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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We're Off to Ghoultide.....

"Ghoultide" or BUST!!!!!!!

Here we go!  The van is packed, the house sitter is here and there is constant chattering of excitement coming from the totes where the "Softees" are packed and off to find a "spooky" new home! It's hard to believe that a year has gone by and we're off again to the "BEST" Halloween show there is!  This year will be full of surprises and excitement.  We have a new venue, new vendors and it looks like everyone's imagination was in over-drive this last year!

Dan and I get excited for many reasons going to this show but I think the best part is seeing all our incredible forever friends!  Many memories are made in a short span of time at Ghoultide!  Hats off to Stephanie and Scott for not only creating a magical Halloween venue but for making it feel like home to all us creative souls that are a bit odd at times and always a wee bit out of step from the rest of the world!  We're a colorful lot for sure!
"Bateen" The Sock Witch

 I have many new characters, most of them "one of a kind" and some cannot be duplicated because of the antique pieces I use in their construction.  I have such fun creating for this show....it just makes me smile!  This year is the year of the witch!  I have a new line of witches called the "Wickedly Winsome Witches" that I think will do very well, at least I hope they will.  I also created a witch from a story that I use to tell my kids when they were young...."Bateen" The Sock Witch"!  I also created more ghosts this year like my little hitch-hiking ghost "Ambrose" or my ghoulish couple "Gaston and Blanche".  All in all I think this will be the best year for all of us at "Ghoultide Gathering"....the creations from everyone are just amazing!!!!!  Hope to see everyone there!!!!



April said...

Good Luck!!! I know they will all find new homes! Your work is so Cute!!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh I so wish I was going this year!
Have lots of fun and I'm sure you will sell lots!!!
Don't forget to take some pics for us poor souls left behind.
Have a safe journey!
Prim Blessings
By the way your creations are AWESOME!

moosecraft said...

Have a GREAT time at Ghoultide!!!! I'm sure all your creations will be flying home with new friends!

Kays Kids said...

Oh drats I wish I didn't live over the water. I would love to be there.
Have a wonderful time, and make good friends.