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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beaming With Exhaustion....

  "The Ghoulmaster Greeting Everyone"!
Many who know me know that I have been doing soft sculpture for almost 25 years.  As I look back at my humble beginnings I've noticed how I morphed from being a "crafter" into becoming an "artist".  I use to be afraid of that title, artist, it just sounded so presumptuous and not me!  Heck, I was a med student in college and wanting a career in forensic medicine....well I'm still surrounded with body parts but now I get to feel like a re-vamped Dr. Frankenstein as I design and create!  It just amazes me to this day that all my hard work and struggles with a medium that I knew very little about when I started, would lead me to the most incredible and magical show in the United States, "Ghoultide Gathering"!

Not only am I a vendor at this remarkable show but I'm on a hug friendly and first name basis with artists I have followed and admired for years!   Oh, the stories I could tell you about my butterflies turning to bats the first time I met some of these incredible individuals....I truly felt like a kid meeting their hero for the first time!

 Ghoutide was a HUGE success once again this year primarily due to the hard work of Scott Smith and Stephanie Rawson with their cast of plenty!  They have taken a holiday that gets brutalized by the media and put the 
magic back into it that we all remember from days gone by!  I like to refer to it as a new form of adult entertainment with a "G" rating....We get to dress up, drink cider, laugh, haunt and have the time of our lives for two glorious days.  Music fills an old barn that has been dressed in orange and black with "Ghoulies" a plenty greeting the guests as they arrive.  Palm readers and psychics are waiting to tell your future as you pass the time in line, never a dull moment.  A Ghoultide Trick or Treat bag is handed out to carry your treasures and store those yummy treats that sit at every table waiting for the young and old to gobble them up!  Like I said a new form of adult entertainment "Halloween at its BEST"!

 Our new venue this year, because we out grew the last one, was perfect!  A bit nippy on the cold rainy day but it made Halloween come alive even more....I mean who wants a hot sunny autumn day, right... hot apple cider just wouldn't be the same!  The decor was amazing with a pumpkins, cornstalks and hay bales everywhere....not to mention the amazing skeleton and scarecrow sculptures from Scott Smith that greeted everyone and haunted corners throughout the show.  We are so "uptown" we even have gourmet food wagons set up to test the most "hard to please" palate!  I had a grill cheese that tasted like ambrosia from the Gods and it was a "Grill Cheese Sandwich"!  Kudos to the chefs!  Ghoultide is definitely a class act from the entrance to the art and food... not to mention the absolute "down to earth" attitude of all that participate....egos are definitely checked at the door and we all are one with the "Ghoulmaster and Mistress"! Thank you so much Scott and Stephanie for yet another fun filled, successful and awe-inspiring weekend!  Your cups runneth over with love, respect and ghoulish business sense not to mention talent!

Sheila Bently
Bill Gilmore & Scott Smith
Allen Cunningham
Pam Gracia

Scott Smith Scarecrow

Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Nicol Sayre
Paul Gordon
Joyce Stahl
Jennie & Joe "Prim Pumpkin"
Lucky Stradley
Will Bezak
 Stephanie and Vaugh Rawson
"Soft in the Head"
Arbutus Hunter
Carolee Clark
Laurie Hardin
"Soft in the Head"


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Not only are you an artist ~ you write very eloquently about an event that I just have to make time for!! It looked like great fun and sounds like no stone is left unturned!! Thanks for sharing your story!!

Kays Kids said...

What a wonderful description of the Show. Sounds wonderful.

JOMOblog said...

Incredible images and fantastic music!

WoolenSails said...

I wish I could attend, it sounds so wonderful and the booths are filled with so many beautiful and ghoulish art pieces, love them.


April said...

I enjoyed the pictures!!! I love anything Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

We had such a blast !! Cant wait until next year !!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Pam!
Sounds and looks like it was another fabulous and magical event.
Glad to hear you had much success!!!
Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful displays for us poor souls left behind.
Prim Blessings