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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"A Doodle A Day......."

"Just Doodlin' "
"I Want It All" Mouse
Out of a doodle can come pure magic...well at least for me anyway!  I love to doodle.  I'm not much of a pen & pencil artist but I can doodle with the best of them!  As you can see by this image I will doodle on anything....nothing is safe from me whether it's a card (like the picture shown), a letter, receipt or invoice.  I'm sure some of my monthly payments I have mailed in have gotten a few chuckles from the recipients because of the doodles they find all over the statements.  I actually had Chase write to me one time and say thank you for the colorful and fun car payment!  

"Candle Stick Ghosties"
Out of these silly doodles that I make while talking on the phone, or just waiting for appointments has come some pretty successful characters like my singing and dancing mice.  Also the design for my raven Ulysses came from a doodle I made while I was waiting for my car to get new tires.  Doodling is more than just pictures or funny squiggly lines it's therapy for an over active mind...and that mind would be mine!

When my imagination is struggling to come up with something new and different I find doodling is my best way to find that different design, I never surf the internet for ideas cause that would be using someone else's hard work and not very original of me.  I usually start with a circle or square and just start doodling from there and it is so much fun to see where that circle or square will take me.  Every mouse design I have started from a doodle.  Halloween is my best season for doodling.  I actually have a new witch I just finished doodling....no peeking!  I can tell you this, a rather large nose is involved!  Doodling is my escape, relief and an adventure! Try it,  I think you might find you have a "doodle" or two inside of you just waiting to escape!  


Anne Gratton said...

love your work!! :))))

Evelyn said...

Love your doodles and can't wait to see the witch you have designed. I'm sure she will be fabulous. I have started doodling as I have started an "art journal" - I find I love making swirls - must try to do other shapes.

Judy McCarthy said...

Yes, I can't agree more with your philosophy of not surfing the net.Be your own woman is a hard mantra, but spell for much more happiness I think. Thinking of you with your health issues.

Sarah Beth said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your cute creations. I know the other post you were having a rough time. I have you in my prayers. I get a smile on my face each time I see what detail you put into your creations. Have a blessed day.:-)

Kays Kids said...

What magic comes out of your doodling. Keep doing it.