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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Dream......

The Magic of Art......

I, for one, have always wanted to be able to sketch....it wasn't in the cards for me!  

The other day while I was waiting in the doctors office I looked around me and saw all the people sitting there and something magical happened....I looked deep into their faces and literally saw their history come alive!  Each crevice and wrinkle told a story, whether it was one of happiness or pain it was etched into that face.  More than ever I wanted to have that incredible gift of sketching so I could forever keep that magic alive.  There was so much beauty in their faces....the stories were over-powering!

My talents took a different path but I still yearn to learn more about sketching whether it be with ink or pencil I am totally fascinated by it.  It opens a vast amount of doors for an artist.  

As an artist you choose whether to grow with your "God" given talent or remain in a "comfort" zone....if I had this kind of talent I think I would soar.....those faces I saw that day were just amazing and needed to be immortalized in pen or pencil!

One of my "biggest pet peeves is when I see someone with this kind of talent and they don't use it but instead would rather skate along using ideas and concepts from some other artist.....After talking to many of my more established art friends they concur that this is a common dilemma, one they often run into....artists with no imagination but oodles of skills.  

Well... I'm one with limited everything except a HUGE imagination and would love to have the skills.  There are some art classes being offered not to far from me at a college this summer....if my health will allow it I think I will enroll.  I so want to be able to draw what I see because it seems my imagination enhances everything.....yes everything!  I see birds reading books, mice riding bikes and frogs playing chess....some might think I need stronger meds, lol!


WoolenSails said...

This post could be me too, I really need to sit down and just sketch, I miss making my own designs. I am not the greatest artist and I lack skills, but I like naive folk art, so if i learn too much, It would distract from that. I would love to take classes but don't get out myself because of my health, so I get books from the library and there are online sites with drawing and watercolor lessons.


Sheryl Parsons said...

I often get in trouble for staring, but faces fascinate me! Especially of those who have been on this earth longer than me. They have so much wisdom to offer us, and we more often than not, neglect those who aren't our age because of perceived lack of common ground. We would be surprised I'm sure to compare notes and find that we have a lot to give each other. I need to sketch more than I do, and tackle painting faces. I've done watercolor portraits for friends, but that was so long ago I'm not sure I know what to do.
I think that you might find that you have more talent than you realize Pam in the portrait area. Give it a try!

Kays Kids said...

You are so special Pam. I agree some of the elderly faces that have experienced the world show so muh more than character alone.
Go for it girl. go to classes if your health will allow you. You don't know where that will take you and it is all exciting.

Willow Hollow Creations said...

I loved reading this post. I hope you do take that class. I just recently enrolled in a pottery class. Something I've always wanted to learn. It is worth it, so go for it.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Wow, those are some amazing sketches in your post...who is/are the artist(s)? I hope you take that class, I bet you will love it ~*~Lisa