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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sense of Peace......
There are times I find myself, late at night,  sitting in the dark and reading from the computer (which I hear is bad for the eyes) and off in the distance I hear and begin to feel a low rumbling in the ground and the whistle of a train piercing the night as it passes through Boones Mill.  That sound always gives me a momentarily sense of peace and  contentment and then my mind begins to wander....at my age this happens frequently...the mind wandering that is, but that rumbling and distant whistle takes me on a adventure to times gone by and moments that have NEVER been!  I begin to think of places I haven't seen or the undiscovered treasures waiting to be uncovered!  In this moment of nostalgia I get a warm fuzzy feeling of being at peace within myself and with those around me.  

It has always been interesting to me that I have this fascination for trains, but I do.  This could come from my experiences with my grandfather who was an engineer for the Santa Fe railroad and all the great times I had with him or maybe I just have "wanderlust" in my soul and want to travel!  Whatever the reason there is a certain sense of inner peace that comes with that whistle blowing in the dead of night and the ground rumbling under my feet as the train signals its arrival into my town!  It's a peace that makes me sigh with contentment and whisper to myself that "All things are right within my humble little world"!


Kays Kids said...

I think we often don't sit still enough in a quite place and just feel... the nothing. I find when I do get moments like that we can go to another place and dream and feel all sorts of wonderful things.
Does this make sense????

Pamela Gracia said...

It makes total sense....nice to know I'm not alone in my feelings re: this! Thanks for sharing!