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Friday, November 9, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho November on PFATT

PFATT Marketplace for November
All my new characters found homes!

Priscilla is making pies at her new home!
"PFATT Marketplace" is going to be extra special this month as it moves into the holidays at full speed!  I love everything about the winter months with all its the smells, tastes and excitement, not to mention the music!  I'm one of those crazy saps that could listen to Christmas music all year round because of all the memories it brings forth!  
Flurry is sledding with his new friends
 This month on the "PFATT Marketplace" I have a new bunny that "LOVES" to bake...meet "Priscilla and Her Pie".  I mean after all nothing says Thanksgiving better than a Pilgrim bunny with a pumpkin pie right? (insert a snicker here).

Next... we're getting more into some wynter fun with my new little snowman....meet "Flurry" and his magical hat sled...actually the hat is his Dad's and Flurry will have to answer a lot of questions when he gets home!  Snowmen are always fun because they get to stay out all winter long and not just at Christmas!
 Ol' St. Chick is "clucking" on Staten Island

Recently I have been asked more than once whether I made chickens...well yes I do!  This little guy is a new addition to my PODD family!  Meet little "Ol' St, Chick"!  I can hear the giggles already!!!  He is pretty cute and definitely smile worthy!  Someone asked me where I come up with these crazy little characters and all I can do is shrug my shoulders and say "I don't sleep much"!  I must admit though that St. Chick is pretty darn cute and he is ready to "Ho Ho Ho" or is that "Cluck Cluck Cluck"!  Come on over and see us at the "Marketplace"! 


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful piece for the seasons, the snowman is my favorite.


Kays Kids said...

You made me laugh out loud when I saw your Old st. chick. How wonderful. Not to mention snowmen and bunnies baking pies. I can well see you don't sleep much.