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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Candlelight and Storms!

Most of the time an average individual would love the ambiance of candlelight and the soothing romantic feelings it creates.....not so much around here!  In the last month,  I swear,  I have almost done as much reading by candlelight as I have with electrical lights.  

It seems this is the year for storms and storms we have aplenty!  We have small ones that just create a sloshy ground outside, then we have the LOUD and boisterous ones that deafen you and scare your cats into hiding God knows where for hours....third we have the storms that just make our lives miserable....they are destructive and not fun at all!  It seems our power company is having a difficult time keeping our lights on, toilets flushing and the air flowing.   Funny how our rates have quadrupled in the last two years and the service has seriously nose-dived....isn't it just the way of the world, getting less for more!

This has definitely been a summer for the record books so far....June 29th will NEVER be forgotten.  The "Derecho" that hit here was a first for many of us and we all hope we'll never have a repeat performance in our lifetimes!  Now we are getting massive thunder and lightening storms with torrential rains.  All my outside plants have died and gone to plant heaven after the bout with triple digits and having no water due to power outages,  the yard looks like our home is abandoned.   The dead plants are now floating in their own personal mud puddles, not pretty!  Maybe next year I will just make rock gardens with funny little pieces of lawn art, lol!   Can't wait for Fall!


Tallowberry Primitives and FolkArt said...

I totally agree with you, Pam. Bring on the cooling breezes and milder temps and sunny days of Fall. I'm sure your poor cats will be glad to see it.

This has been a summer to remember.


Kays Kids said...

You poor things, what a terrible time. We get soaring heat in the summer,and water restrictions, but not that there is not a drop of water. Like you out Water rates and Power bills have quadrupled as well.
Life can be hard, but thank goodness we can still create.

suz said...

Here in New Hampshire we have had the most "normal" summer in a long time. The last few years have either been exceptionally hot and humid (for New England) or cold and wet. I feel for others though who have had such extreme weather. My niece is in Kansas and it's disgusting there!