

Can't wait to see everyone and get some of those much needed hugs from friends and followers!   The show will be one day this year Saturday Sept. 28th....it will be a long day starting at 8am with the "Early Buy" for those serious collectors and then open for everyone at 10am and we close at 4pm.  There will be dinner with fellow artists
that night and special one on one till possibly the wee hours of the morning....The laughter is contagious, the friendships everlasting and the memories put a smile on your heart!  Here's to another great year in Chelsea, Michigan at "Ghoultide Gathering"!  Thank you Scott Smith for your genius and love of Halloween!

click here for info: Ghoultide Gathering

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Kays Kids said...

I do hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the company of lot of friends.